Tittle: "A Godfather's Love"

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all the characters aren't mine. Also, the song used in this humble fanfic is originally from Atlus' Musical RPG, Rhapsody.

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Another two weeks, Harry would be starting his sixth year at Hogwarts. Remus Lupin and Mad Eye Moody had fetched him from the Dursley a day earlier. Harry had insisted on spending his time in Grimmauld Place until the end of summer holidays. It was midnight. Harry wandered through the big house when most people were asleep. He tried very hard to close his minds on the world but sleep just wouldn't come. So, he decided to walk around until he feels sleepy, or at least tired. He wandered aimlessly upstairs until he reached a dark and lonely room. Harry's face darkened upon seein the door. It had been Sirius room; the room he wanted badly to go in yet afraid to at the same time. Hands trembling, he turned the doorknob and stepped inside.

It was so dark that he coud hardly see anything. Lucky him for bringing his wand along. "Lumos", he mouthed and the room was filled with a magical light. Since the room had a fireplace, Harry decided to light the fire so that the room would be brighter. Hee looked around and smiled sadly. The room was still neat, but a bit dusty. He felt a strong wave of sadness washed throughout his body as he remembered just a few months ago, his Godfather was sleeping in this very room. Just a few months ago, the man he thought of as a mixture of Father and Brother was singing merrily as the Christmas was approaching.




All feelings and emotions became one. Harry still had a lot to talk about with Sirius. He still had a lot of things he would like to do with him. Sirius had asked him if he wanted to live with him once he's cleared. Only now that it would never come true. NEVER! Harry held back the urge to cry. Remus had told him that Sirius wouldn't want him to cry over his death but he was finding it difficult to not cry. Very difficult because the moment Sirius fell through the veil was still playing over and over again in his mind everytime he closes his eyes. How bitterly ironic...

Suddenly, something on the bed caught Harry's attention. When Harry took it, he realised that it was a Pensieve. Sirius' pensieve, to be exact. Closing his eyes for a while, Harry opened them just to find himself standing before a something that happened fifteen years ago. The room vanished, bringing Harry to a place he didn't remember. "SERIOUSLY? YOU AREN'T KIDDING???" Harry heard a familiar voice and turned around. His eyes widened upon seeing the two people in front of him. It was Sirius and his father, James Potter. Sirius looked excited and happy; Harry wondered why.

Suddenly, the door to his left creaked opened and a beautiful red-haired woman with green eyes entered, carrying a small bundle in her arms. It was, of course, Harry's mother. Harry new at once who the baby was; HIM! Sirius immediately lightened up and practically jumped joyfully like a little boy. "Here he comes, my godson! Lily, can I hold him? PLEASE!!" "Of course you can. Harry, meet your Godfather, dear." Lily handed baby Harry to Sirius' eager arms. H brightened even more as he held the baby in his arms. "Oh my God, he looks like you, James..Oh look! He has Lil's eyes too! And he's my Godson! Wow!" He kissed the giggling baby several times in delight while Lily and James laughed heartily. The present Harry was rendered speechless. He dropped to his knees, eyes wide. Tears was streaming down his cheeks continuously. There's absolutely no way to stop the tears anymore..

He never knew how happy Sirius was to be named his Godfather. Dumbledore's words rang inside his mind, "...like the fact that the person Sirius cared about most in the world was you...". He remembered Ron's words, "He must really like you, Harry... Imagine, living off rats..."

The scene suddenly changed. Harry was standing before a wreckage of a house. Something hit him hard. This must be his house after Voldemort murdered his parents. He heard someone sobbing. There, on the heap of the rubble, young Sirius Black was down on his knees, weeping. Sirius was hugging James' corpse close to his chest as he wept uncontrollably. Then he saw Hagrid approahed and consoled Sirius. Little Harry was crying. For a moment, Sirius asked to hold Harry before Hagrid take him to Dumblesore. Hagrid refused but gave in at last, after Sirius convinced him that he just wanted to stop Harry from continuing his cry. Our older Harry was sobbing now as he watched Sirius lulled him to sleep...

You're my angel

you are my everything

you mean more than anything

when I see your smile so lovely and bright

Makes the world seem right

At times you can act

like such a little boy

but in my eyes, you are the world

I wish you health

and happiness for all time

and may the world be kind

Whenever you are feeling down

Whenever you are feeling blue

All you have to do

is sing this song

Remember I'll be watching over you

Please grow up

with hope in your heart

I will always be with you

Please go on

with a dream in your heart

I will always be with you

Screaming in agony, Harry knocked the pensieve over and the whole scene vanished. He was back in Sirius' room, crying his heart out. "SIRIUS!!!!!" He cried. He cried, and cried, unaware that a brown haired man had entered the room and was now hugging him to his chest. The man had tears in his eyes as well. Harry's state pushed him to the limits. "It's okay, Harry. Don't cry, please don't cry." As he was saying this, tears sprung to his eyes. Remus Lupin was finally in the verge of tears after a few months of holding it back. Throuhout the night, the occupants of Number 12, Grimmauld Place could hear Harry's piercing scream, full regret and agony.

"S I R I U S!!!!!!!!!"