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(Part II)

After the new year, Sarah returned to the set of the movie. She still was not sure if Jareth's visit had been a product of her alcohol. She stood inside her dressing room with her palm pressed to her forehead. She wouldn't put it past his tightness to come to her home to be a nuisance, but the end of the night was a bit fuzzy. It just had to be a drug-induced dream...nay, nightmare. Well, she could torture herself later with remembering that night. If she didn't come out there soon - in costume - that Goblin King might come looking for her.

She turned to get her "costume" on. Well, this one at least wasn't as bad as it had been. She sighed and pulled on the outfit that was better suited for a teenage girl. The scene took place in a club, where Sarah went to loosen up and hang out with friends. Yeah, right; as if she would go to a club - IN THIS - to loosen up. Oh, well, this was the least of her problems and mild by comparison to other things Jareth had tried to slip in. So she wasn't going to lose her cool over a black leather miniskirt, knee high boots, and a shirt of crimson velvet with long bell sleeves.

After getting ready, she drove the small distance to the club where they would be shooting on location. She walked onto the "set" and gave the customary glare in Jareth...ahem, David Bowie's direction. He smiled wolfishly in return, looking her over.

"We obviously chose costumers well," Jareth commented to the men standing around him. They chuckled in reply.

Sarah growled.

"Oh, don't mind, David," a feminine voice said as a woman came up beside her. "He likes giving the girls a hard time. But, I am sure you know that by now."

Sarah, glad to have something else to occupy her mind, turned to the woman. "Unfortunately, I do."

The woman was very pretty with long, strawberry blonde hair that was full of body. She had wide green eyes ringed with heavy lashes. Her pale face was complete with high cheekbones, a small upturned nose, and full red lips. She was also quite shorter than Sarah, with a lithe body. 'Very Irish,' Sarah thought to herself.

"Oh, my name is Caira Cavanough," she smiled in a friendly a manner at her words. "I believe my role is your best friend, Moira Connor."

"I take it then that you know who I am." Sarah returned the smile in kind. She thought she had found a friend in arms.

"Of course; and I have read a few of your books. They are great, but I won't drool all over you like some star struck teenager. Working in movies has a habit of getting you used to seeing famous people and people you admire." She leaned closer with a grin. "Though...I wouldn't mind getting your John Hancock on my copies of your books. Don't worry, you won't find them on ebay or something the next day."

"Of course, of course. And if you like, I am in dire need of a "tester" or whatever you want to call it. I can get you to read some of the stuff I am working on so I can get some feedback." She thumbed towards Jareth. "David called me for this project during a dry spell in one of my books."

"Oh! I would love too!" Caira smiled.

Jareth walked over to the two women and kept his gaze on Sarah. She was always curious at his aboveground appearance; how could he look so much different yet so much the same as she remembered? David only wore his hair to his shoulders, a few shades darker than Jareth's near-white platinum. His clothes were less flamboyent, but still somehow "Jareth."

"I am so glad to see you getting along," Jareth said smoothly. "You will be working together a bit and good for the nature of your roles."

"Of course I would enjoy meeting a fan," Sarah was determined not to let her new friend suspect her past encounter with Jareth.

"How did you two meet? They said it was David who cast you for the role," Caira asked curiously.

Sarah was about to think on that when Jareth stepped in with an answer for her.

"Aww...well, me and Sarah are old chums. She's the daughter of the starlet, Linda Williams who I worked with a few times. I met this darling in my younger days when she was bit a wee tike." He grinned and patted Sarah soundly on the back. She nearly fell forward with the force, but recovered so she could listen to more of his "tale." "I also must confess that I am a fan of her books. Some of the pleasure obviously coming from the fact that most of the leading males are fashioned after me."

Sarah glared at him. Of all the nonsense... She frowned to herself. Well...she had been a bit consumed by thought of him after their...chance meeting when she was younger. But, assume that they were...he was so full of himself! Even if they were....

