My Secret Sesshomaru by HFaith

yup! another sess/kag. what can i say? i'm a sess/kag fan throught and through.

disclaimer: we all know the drill! CAN'T, WON'T AND NEVER WILL!!!! get off my case!

chapter 1: my little secret

kagome's pov=/=/=

as i jumped down the well and landed on my time, i sighed. another fight with inu-yasha. how aggravating! i got out of the well as usual. but i didn't expect what came after i got completely out.

sesshomaru... WITH SHORT HAIR!!!!

i smiled warmly at him. and he smiled back. can you imagine? i met the reincarnation of the great taiyokai of the west! and i only met him before i knew all i could about sesshomaru himself!

we went at the same school. even though he was a year older, he had the same classes as me. i met him, yes. but inu-yasha's, no.

at first, we never really talked. he didn't like talking to me. and so did i! he was such a pompous jerk! well... so i thought. given time, i finally got through his ice and i discovered that he wasn't really as bad as i thought.

for one thing, he always looked gorgeous, no matter WHAT he wears. and ever since the scene when some jerk bullied me and he protected me, we've become real good friends. even better than good!

we were the best of friends. one day he saw me climb out of the well. he questioned me non-stop. instead of revealing him my secret time traveling hobby, i simply told him that i was always looking for something.

he understood that it was really hard to find something really small in a dark well. so he let me go easily. i was thanking kami again and again that time. i didn't want him to know...

"so, did you find it yet?" he asked leaning on the door's wall with his arms crossed. hmph! he still had that i'm so much more superior than you aura goin' on. but it was now mixed with friendship and warmth.

i shook my head looking sad and dissapointed. damn, i was such a good actress! "iie. but it's there... i can feel it."

he simply nodded and got off the door's wall. he extended his hand to me silently telling me to take his hand and get out of the smelly old well house.

i gladly and without hesitations, quickly took it and pulled myself out of the well-house. we walked out into the back of our house and he took the bow and arrows that were laying there silently.

eversince i trained in sengoku jidai how to shoot an arrow, i started to shoot here too. but the reason for my rapid success in that was not because i trained a lot. not at all. but because sesshomaru taught me.

"up for another throw?" he asked me.

"am i NOT EVER?" i asked playfully.

"khe!" he said while smilling as he handed me my bow and arrows. i gladly took it with a smile that says, 'hmph! meanie!" and when he saw, he smiled at me sweetly. yup that was the one! the one smile that made me blush.

i decided to change the subject and just shoot the darn arrow. i hit it bulls-eye. a smile graced my lips and i looked for sesshomaru's approval. he nodded his head which meant, he said 'very well done'.

"you are improving." he said simply. my smile widenned some more. it wasn't always that i get a compliment from sesshomaru. it wasn't long before mama called us in for dinner.

"hey, sessh-kun. wanna stay for dinner. my mom's making pasta." i invited before going inside the house.

he contemplated for a while but soon, he nodded at me and entered our house. he walked past me and i looked playfully offended.

i scoffed at him and ruffled his SHORT hair as i wrapped my arm around his shoulders. yes, i tiptoed! he was tall! Sesshomaru smiled evilly for some suspicious reason. he turned around and then....


he laughed a little while STILL tickling me and said, "don't believe her, Mrs. Higurashi! i'm doing nothing of the sort!" in an all innocent voice.


and that was that. that was my friendship with... Sesshomaru...