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                                                  CHAPTER 7

          The sun peeked through the curtains of Buffy and Angel's bedroom, shining down on the blonde slayer as her eyes opened. Buffy rolled over on her stomach, her hand reaching over to where she would usually cuddle with Angel but found out that the spot was empty. Buffy sat up, confused.

          After changing clothes she headed downstairs to the kitchen and saw Angel standing at the sink, drinking a cup of hot coffee. Connor and Rachel sat at opposite ends of the kitchen table, both with breakfast in front of them.

"Uh, good morning," Buffy greeted the three of them, not really knowing how to take the familiar image that had been missing ever since Angel had gotten hit in the head.

Angel turned around and gave her a soft smile. "Hey. Good morning."

Buffy glanced towards the kids, who were busily stuffing their faces. "What's going on?" Buffy asked.

"I made breakfast for the kids," Angel explained. "I woke up early and I wanted to let you sleep."

Buffy considered it all for a moment before smiling. "Thanks, Angel." She planted a light kiss on his lips. Before she could pull away Angel wrapped an arm around her waist and went deeper into the kiss.

"Ugh," Connor groaned in disgust. "Excuse me but some people are trying to hold their breakfasts down."

Angel slowly pulled away from Buffy, turning to face his son. "It's OK. You're not bothering us," Angel smirked at him.

Buffy noticed something then went over to Rachel's chair and knelt down. "Honey, are you eating cocoa puffs, pop tarts, and chocolate chip muffins?"

"Yep," Rachel replied with a smile as she shoved a large spoonful of cereal into her mouth.

"Uh huh," Buffy nodded, going back over to Angel. "God, Angel, why did you give her all those sweets?" the slayer hissed. "Now she's going to be all big with the hyper and drive Spike insane... more than usual."

A smirk spread across Angel's face as he said, "Really?"

Buffy smiled, also enjoying the image of Rachel annoying the blonde vampire but had to cover her amusement because of her motherly obligations. "Angel, stop it," Buffy said, trying to hide the smile.

"I'm just kidding," Angel assured her then went over and knelt down in front of Rachel. "Now you know to be good today, right?"

Rachel thought for a moment then looked at him. "Right."

Angel grinned and lifted her up into the air. "Right?" he said again.

"Right!" Rachel exclaimed.

"Right?" Angel asked again, putting the little girl on his shoulders as he began to twirl her around.

"Right!" Rachel giggled wildly.

          Buffy could not help but smile at them as she grabbed a chocolate chip muffin for herself. They could both be very child like at times and she seemed to enjoy every minute of it, usually, anyway.

          Wesley and Willow both sat in their living room that morning. Wesley sat on the couch watching some sort of early morning cartoon and Willow sat at the coffee table, reading over a spell book. The quiet they had, despite the TV, was soon interrupted by Leah heading towards the front door.

"Halt," Wesley said firmly without even looking in Leah's direction. Leah stomped her feet childishly then turned to look at him. "Where are you going?"

"Dad, look, this may be hard to figure out but summer vacate is nearly over and I don't want to waste it being stuck in my room with my nose planted in a book," Leah said as if doing so would be the most ridiculous thing in the world.

"There is nothing wrong with that," Willow chimed in defensively, getting herself a look from her husband and daughter. "Not that I would know," she said sheepishly before turning back to her book.

Leah shook her head then turned back to Wesley. "Come on, Dad. Just let me have some fun, a little emancipation. See? That's a big word. I know big words."

Wesley had to smile at her, his daughter having natural charms about her. "I don't know..." he still responded undecidedly.

Leah decided to use the one method she knew would work and went over to the couch, took a seat right next to her dad, and hugged his arm. "Please, Daddy? Pretty please with a cherry on top?" Leah begged, her eyes filled with innocence and her lower lip sticking out.

Wesley crumbled immediately and patted her brown haired head. "All right, fine. You can go. Have fun," he sighed, hating his soft ways.

Leah smiled brightly and gave him a quick hug around the neck before racing to the door. "Thank you, Daddy!"

"Be home by curfew!" Willow called after her.

"OK!" Leah called back, before closing the door behind her.

Willow sighed deeply and went back to her book saying, "I hate it when I have to get tough with her."

Wesley did the traditional roll of his eyes followed by a shake of his head.

          Natalie sat on a stool in the middle of the kitchen, a large pout on her face. She peered down at Fred, who sat on her knees scrubbing away at a large pot of oatmeal, which Natalie had spilt over. When Gunn entered the kitchen, Natalie hopped down from the stool and jumped into his arms.

"Mama's in a mood," she whispered to her dad. "Don't bug her."

Gunn smirked at her. "Wonder why she's in a mood."

Natalie shrugged and smiled cutely, "I don't know."

"Come on," Gunn said, carrying Natalie out of the room. "Let's go on a nice, long drive."

