Immortal Lovers

Chapter One

Pain searing through every fiber of her body making her quake with an inhuman fear so alien to her that she almost fainted from its intensity that is she would have done had she not been on the verge of death.

She heard the faint whisper of his seductive voice, the way it caressed her skin and she groaned from the heady sensations that swamped through her body. Each nerve end tingled, each tiny hair on her body stood to attention as he flesh began to goose-pimple.

She tried to resist but some part of her didn't want to anymore, he was too compelling his voice his eyes his smell everything about him was hypnotic pulling her further and further into his thrall.

"Dracula" she whispered as she fell into darkness.

Buffy roused groggy eyes and lifted herself off the castle floor, the burning of the torches hurt her eyes but only momentarily. Focusing on her surroundings she recalled the actions of the last few hours. Dracula his hypnotic spell he had woven over her, blood...

He stomach gave a lurch at the word blood, and her mouth watered then it all came to her so clearly, she had been turned she was part of the undead a vampire just like Dracula...just like Angel.

The rustling of clothing at the rattle of chains had her jerking her head to the corner of the room blonde hair swirling about her dust smudged face. Her yellow tinted eyes rested on a young man chained to the wall.


Her mouth curved into a wicked smile, in order to survive in the vampire world she would need to feed but she would also need minions and what better to fulfill the role of her lackey than the lapdog Xander Harris.

Walking over to him she came down on her haunches, she could smell his fear it washed over her making her feel truly alive. Running her hand slowly through his hair she yanked his head to one side and bit down hard.

He didn't cry out or even flinch, he just sighed.

She was riding rivers of blood her body coming alive the pleasure so intense that it would never be compared with anything she had ever felt. Pulling back she sliced her skin with one long delicate fingernail and let her lifeless blood drip into her new childes open mouth.

That night Buffy Summers had gone and in her place was a killing machine with strength that was unrivalled by anybody... Well almost.

Angel watched as Cordelia showed off her new boyfriend to the crowd and turned away, ok he had feelings for her she'd actually matured from the spoilt selfish self obsessed girl that she had once been.

But as always his heart would never fully be with Cordelia it belonged to someone else the one woman who could make him feel as though he was worth something.

Buffy Summers

He was just about to slip into a flashback of various memories when Cordelia stood stock still before collapsing in the centre of the room. Angel rushed to her side scooping her body up into his arms and carrying her over to one of the sofas.

Her eyes flickered them opened; she rested them on Angel her face pained as though she didn't want to tell him what she had seen.

"What is it Cordy?" Angel asked worriedly and he saw her eyes darken with sorrow.

"Buffy" she gasped out, "its Buffy Angel she's been turned"

Angel froze his whole body becoming rigid his heart broke and he felt the most extraordinary pain that ripped at his core and threatened to destroy what was left of his soul.

Followed by anger!

Anger so strong that he thought it would burn his body with its intensity, such was its heat.

"Who did it to her?" he ground out his voice a beacon of steely fury and mind numbing pain.

"Um what was his name again Dracula" Cordelia said lightly careful not to anger Angel any more than he already was, his eyes narrowed and everyone visibly shrank from the look on his face.

"We go to Sunnydale" he rasped heading for the exit "now" he barked and the others hurried to follow him.

"Um Kevin rain check ok baby or maybe we can catch the movie in Sunnydale" Cordelia said sympathetically to her boyfriend, and he nodded in understanding then pressing his lips to hers they exited the building.

Giles knew that Angel would be coming, the visions that Cordelia had would make sure of that, it was a good thing he had contacts in high places. He looked around his small group; Riley, Anya, Terra, Dawn, Spike.

He felt sadness at the lack of Xander Harris missing the younger mans witty yet stupid remarks however they had always seemed to lighten the mood. And Willow her flare for research of any kind and her love of donuts while she worked.

But what wrenched his heart the most was the loss of Buffy, whom he had loved like a daughter whom he had wanted to protect from all the wrongs the world could inflict on her.

Now he she was gone, he had been too late to stop Dracula from taking her from them and she in turn had taken her two best friends with her.

Willow and Xander where a fearsome duo, their old love revived with the birth of their new darkness. Their talent for the kill and the playful and skilful way they went about it chilled the blood.

But nothing compared to Buffy, her methods and flare where something that would make even Angelus shudder.

Things where looking dark in Sunnydale, with Faith incapacitated and since Buffy had technically already died no new slayer could be called, so Giles had used the only method he knew the dark arts in order to bring the only person to combat Buffy here.


"Its no fun when they don't scream" Willow pouted running her hands down Xander's bare chest his dark blue shirt had been ripped open revealing his muscular torso exposed to her knowing hands.

His leather pants molded themselves to his hips and lean legs, his booted feet dusty from the roads they had walked, his hair was windswept and tousled and his eyes dark and sparkling in the moonlight.

"I know baby" he husked running a finger down her cheek which she in turn sucked into her mouth all the while keeping eye contact with him "but I'm sure I can think of other fun things for you to do" he murmured his lips brushing against her own and she moaned.

Her silky red blouse was ripped open and his hands caressed her legs through her skin hugging paten Leather pants the moon reflecting off them making them shimmer. Her heeled boots added inches to her height.

Her black hair shimmered in the night (it's dyed by the way) and her red lips curved possessively over his.

"I see you two are having an interesting night" an amused voice stated and the couple reluctantly broke apart to rest eyes on their sire.

Dressed in a red all in one leather suit her hair piled high atop her head Buffy Summers looked full of power, standing to her side was Dracula his own outfit dimming in comparison.

"Well as much as it pains me to break up such a show of compassion, we have trouble" she seethed her amber eyes narrowing.

"It seems I underestimated the librarian he has used the Powers That Be to summon Angel here" she purred feeling a shiver run down her spine at the mention of Angel's name.

She fingered the necklace that hung round her neck, next to the Jem of Amara hung the ring that Angel had given her for her birthday, she smiled. It would be so much fun to see what he thought of her now.

She smelt the sunrise on the horizon but none of them where afraid, the three sisters had used their dark powers to fashion fragments of the Jem of Amara into protective necklaces for all of them, and they walked freely in the sun causing even the most gruesome of horrors in the daylight hours.

Buffy recalled the time when she had fought Angel when she had been on the side of good and he the bad and now the roles had reversed and it would be inevitable that they would fight...unless she could bring him over to her side.

She licked her lips in anticipation, she could hardly wait.

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