"Wow," Caira said with awe, not noticing Sarah's inner tormoil. "Thats probably why I like them so!" She laughed and winked at Sarah before moving off to talk with some other girls who had just shown up for the shoot.

Sarah rounded on Jareth. "You are so full of shit." She hissed.

He leaned close with his patented smirk, face mear millimeters from hers. "You know, and I know, that I spoke the truth. I, of course, did read your books. To think I would do otherwise might have been a foolish assumption, but deap down you knew I would. Did you think I wouldn't know?"

"You made me sound like a silly schoolgirl with a crush to her!" She motioned behind her with brows furrowed. "Is it to much to ask that I be able to make friends on the set with the rest of the cast without sticking yourself in where you're not wanted."

He leaned back only far enough to tap his lips, though not quite far for his finger brushed hers slightly also now and then. She was too angry to call him on "copping a feel". "Which to address first...I should probably go in the same order just for good ole times." He hooked the same finger under her chin. "Is it not true, what you just said. Back then...a schoolgirl...with a crush, especially afterwards?" She was about to protest when he put a finger to her lips. "Let me finish, dear Sarah. Don't deny it, it's an insult to my intelligence...I do not insult yours in such a way. As for the other; if you had not noticed this 'crush' I implied that is real makes you no different from her. It actually makes you a human girl, Sarah. And whyyyy would you want to make friends on the set of my godforsaken movie?" He lifted a brow mockingly.

"To keep me from wanting to maim myself."

Jareth thought back to the state he had found her on Christmas and his smirk faltered for a second. Sarah noticed this, but was not sure what to make of the look that had passed over his face...concern? Surely not. The almighty Goblin King himself would not be concerned with the girl who conquered his kingdom and humiliated him those years ago. She reminded herself why she was on this movie set in the first place...his own personal brand of payback, remember??? She sighed and turned away, giving them distance.

"I better get into place, Mr. Director, and start practicing with the other girls," Sarah walked over to Caira and had her make introductions.

Jareth watched, his brows knit while he allowed himself to get lost in his thoughts. Was he truly giving her THAT much trouble? He had only meant to play with her a bit, make her think he was seeking his revenge. He had gotten over his anger at the incident not long after it happened...instead intrigued with the young lady who had gotten through the labyrinth, surely not by some sort of genius but with her sheer determination and will to get her brother back. She had enchanted his subjects and himself, to tell the truth.

"David?" a deep voice broke him out of his reverie and watching of Sarah get on with the actresses. He turned to look at one of his assistants. "We're ready to begin, when you are."

"Thank you," David turned and went to take his position so he could say action before taking his position to enter the scene himself.


The music was pulsing in the club where Sarah sat chatting with her friends over drinks. The dance floor was packed with people writhing to the beat. She looked down at her drink and then back at her best friend Moira. She knew her buddy was only trying to be helpful, but it just wasn't working.

"I think I'm gonna finish my drink and call it a night," Sarah smiled and tipped back the rest of her drink. "Thank you for dragging me out here, but I have to get up early tomorrow morning for a meeting."

She stood and made the good-byes to the group of friends. She turned and headed for the door, trying to make herself a path through the crowd. She had to weave in and out of groups, and dodge people who were a bit tipsy. She grumbled to herself that she was never going to make it out of here at this rate. But, she went still when she caught a glimpse of something yards away over the heads of the club-goers.

No, it can't be...can it? He wouldn't show up here...he wasn't real. She shook her head slowly. Maybe she was seeing things, though she really hadn't drank much. She tried to press through the crowd again, trying to ignore that feeling of dread growing in her. It was too eerily like the dream of the ballroom, this realization only heightening her fears. She kept catching flittering glances of him through the crowd, his eyes always locked on her. She gave a shriek finally and lost interest in being gentle with the people in her way. She shoved her way through to make a flight for the door and out of this place.

