"Fergus! Fergus! Come quickly!" Connor called. "What is it lad?" he asked, breathless. "Here, read this." Fergus' eyes scanned the letter. "Oh lad, I'm so sorry. The poor lass. What a terrible end." "Now is not the time for sorrow!" Connor snapped. "Tully, take your horse and find that messenger! He knows where the Romans are camped. He will lead us to Catlin! Hurry!" Tully mounted his trusty steed and raced off in search of the messenger who readily Tully the camp's location. He refused to lead them because he was a deserter and could not return upon pain of death. "Connor, I have the location!" Tully said upon his return. "Diana has ordered the troops back to her main encampment in order to perform a proper execution." "Let us make haste," Connor announced. "We have no time to spare. Catlin is still alive, I can feel it. We will not let Longinus or Diana win by taking her from us." With that, Connor, Fergus and Tully galloped towards Diana's fortress.

Author's Note: I'm sorry this is so short and terrible (probably anyway)! I just thought I should post something so as not to keep you all waiting! Let me know what you think and if I should continue. Any ideas are welcome.