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Two siblings with long brown hair sat in the semi-darkness of the room. Though their ages and genders where drastically different, there was nothing to distinguish them from the other. Both voices soft, feminine, and they both carried an air of devious intent.

"I don't believe you." The young boy of ten whispered to the girl sitting beside him.

"You do, trust me." His sister answered back.

"Our whole family has gifts." Syusuke Fuji repeated his sister's previous announcement.

"Every last one."

"What's mine?" he asked eagerly.

"You'll learn."

"So, are you a know-it-all?"

"A diviner."

"A know-it-all."

"Do you want a prediction, little brother?" she asked as she leaned back against her pillows.

"Yes." Syusuke answered while his smile grew. "It sounds scary."

"You are one for the dark things." The oldest Fuji chuckled, ruffling her brother's hair. "What do you wish to know?"

"Who will I be?"

"Someone great."


A brief pause. "Whomever you want to be . . ." She said as she furrowed her brow as the answer bombarded her mind.

"You're playing me." Syusuke scoffed.

"No I'm not." The girl whined. "I speak the truth. In your case, that question was too general. Something else."

"You're not that good."

"I'm learning." She snapped, throwing a pillow at his head. Syusuke caught it and sat it down for later use.

"Who will I love then?" he challenged.

"As many things in this family, it will come in three."

"Three loves?"

"Yes, you will love them and they in turn will return it. You shall hurt them, help them, lead and lie to them, and yet the love will be there. One will love you more, one less, and one stuck in between. They are all true loves in the sense that true love exists, and it will pain you to decide."

Now he was interested. "Who are they?"

She grinned. "It is not my place to say."

"What are they like?"

"Well, the first one you will know all of his-"

"His?" he hissed, picking up the pillow and tossing it at his sister. She calmly caught it and placed it behind her head.

"You'll like guys as much I will one day." She answered lightly.

"Doubt it." Syusuke huffed, crossing his arms.

"Can I go on?"


"You will know the first one all of his life." She paused as she waited for another interruption. Since his curiosity had once again taken hold, she continued. "However, this love you carry will be of the forbidden sort. Your attachment will borderline mere obsession, but it is a line you may never cross. Dire consequences-"

"I like consequence-"

"No. You must not break this. Protect his heart, though you will be the first to break it."

"Then I will break the rule to break his heart." He argued.

"No, you can do just the same by not doing, dear brother."

"What about the second one?"

"He's perfect. His beauty will surpass your own. Yes, boys can be beautiful. He will be royalty." She smiled as she imagined him. "The sun shines brightly upon his shoulders, he will be the pillar that many lean on. Though desired by many and befriends a few; you will become his prime confidant. The competition between you will be fierce, however."

"What will we compete in?"

"Everything. However, you will never win. Those that you can win, you will allow the prince to win anyhow."

"Sounds fun."

"And fun it will be. The third, well you forget there was a third already, haven't you?"

Syusuke blinked. "A little."

"He'll always stick in the back of your mind." She said cheerfully, shrugging as she continued. "Nothing extraordinary about him, quite simple. A man's man, so to speak. Hardworking, kind, unassuming and yet he will be very strong. There will be a hidden rage within him, and it will be up to you to help find his release."

"By hurting him?" Syusuke asked, and even his sister was taken aback by the eagerness in his voice.

"Maybe, but I don't see much pain between him and you. There will be pain--I do not deny this. You will have your time to torture him. By all appearances he will be timid, but his will is impossible to break. However, he's your confidant and best friend, you will complement each other well. Your hidden sides also."

"I have a hidden side?" he asked sarcastically.

"As does he." She sighed before pushing her brother off the bed. Any more questions and he would probably learn too much. "Now go to bed before Yuuta notices you are gone."

"I want to hear more." Syusuke protested as he pulled himself up.

"I don't want to hear him cry tonight. Go to bed."

"Good night, sister." Syusuke said with a pout as he started to creep out of her room.

"Sleep well, Syusuke."

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