She was closing in on the door, was so close, when she was brought to a stop. She nearly collided with a solid wall of chest. Her eyes rose, though she already knew who. He was staring down at her, his face impassive and eyes piercing.

"Did you think I would let you get away when I have just gotten here?" he said smoothly.

"And just what ARE you doing here?" Sarah lifted her chin and looked him over, considering his aboveground look. Even if he did change his clothes and have halfway normal hair, he would never fit in.

"Ah, come on, dear Sarah," he leaned in close, nose nearly touching, "You know why I am here."

She quirked an eyebrow, refusing to be intimidated. "To seek your revenge by turning me stark, raving mad?"

"As much as the idea of you being bound and muzzled sounds good, that is not why I am here." He smirked down at her devilishly. "So think, Sarah, what does that leave?"

"I am not up to playing mind games with you right now, Jareth," Sarah pushed him lightly out of her way and moved past him towards the door.

She was aware of him following as she exited the club and took the few steps down to the street. For a moment, the sound of steps following her stopped and she thought he had taken the hint. No such luck. He appeared just in front of her as she walked by an alley and dragged her into it's darkness. He pressed her against the cold bricks of the building that made one side of the alleyway.

"Since you force me to state my cause," he began through gritted teeth. "I came here for YOU. To claim you and return you to my castle in the Underground."

"And if I don't want to go? I don't hear you asking ME about this."

"Oh, I don't think there's any question about if you want to my castle...with me..."

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers, one of the hands pinning her shoulders to the wall slipped down to her waist. It went around her back to draw her closer to him as the kiss deepened when she opened up to him. It had begun to rain lightly, but neither seemed to notice or care. The hand that had remained on her shoulder traveled up to tangle in her hair as her hands roamed his chest. Finally, he lifted his head far enough so that they could look into each other's eyes. Then, he glanced down as a crystal appeared in his hands, and back up into her eyes. She had a moment to register what he was doing before they disappeared.


Sarah disentangled herself from Jareth's arms after they finished shooting the scene with wide eyes staring at him. That had been...WOW. Her cheeks were flushed as she turned to make her escape. He caught her arm before she could and murmured into her ear.

"Dinner tonight; please say yes."

She turned her head to look at him, study his face and judge his thoughts. She only saw that the kiss had obviously effected him too as his eyes were dark with arousal and he was pressed close enough to her back for her to feel other evidence. The warm solidness nestled against her back made her heart beat faster. He seemed to only want dinner for the normal reasons that a guy who desired a woman would want to take her out. A devilish part of her mind piped up, 'to get them into bed!' But, fortunately the sensible side smacked the voice around.

She gave a wavering smile. "Sure, give me an hour to get changed and you can pick me up at my dressing room."

"I wouldn't mind you staying just like that." His breath caressed her neck.

"Well, I mind." She pulled away and turned to look at him. "An hour, at my dressing room. See you then, Jareth." She nodded before walking into the club to say good night to her new friend, Caira.


Jareth stood outside her dressing room forty-five minutes later. He had opted for a change of clothes, also. She was warming up to him and he wanted to keep pleasing her. He was in a casual black suit with a red silk shirt, both the shirt and jacket left open to bare his muscled chest. Seeing her in such a state at Christmas had been heartbreaking, he hadn't meant to hurt her. He admittedly had thought up this scheme to manipulate her into his arms. But, since then he had been feeling like a cad. He glanced down at his watch...forty-seven minutes. He sighed, she had said an hour, and he was going to wait an hour. Probably more, so he didn't look anxious.

He was surprised by the door opening and Sarah sticking her head out. "Will you stop standing out there like some peeping tom??"

He looked embarrassed to be caught. "I, said an hour."

"Well, I'm ready," she stepped out and turned off the light before locking the door. She was in a navy blue skirt with slits that showed a good length of leg and a cream colored sleeveless knit top. She had slipped her feet into black leather ankle boots with heals that clicked as she walked past him. She glanced over her shoulder at him when he didn't move. "Are we going to dinner or not?"

