Chapter 36: Epilogue to A new Beginning

Rin held herself on the cold, hard, ground…alone…all alone. Where could Sesshoumaru-sama be? Where did Jaken-sama, Ah Un and Kirara go? Why did they leave her? Why were they so sad? When will they be coming back?

She didn't cry but her eyes glistened with unshed tears. She wouldn't cry. Sesshoumru-sama will find her soon enough and bring her home where Jaken-sama and Ah Un will be waiting for them. Jaken-sama would scurry his ugly little self towards them and squack like there was no tomorrow while Ah Un would watch with silent amusement.

But what was taking Sesshoumaru-sama so long? Why hasn't he come back yet?

The harsh winds howled that night and she pulled her legs up to her chest, trying her best to keep herself warm. She would stay where Sesshoumaru-sama told her to stay. This time, she would obey his wishes. She would do anything for Sesshoumaru-sama…As long as he comes back to her…Please let him come back to her.

"Sesshoumaru-sama…" was the child's silent and painful plea. The full moon glowed in the starless night and she could no longer hear the comforting birds that chirped around her. All she heard was a twig breaking.

A twig breaking?!

She quickly got up and looked eagerly towards the dark trees where the sounds came from. There it was again! Hope filled her eyes as a figure started emerging from the darkness. "Sesshoumaru-sa—" she stopped dead on her tracks as she realized the person that came was not her savior and father.

It was an ordinary man with a bottle of sake in his hand. It looked like he'd been drinking for he was swaying from side to side and his cheeks were flushed. He had a grin on his face as if delusional and he eyed her with a glint in his eyes as he stepped into the clearing.

"Hey-hic- what's a little girl like you doing in a-hic- place like this?" Rin stepped back, not sure if she should answer. Jaken-sama had warned her about talking to strangers and this man was fairly strange. The man looked perturbed and displeased. And without warning…'SLAP!'

Rin fell on the floor and touched the cheek the drunkard had slapped, the stinging feeling making her very, very afraid. No, she will not be afraid! Sesshoumaru-sama will surely come and teach this man a lesson! He'll come, for sure!

She defiantly stood up and glared the man straight in the eyes. "You should learn some respect, you little wench! It's a good thing I will-hic- teach you!" He stalked towards her with a wide grin, clearly excited on what he was to do to her.

Rin's courage faltered as she backed away slowly until she felt her back connect with the bark of a tree. No, Sesshoumaru-sama will come! He'll come for sure! He won't just leave her there!

The man lunged at her and he landed on top of her with a sardonic laugh. Fear was evident on Rin's face and she struggled as the man took hold of her arms. His face was so close to her that she could feel his breath on her neck! Sesshoumaru-sama will come! Sesshoumaru-sama will come!

"Don't be so quiet, little girl! Scream for me! Scream!" He demanded as he tugged on Rin's kimono. Rin was completely horrified now so she closed her eyes tight, praying for her Sesshoumaru-sama to save her once again! Like he always has! Sesshoumaru-sama will come! Sesshoumaru-sama will come!

"You'll enjoy what I'm gonna do to yo—" The man didn't finish as his words turned into a pained groan. Blood seeped from his mouth as his eyes filled with tears from the pain. Rin opened her eyes in surprise and looked down at the man's stomach where a blade had embedded itself.

The man looked in great pain as life ran out of him and his breathes became shallow. He was just about to collapse on her when someone kicked him out of the way. His body rolled away lifelessly as the chains connected to the blade took it out of the lifeless body.

She followed the chains with her eyes and her sight landed upon a boy. He had messy black hair and freckles and the most eerie dark eyes. He stood regal and proud but wounds covered his whole body.

His blade dripped of blood as did the cut on his back where there was profuse bleeding. She looked down to her hands on the ground in disappointment. Where was Sesshoumaru-sama? Why didn't he rescue her? Did he leave her like Jaken-sama and Ah Un?

Tears brimmed in her eyes but she still refused to cry. She wanted to thank the boy that saved her life… But she wanted Sesshoumaru-sama more.

"Sesshoumaru-sama will come to save Rin…" she whispered weakly, her hands turned into fists, digging into the ground as anguish slowly consumed her.

"Sesshoumaru won't come…He's dead…" the boy gruffly spoke. Her eyes widened in disbelief and she looked up at him, hoping- no, praying to the most powerful gods to let her see in his eyes that he was lying!

But he wasn't… His eyes told the truth… Sesshoumaru-sama…was dead. "Iie…Iie..." she denied as tears started pouring out of her eyes. So that was why Sesshoumaru-sama wouldn't come. "Iie…" So that was why Sesshoumaru-sama wouldn't save her. "Iie…" So that was why… "Iie, iie, iie, iie, iie!!!!" She screamed and covered her ears, refusing to accept the truth.

Kohaku looked away as the girl cried, ignoring the pang in his heart at the sound of her pain. He had run away before his sister could notice. The shame was far too unbearable. He couldn't face his sister the way that he was. He took out the shikon shard from his body by stabbing it out of him with his own weapon. He didn't die, to his dismay. So he ran away…

"Omaiwa?" He said, his sadness not showing in his voice but clear in his eyes. Rin looked up at him in shock, he asked her name. No one had ever asked her name before other than Sesshoumaru-sama. No one had ever cared enough.

