Chapter 2 : Damn you! Come Back!
A/N: This chapter is told in Remus' POV. Actually, this is supposed to be a one-shot but I decided to bring Sirius back. I hate the fact that he died falling through the damn veil. So, I decided to add a few more chapters. Review please? Also, please have a look at my Sirius Black diary at . You may also join as an author!


   It breaks my heart to see Harry breaks down and cry like this. There's nothing I can do but to hold him close in my arms. Harry had been lacking of loving contacts since he was sent away to live with the Dursleys. Maybe I could help easing his pain…I hope.

   Damn you, Sirius!

   Damn you!!

   Why did you have to be so stupid as to taunt death? Didn't you ever stop to think what would happen to Harry if he loses you? Damn you for not thinking with the brain you're awarded with! You were always the cleverest student Hogwarts had ever seen; aside from James and Hermione. Why didn't you think twice before jumping into silly actions?! Look at what you've done! Look at this crying young man in my arms! Do you know how deep your loss cut through his heart? You gave him heaven; hopes that he still had someone to call a real family. Then you're the one who took it all away from him. Damn you, Padfoot!

   Harry had stopped sobbing now and is crying silently in my arms. I feel tears trickling down my own face now. He's so young…Yet, he has to yield more burden than any adult ever would. Could you see his eyes now, Padfoot? They scare me; too hollow. I don't recall ever seeing those vibrant emeralds this dark before. When he howls your name, they darken even more. It's so painful to see him like this. I just wish I could take all the pain away.

   What can I do to restore the eyes to their former elegance, Padfoot?

   Harry sniffs and wipes his wet eyes with his right sleeve. "Remus?" He speaks.

   "Yes, Harry?" I answer back.

   "Why do I have to always fall out of love? First my parents and now…" He stops. I could see more tears flowing down his pale cheeks. "Why does Sirius have to be taken away from me? It's just not fair! It's not bloody fair!!" I hold him closer to me and run my hand through his jet black hair. "Life's never fair, Harry." I could feel Harry nodding in agreement with me. All words come to a stop for a few minutes. I decide not to say anything and just try to stop his tears. From where Harry and I sit, I could see the old pensive; Sirius' pensive. It must have been very painful for Harry. In a pensive, we are invisible. Harry's must have tried to touch Sirius in the pensive and realised that he couldn't. Poor little guy…

   "You won't leave me too, would you?"

   God, Harry's asking me a hard question… The answer is simple; either 'yes' or 'no' but it seems like my words are stuck in my throat. I don't want to make an empty promise but I don't want to break his heart either. Taking a deep breath, I clear my throat.

   "Harry, you are the closest person I have to a son. You're like a son I never had, and could never have. We're in a war and I can't promise you that my life could never be taken away. I can't promise I'd never leave but I can promise you that I'll always come back to you. Do you understand that?" Tears are shining in my eyes. Yes, those words seem right. Sirius would tell Harry the same, if given the chance… Right, Sirius?

   Harry nods and hugs me. I hug him back. He starts to cry again. Damn you, Padfoot! Damn you! I hate you for leaving Harry when he just found you! I hate you for making him so miserable! We love you, Padfoot. Damn you for leaving us! Who the hell created the veil, anyway? How could an archway takes lives away from humans? Who in their right mind would create such an evil chamber?

   Did the veil really rips you away from you life, Sirius? Or…Did it transfers you to a place you don't know and you simply couldn't find the way back? Could you still be alive? Could it be that you're trying to find your way out of the veil and come back to us? Merlin, Padfoot, come back to us!

Come back to Harry!

Come back to your Godson!

He doesn't have a father. He should at least have a Godfather to shower him with love.

He needs a Godfather's love.

Come back…


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