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By: Obsidian Sphinx


A crash of thunder bellowed outside and was then accompanied by a timely flash of blinding streak lightening. A yawn escaped him as he turned yet another page in his book. When it stormed reading was the ideal thing to do. To him, there was nothing like curling up on the couch and losing yourself in a fine piece of literature.

As fate would have it Jin decided to let out a very loud, very sorrowful sigh that managed to grab Touya's attention away from the favored book, which was quite a loss as the climax was but a paragraph away.

The ice master placed a bookmark between the pages and closed the book, setting it aside for a later time. Turning his body in such a way that he could peer at Jin from over the arm of the couch, he took a moment to observe the redhead.

Jin sat with his back to him, but Touya could see his face clearly enough because it was reflected off of the windowpane. His eyelids were half closed, his arms seemed to be the only thing keeping his head up as he had his chin resting in the palm of his hand, and a slight frown marred his lips.

All in all, the look of utter boredom on his face was very uncharacteristic. It kind of disturbed him because Jin was the liveliest, most expressive youkai he had ever had the pleasure of meeting. Suddenly, a warm feeling filled his cheeks and he knew that his pale skin must have been airbrushed a light red.

The warmth of blushing had become a familiar feeling to him lately, and he wasn't sure whether he should embrace the feeling or suppress it. Part of him liked the idea of being closer to the redhead whereas the other was fearful of it. Touya frowned slightly. How he hated conflicting emotions.

He shook his head gently as he heard another sigh. A half smile appeared on his lips. "Jin," he asked.

"Hm?" Came the reply. Jin didn't even bother to look away from the window.

"You've been sitting in that exact same place for over an hour," Touya said, folding his arms on the arm of the couch and then resting his chin on top.


Touya's smile turned into an amused smirk. "So that's highly unusual."

Jin didn't reply, only shrugged. A silence dragged on, but it wasn't uncomfortable, at least not for Touya anyway. He enjoyed the moment to quietly observe his friend's behavior. It felt a little strange to be in a room with Jin and have everything be silent. Silent and Jin simply weren't two words that went together. However, Touya didn't have to use a ton of brainpower to figure out why the normally hyperactive wind master was suddenly so doleful. The answer was simply that Jin was bored.

The storm prohibited him from being outside, from flying, and training as he usually did. If it were only raining then there would have been no problem, for Jin loved the rain, but it was thundering and lightening out; hardly safe conditions for flying. The last thing anyone needed was for Jin to go outside and come back in fried, black, and crispy.

Touya sighed as he attempted to think of something entertaining to do. He really hated seeing Jin so deadpan and expressionless. It simply didn't fit him. Ah, but Touya was more than clueless about what to do. Recreational activities that he enjoyed rarely coincided with the ones that Jin enjoyed.

The ice master chewed on his lower lip in thought. All he needed was some sort of activity that would spark Jin's interest. It shouldn't have been hard for him to think of something because Jin was a very easygoing fellow, willing to try anything once, but never the less Touya failed to find something so he decided to simply ask Jin what HE wanted to do. "Jin," He started.

Suddenly, a huge clap of thunder roared. The force of it seemed to rattle the windows, startling Jin, and Jin's surprised yelp startled Touya, causing him to accidentally bit his tongue. Before anything else could happen, a blinding flash of lightening pierced their eyes through the window.

Touya blinked a few times trying to clear flashing spots of light that painted his vision. He glanced at Jin whose blue eyes were still wide from the incident. It was then that the lights flickered. Both demons glanced at one another and the lights flickered again. This happened twice more and then they went out completely, leaving Jin and Touya enveloped in the darkness.

"Um . . . do ya think it'll come back on?" Jin asked. He could just barely make out Touya's slender, petite frame in the dark.

"I don't know. Maybe," Touya replied "but I somehow, I doubt it."

Jin nodded, although he doubted that the action was seen. He glanced out the window again. The rain seemed to have started falling heavier, but the thunder was quieter for the moment. Another, yet less blinding flash of lightening blinked outside, illuminating for a moment the damp earth. Jin sighed and looked back at Touya. He noticed then something he had never had the chance to in the past. He noticed that those striking, icy blue eyes practically glowed in the dark. It was haunting, and almost hypnotizing. It was lovely . . . just like Touya.

The wind master sighed. Certainly he was unhappy about the storm, but his depression also stemmed from the fact that he was in the same room with someone he found himself increasingly attracted to, but couldn't seem to get closer to him. It was very frustrating and wearing on his heart. "Touya," Jin asked, a question popping into his head.


"Do you--"

An abrupt sounding of multiple footsteps interrupted him. They squinted against the bright flashlight beams that were aimed directly into their eyes.

Touya frowned. "Would you be so KIND as to remove the flashlight from my eyes?" He asked, voice tone hardly as kind as his words.

The light was removed and brought back to the face of its holder. Rinku's white-toothed grin greeted them. "Sorry," He apologized, but it was far too obvious that he wasn't serious.

"Indeed," Toyua replied dryly.

Jin shook his head and grinned as another flashlight turned on, revealing Chuu, and then two others revealing Shishiwakamaru and Suzuki. Shishi looked very unhappy while Suzuki looked smug and Chuu's grin matched Rinku's perfectly. Jin had to smile. "What's up you guys?"

If possible, Rinku's grin got wider. "Weeeeell," He said, rocking back and forth ever so slightly. "Since there's a power outage and we probably won't get the electricity back for a while Chuu and I were thinking that this is the perfect time for a game of hide and seek!"

Chuu nodded. "Yep, you two wanna play?"

The redhead's smile quickly transformed into a wide grin. "I'm game. Are you goin' ta play Touya?"

All eyes fell onto the ice master. Touya rolled his eyes as if to give a negative reply, but then he smirked. "Not it."

Four other 'not its' followed Touya's. Rinku blinked. "So all that leaves is . . . Shishi!"

All eyes fell on the longhaired swordsmen. Shishi's unhappy look magically transformed into one of an indignant nature, and he crossed his arms over his chest. "I always have to be 'it'." He whined.

Suzuki placed an arm around his shoulders. "Well you have to be quicker," he teased.

Shishi frowned. "Hm, and if anyone here knows about being 'quick' that would be you," He said.

The comment caused the blonde to blush. "Remember that little talk we had about not discussing our bedroom life around the others?" He whispered harshly.

Shishi only smirked as the other four snickered.

Chuu cleared his throat then. "Movin' right along. To ensure that Shishi will actually come looking for us . . . unlike the last time, Rinku and I have taken his sword hostage."

The longhaired demon's eyes grew wide. "Excuse me?"

Chuu didn't bother to answer or even look at him. "We have hidden it in a very secretive location."

Rinku nodded. "Yup. . . you can have it back once you've found everyone, Shishi."

Shishi grumbled something incoherent as Jin jumped to his feet. He yawned a little and then stretched, a slight adrenaline rush causing him to need to move. "Alrighty, but if we're goin' to play the game we ought to lay down a few rules, donncha think?"

Touya nodded. "Of course. Ki must remain completely masked for the duration of the game," he offered.

Rinku put a hand on his hip. "And once Shishi says 'ready or not here I come' you can't change hiding places for the rest of the game."

"There'll be no hidin' outside," Jin said.

"And finally, only the seeker gets a flashlight," Suzuki said.

The rules were all agreed to and the flashlights set aside save for one, which Shishi held onto.

"Shishi, you stay here and count to fifty, 'kay?" Rinku asked.

Shishi groaned, but nodded, and with that action the other five demons disappeared from the room to hide.