"Yes, dear Sarah," He smiled and came forward to take her by the elbow in a very gentlemanly way. He took out a crystal and they disappear.

She was surprised to see she was in his castle again. She looked at him with some alarm, but saw the table set for a romantic dinner for two. The two place settings were set with golden china, golden flatware, and crystal goblets. There were candles lit all over the room and a couple set on the table.

"Is my surprise pleasing?" Jareth asked as he lead her over to the table. He pulled out her chair, then scooted her in before seating himself.

"I'm too shocked to discern what my feelings of this are, truthfully," Sarah looked at him. She made a sweep of her hand in his direction, "But why the aboveground appearance if you were bringing me down here?"

"I thought you would prefer I look nice."

"I would prefer you be yourself." She smiled. "And being truthful DOES please me."

"I shall keep that in mind."

He made a sweep of his hand over the table and they were served. The goblets filled with wine and their plates with food. As they ate they chatted amiably, as if they were two old friends. This made Jareth's hopes soar, if they could act like chums then they might be able to grow to more... Hopefully, of course. She began to ask him questions about the labyrinth and the underground, and he answered them as best as he could.

"And, all those creatures I encountered down there, along with some I may have not, are some sort of political prisoner or something?"

"No, some were just there specifically to aid you by the magic that rules the labyrinth, some were there to hinder you, and some there." He took a sip of wine regally.

"So...Hoggle? And Ludo...and Sir Didymus?" She looked at him with pain in her eyes.

"They are all still there," he patted her hand gently.

Then he wiped his mouth with his napkin before standing. He drew her up beside him and led her to the window that looked out upon the labyrinth and the goblin city. He leaned in close to say quietly in her ear,

"If you would like to see them and know I speak the truth, you have only to ask me."

Sarah turned slightly and looked up at him. "No, I don't doubt your word. I, a imaginitive young girl then, had been worried of what you would do to them after I left. I was worried you would punish them..."

"No...though I contemplated it, I am glad that they did. As much as my poor male ego was hurt to be beat for the first time, and by a young girl. As much as it hurt when you left...I wouldn't have wanted you to lose." His eyes were intense and she was lost in them. "Do you want to see them?"

"Not right now," she whispered. "Another time, maybe, when I am not busy." She leaned in the small distance to his mouth.

He was surprised, but didn't look the gift horse in the mouth and began to kiss her back with all the passion that had been building in him since he first saw her. He pulled her close, both entwining their arms around the other.

He drew back his head. "Ifff..." he smirked, "you would like to stay the night, I can have a room prepared and then tomorrow we can visit your friends."

"That sounds nice, Jareth," She smiled back up at him.

He chuckled and lowered his head to ravage her lips once more. After a few passion-filled moments, he had had enough of standing there in the middle of the dining room like that. He swept her up into his arms and started down the hall. To hell with the extra room, he carried her into his room and deposited her on his large bed.

The bed was covered in soft crimson silk with pillows of the same color mixed with those of dark violet and black. The curtains hanging around the bed were shear and a pale white that made her imagination call up a mist surrounding the bed. There was a desk and chair of dark mahogany off in the corner, but that was all the furnishing in the room.

He lowered himself beside her and drew her into his arms. "Do you know how much I have dreamed of being like this with you?" he whispered into her ear, kissing the little ridge there. "And more...and I know you have, also."

She wanted to protest and deny it, but it was true. She laid her head against his chest and slipped her hand under the open silk shirt to run over the hard plains of his chest, "Many times if you are any like me." She smiled up at him.

"MANY many..." he kissed her forehead, eyelids, nose and lips. "And dreamed of more than this." She blushed, and he chuckled. "But that would not be wise now, and I am more than happy with this. Sleeping with you here beside me, knowing that I have the real thing in my my arms."

She smiled warmly and kissed his chin. "Ditto."

"Then sleep, for tomorrow we go out to visit old friends."