Buffy pulled up in front of Spike's building a little later that morning. She and Rachel took the elevator up to Spike's apartment, Buffy knocking on the door. Spike appeared at the door a few moments later.

"Hey," he greeted plainly and softly.

"Hey," Buffy returned the greeting, using the same tone he did.

"Hey-o," Rachel waved with a sweet smile on her face, obviously still with a sugar charge.

          Spike gestured for the two of them to come inside, Buffy glancing around at the small yet amazingly neat, considering it was Spike, apartment.

"So..." Spike started, watching Rachel as she immediately began to hop around his living room. "When exactly will you be back?"

Buffy smirked at him and crossed her arms. "Around four. I'm going to get in some time at the store or something." Buffy's glance floated towards Rachel. "Hey." Rachel stopped her hopping for a moment before turning to her mother. "Behave," Buffy said to her simply.

Rachel nodded as if it were the simplest task in the world and started her hopping again. Spike shook his head, just knowing that it would be a long day.

Later, in the afternoon, Leah, Connor, and a bunch of the grownups had all clustered to the Magic Charm. Leah and Connor shared the top step of the staircase the led up to the library, looking down on Giles, Buffy, and Lorne who were all down in the store.

"Adults," Leah remarked. "Look at them. They're all poofy and scattered like."

"Yeah," Connor agreed with a little nod. "Kind of like they're ready to pounce on something with their big brains and whatnot."

"Especially Poppy," said Leah. "I mean look at him." She eyed Giles, who had his nose stuffed in a book. "He's all librarian like."

Connor glanced towards the other teenager. "Uh, he is the librarian around here," he reminded her as if he were itching to say duh.

"Oh, right." Leah leaned against the step the two of them sat on and sighed. "Something is just... weird."

"What's with you?" Connor questioned.

Leah sat up straight, looking him in his blue eyes. "This is gonna sound like totally weird since I'm telling it to you but I'm having issues with this whole womanhood thing?"

Connor felt some sort of caring was in order as he asked, "What issues?"

"I thought being a woman meant turning twenty one and moving out from my dad."

Connor shrugged, "Wouldn't know."

"I know," Leah sighed. "But I'm serious, Connor. How do we know when we're, you know, official adults?"

"I don't know." Connor was also serious. "It's hard. Sometimes I want to be a man like my dad and next I want to be my own man. You get it?"

Leah nodded a little. "I think I do," she smiled softly.

"Aww." The two teens looked down to see Lorne. "You two are just a couple of cuties in a pod."

Leah and Connor shared a look of confusion. "Huh?"

"Well, it's quite obvious." They both glanced down at Giles. "You two do spend an awful lot of time together. One can only assume that you two..."

Leah stood up, insulted, and marched down the stairs. "All right. You caught us," she said. "We're a couple. Now if you excuse us, Connor and I are off to have hot monkey sex. Now leave us the bloody hell alone!" She growled before storming up to the library.

Connor watched her go before turning to the others. "Must be that time of month," he shrugged then went up to join Leah in the library.

Buffy shook her head, quite amused.

          Spike sat in the middle of the living room, clutching his head. For over a hundred years he had been through many stages of hell, all worse than the last; but he had never discovered something so disastrous as... children!

          The bleached blonde vampire watched as Rachel dashed all around Spike's apartment, hopping on furniture and doing small somersaults for no good reason. Why had he agreed to this? Spike wasn't a baby-sitter and he knew it.

"All right, luv," Spike finally said to the small child. "Let's calm down."

Rachel instantly stopped what she was doing and said, "No." Then she started jumping around again.

Spike sighed deeply. When would it end?

          The elevator doors of Spike's building pulled apart, releasing Anya. She rumaged around her purse for a moment. When she looked up again, Anya saw what looked as if the usually crisp white walls of the hall seemed to be painted pale blue. Anya looked back and saw that there was a burning blue light shining in the elevator. She stepped back towards the light, examining it.

          Suddenly the light glowed twice as bright and sent Anya crashing into a wall, like a punch to the gut. The vengeance demon scrambled to her feet before racing down the hall, heading for Spike's apartment. Anya looked back to see that the light was sort of following her and she speeded up.

          She pounded on Spike's apartment door for dear life, the light getting closer and closer upon her. It was like a deadly fire, spreading farther and farther.

"Spike!" Anya shouted, continuing to hit at the door.

Spike quickly appeared at the door. "Anya, I heard you the first bloody time. What is it?"

"What are you, blind?" Anya asked then pointed at the light behind her with her thumb. "Don't you see it?"

Spike blinked his eyes and asked, "See what?"

Anya looked behind her and only saw the regular hallway; no light at all. "I-I don't get it," Anya stammered. "There was this light and it was shiny and... and all burning like."

Spike wrapped an arm around her shoulders and guided her inside. "Let's get you inside, luv."

"I'm serious. It was... it was... bright!"

"I know," Spike patronized her then closed his front door.

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