"Rin…" she pulled up half of her kimono where the now dead man had succeeded to pull down to her shoulder earlier on. He looked at her without emotion and silently reached out his hand. Rin stared down at it with wide eyes… He was….like Sesshoumaru-sama…

"Watashiwa…Kohaku…" She took his hand with hesitation, but he drove the hesitation away when he gripped her hand firmly and looked at her with a certain something in his eyes… Something that promised…that he would always protect her…

Suddenly, those intense eyes of him grew weak and he closed them as he started falling towards her. Rin feared for him and caught him in her arms. "K-Kohaku is bleeding!" Rin managed to say as she struggled with the boy's weight. Kohaku's breathe steadied as he breathed in her sakura scent in his unconscious state. He would protect her…This was how he would repay all the lives he had taken.

He will be her shield…

-Sesshy's pov-

I heard the birds chirping outside the hut as the morning rays seeped through the window. It had already been 2 weeks since the last battle with Naraku. Every single youkai was wiped out since all of the Youkai Lords were purified and had no heir. Kagome had been mourning for her friends all this time. She didn't want to leave the place for a while and I didn't want to leave her.

Miroku and Sango had gotten married and they found a place to stay in the village, near Kaede's hut.

I felt the heat of the sunlight on my back and forced my eyes to open. When I did, I saw ebony: Ebony black hair. I looked down upon the form that permeated a calming scent and gave him warmth throughout the cold night. Kagome lay peacefully asleep beside me with my arms wrapped around her frail body.

I looked at her sleeping form and allowed a small smile to be revealed. Kagome is so perverted!

I had asked to sleep with her last nightt to make sure that she wouldn't feel alone at night. But she quickly blushed and started babbling on and on about how she was far too young and that she wanted to save that sort of thing for marriage. I only laughed at her, explaining that I didn't want to have sex with her. I just wanted to lie beside her, sleep next to her.

She's such a baka hentai; but an adorable baka hentai.

I tucked a stray strand of hair from her peerless face and listened as her steady breathes seemed like sighs.

Oh, how I wish I could so easily take away the tears, the pain, the anguish she was feeling presently. I couldn't take it; watching her cry her heart out that faithful day. I wanted so much just to brush away the tears and protect her from everything and everyone. But I knew I couldn't. I couldn't keep her from feeling pain. Pain was a part of life. And without it, how will you learn and grow?

She stirred awake and I was ready to face her. She looked up at me with dazed eyes; it seems she didn't recall having me in her bed. When it looked like she finally remembered, she closed her eyes again and, to my surprise, nuzzled my neck. I was even more surprised when she pulled me closer and wound her arms around me.

"Good morning, Kagome…" I whispered low, trying not to show how surprised she made me and how good it felt to have her in his arms. Although, I Am trying hard to ignore the fact that we were now in a very…ahem…intimate position…

"I don't want to wake up yet…Let me sleep, Sessh-kun…" she replied groggily as she nuzzled more into my neck. I had to fight away the images that came out of thin air and into my mind. No, no, no! This is Kagome, remember? I am NOT thinking about her like that! I refuse to think of her like that! No way!

I felt something cold and round press on my chest and I looked down to find the whole Shikon no Tama. We had found the last shard at the tree where Kohaku was supposed to be. Sango cried so hard when she found out that her brother could be anywhere at that time. Miroku could do nothing but kneel beside her and embrace her from behind, his healed hand where the black hole used to be was now uncovered and he used it to wipe away her tears.

When we came back, Kaede had informed us that Rin was missing. We are still searching for her even until now. But something told me that she was safe. Maybe it was the spirit of Sesshoumaru in me or just plain instincts but something told me she was alive and happy.

I could just imagine my little Rin laughing happily and running in the meadows. Someone found her, I can feel it. And that someone was taking care of her.

I whispered gently to her ears as to not make her angry for being taken from her sleep, "We have to go back to our time soon. We have school and your family to come home to."

At that she moved away to face me with confused eyes and a frown on her face. "My family?" I nodded, not wanting to mention my own since I have none. "Baka…" she whispered softly.

My eyes widened a bit, it was the first time she of all people had called me a baka. What did she mean?

She closed her eyes again and buried her head, Again, into the nape of my neck. "It's supposed to be 'Our family'. My family…is your family too…" I couldn't help but grin wide at that. She was welcoming me into her family…she always has been… I guess I Am a baka after all. I Do have a family… Thank you…Kagome…

"Thank you…Kagome…" I whispered, knowing she was asleep and couldn't hear me. I pulled her closer, accepting the warmth I felt inside, knowing that I wasn't alone in my own struggles. I had been there for her… and she will be there for me…

-Kag's pov-

I smiled a secret smile when I heard him thank me and when he tightened his hug on me. He was like a little lost boy who was shown his way. But he wasn't there yet…so she will be there to guide and help him through. She promised to herself to hold his hand on his journey to find his own happiness.

It was about time that someone saved his life… Sesshoumaru had sacrificed himself to save me from Naraku and death. And now that he is born again, I will do my best to repay him. Sessh-kun was human because Sesshoumaru was purified. No doubt that Sessh-kun's brother will be the reincarnation of Inu-yasha as a human as well.

What I' m curious about is what about Kouga and Shippou? Will they be reincarnated too? And what bout Naraku, Kagura and Kanna? I hope they wouldn't be reincarnated; for the sake of Sess-kuna and myself. I'm tired of fighting and I don't want any more blood shed.

This is a new beginning with many questions…I'm sure of it…

THE END!!!!!!!!!

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