Author: Moggie

Pairing: G/S Category: Drama. Angst, ?/? Rating: R Summary: On the verge of meeting the reaper reveals a long time secret, which makes it just that more difficult to let go. Spoilers: Playing With Fire Archive: t to clot and the blood still in her eyes, he squeezed her hand and pulled her closer. "Lay down Sara."

She sighed and did as he asked. "I found two bodies, male and female, both dead. I couldn't find the other one."

Grissom nodded, but realised quickly that she couldn't see it. "Ok." He said instead. His fingers traced her eyes softly. "This hurt Sara?"

Not knowing what he was talking about, she frowned. "What hurt?"

He wore a sad look that was more concern and worry. "Sara." He stopped and pulled her head down to lay on his shoulder.

She knew why he stopped the minute he pulled her down to rest on his shoulder. She knew she couldn't see and couldn't feel the pain in her eyes anymore, just the odd stinging. She also knew that she needed to tell him that he was bleeding out and had a metal pole or something jammed in his shoulder, pinning him to the floor.

** **

Nick ran through the corridor as fast as he could. He just heard from Brass that Sara and Grissom were in a building when it collapsed. They needed to get there quick before the rest went down. He skidded to a stop and grabbed his case. He saw Catherine and Warrick looking at him funnily.

"Get kits now." He gasped. "Griss and Sara." He had their full attention at that and didn't need anymore explanation. They all hurried out the room.

** **

Grissom opened his eyes and lightly touch Sara's face with his right hand. The room had collapsed and the was no room to stand. The beams were laying across the length of the room at different angles. The flicker of one light was all that work and it was soon going to fade into darkness. He brushed back her hair and sighed, only to wince at the action. Sara opened her eyes at the sound of a small whimper. She found she could see slightly out of her left eye, but only fuzziness.

"Griss, where's it hurt?" She asked getting straight to the point before he could cover it up.

Too late. "It's nothing, lie down. You'll make yourself sick again." He said soothingly.

Sara cupped his chin and scowled. "Liar. Where?" She demanded quietly.

He chuckled, but cringed in more pain. "Chest." He groaned.