Tangled Webs

Rating: PG-13

The Crossing Jordan characters totally aren't mine ~ they belong to Tim Kring and Tailwind Productions. 

Kaidlyn and her mom are my own creations and therefore they're mine.


Author's note: Although I first introduced Kaidlyn in "Endgame," she subsequently appeared in person in "That Night" and in name in "Running."  The timeline here basically follows after "That Night" and before "Endgame" though there will be some overlap and inconsistencies with "Endgame" ~ but since that one's so far from show cannon now, we can just pretend, for the sake of this story, that it doesn't exist.  :0)


"Jordan?  You busy?"  Garret Macy popped his head into Jordan's office.

"Nah.  Just finishing up some paperwork.  Don't give me that look," she said as Garret choked back a chuckle.  "I do finish it. . .eventually."

"I know."  Garret moved into the doorframe.

"What's up?"

"There's a body down by the harbor.  They need someone down there right away.  I know you're not scheduled for field trips this week, but since we're a little backed up. . ."

"No problem.  Anything to get out of paperwork!"  Jordan winked at Garret who rolled his eyes in reply.  "I'm on my way."

"Thanks, Jordan."

Jordan got up and gathered what she'd need, then drove to the pier number she'd been given.  As she was walking towards the mass of police, she spotted a dark head talking with one of the uniforms.  Eddie.  She was almost relieved to see him.  She knew Woody was out of town on some kind of family emergency or something, but still. . .  She wasn't ready to deal with him yet.  Things had been weird between them since that night with Malden and the methylhexital.  It was better that she not have to work with him while her head ~ and heart ~ were still trying to figure things out.  It was awkward enough trying to deal with Max after all that had come out.  Woody just added pressure to an already stressed-out situation.

Eddie looked up and saw Jordan ducking under the police tape.  He began to move towards her, then turned to the young woman Jordan hadn't noticed standing beside him and motioned her to come along.  This could be interesting.  Jordan hadn't heard anything about a new detective coming on the force.  The baseball cap the girl wore prevented Jordan from telling much about her, at least until she got closer.  Eddie began to make the introductions.

"Jordan Cavanaugh, I'd like you to meet our forensic criminology intern, Kaidlyn Reilly."

"Kaidlyn?"  Jordan's voice registered disbelief as she reached out and tipped the bill of the cap up so she was looking in the girl's face.

"Hey Jordan!  Great to see you!"  A bright smile lit up the girl's face and her blue-green eyes twinkled.

"What the hell. . .?"  Jordan was floored.  Kaidlyn was in Boston briefly the semester before while she was on a layover coming back from a tour in the Peace Corps in Kenya.  But she'd heard nothing about her coming back to Boston.

"You two know each other, I take it?"

"We're cousins," they said in unison.

"Great," Eddie said aloud.  To himself, he thought that explained a lot.  He shook his head as he remembered how Kaidlyn had bounced into his office after she was officially introduced at the morning check-in, all set and ready to go to work.  He knew there was something familiar about the fire he detected just below the surface in her eyes, the sarcasm she could cut in her voice.  The bounce in her movement wasn't as evident in her cousin now, but he remembered a time when he first started working with Max and Jordan would come into the precinct. . .  Back before things turned bad.  The name hadn't given him a clue.

"Yeah, I'm Max's niece.  He's my mom's big brother.  Even though 'things' kept us away from here way too much!"

So that explained the different last name.  But yeah ~ her eyes were definitely Cavanaugh.  He knew they looked familiar.  And he could already tell the mouth was definitely Cavanaugh too.

"So Kaid, what the hell. . .?"

"Oh.  Forensic criminology internship for my grad program.  Finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life."

Eddie harrumphed to himself,  "What the hell is it in the Cavanaugh genes?  Couldn't the. . ." he cut off the male chauvinist pig thought he was about to have.  He realized Kaid was still chattering.

"I was supposed to be in Chicago, but something fell through at the last minute.  But everything slid right into place for me to come to Boston!  Cool, huh?  I'm staying with Uncle Max ~ he put me in your old room, I hope that's ok."  The words rattled off her tongue with a life all their own. 

Jordan laughed and hugged her cousin.  "Of course.  I'm not there anymore."

Eddie took a deep breath knowing that if Kaidlyn turned out to be anything like her cousin it was going to be an interesting semester to say the least.  "Alright, well, you wanna know what we've got?"

"Yeah.  Spill it."  Back to business.  There would be plenty of time to socialize later.  Jordan figured that was what her dad's phone message she'd been avoiding all morning was about.

"Body's over here.  A couple of Tufts' students found it while rollerblading in the area."

"Any indication of anything?"

"None that we can find.  But that's not completely our department."  Eddie looked at Kaidlyn.  She'd been as eager as a bloodhound when they got there.  Couldn't wait to start examining the body, the scene, the whole thing.  It was all he could do to keep her from inadvertently contaminating the evidence in her enthusiasm to actually do something.  Though he had to admit, it was refreshing to be around someone so eager to bring good and closure to a bad situation.  And she seemed to know what she was doing around the body.  Maybe they could work it so she could spend some time at the morgue, perhaps working with Nigel a little.

Jordan moved towards the body and made her initial assessment.  "Male.  Probably around 28.  Based on rigor, I'd say he's probably been dead about 12 hours."  She looked at Eddie, who nodded, then signaled for the guys to come and pack the body for transport.  "You got an ID yet?"

"Nope.  Didn't find anything on him."  Eddie helped Jordan to her feet.

"Looks like he was probably out for a run.  Maybe he didn't carry anything with him.  I know I don't always take ID with me."

"Hey Jordan?"  Jordan turned at the sound of her cousin's voice.  Kaidlyn had gloved up and was kneeling at the body's side.  "Maybe he didn't carry any ID, but look at this."

"Holy crap."  Kaidlyn was holding up an epinephrine pen ~ the kind people with acute allergies to food and/or bee stings carry with them.  Jordan looked at the body again.  His lips and fingers were swollen.  How the hell had her cousin seen that when she'd missed it?  "How. . .?"

"My roommate freshman year was allergic to shellfish only she didn't know it until we went to Red Lobster one night.  I remember what her lips looked like when we got her to the ER.  His look the same."

"Oh."  Jordan suspected there was something Kaidlyn wasn't saying, but she decided to let it rest.  She had to admit, though, the girl obviously had talent when it came to forensics.  Even Jordan hadn't noticed the swelling on the lips and fingers.  She would have eventually, but there on scene?

The guys packed up the body and moved it to the van.

"I'm gonna head back to the morgue and get started on him.  You gonna work on any missing persons reports?" Jordan looked at Eddie questioningly.

"Yeah.  I'll stop by in a few hours."  He looked from Kaidlyn to Jordan.  "Do you think she could maybe. . ."

"Sure.  Come on kiddo.  I think you earned yourself the right to watch an autopsy."  Jordan put her arm around her cousin and walked her towards the SUV.  She was eager for a chance to talk with her cousin, and the drive back would provide the perfect opportunity.  They had a lot to catch up on.

. . .to be continued. . .