Chapter 1

Yumiko Fuji calmly sat at the kitchen counter as she sipped her coffee. Flipping through her self-prophecy binder, she wondered which course she would follow that day. It was large, and each day had index of alternate paths incase she tried to defy the original fate. Spending most of her childhood knowing exactly what would happen by each individual action, she found that indexing her year made it easier to focus on other people's lives.

When you had a life with no surprises in store, you had to find other ways to stay entertained.

Her brothers always had the ability to surprise her. The family genes and their individual gifts contributed. Not with tennis, that was just something that Syusuke choose one day to master, and Yuuta eagerly followed.

In the beginning it was that Yuuta only wanted to be in his older brother's shadow, but over the years the teen wanted to shine on his own. His devotion made it quite difficult to turn against his brother, but Yumiko knew that this year at Seishun Gakuen would be the turning point.

It was also time for Syusuke to come to other realizations as well.

"Maybe today he'll find his prince," Yumiko muttered loudly, grinning as Syusuke entered the kitchen. Page 1105 it is, then.

"Good morning, sister."

"Good morning, Syusuke. Will you have another pet today?"

"Yeah. I plan to stop at the green house today after tennis practice."

"The tennis genius my clients love to hear about," Yumiko sighed. Walking over to her brother's side, she gave him a hug from behind. "They talk about you a lot at school, do they not?"

"It is disappointing that it is rarely in my presence." Syusuke said, though the emotion never appeared on his face or in his voice. Yumiko loved Shusuke's mask and took great delight in trying to remove it. Ruffling his already wild hair, she made herself go limp, letting him support her whole weight.

"The stress that it must bear on your younger brother to hear it all, day in and day out. You must feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders."

"Only you, dear sister."

Giggling, she up righted herself and returned to her coffee.

"It must bother you that he won't tell you."

A pause. "A little."

"Surely he must tell someone. And he is growing to be very handsome. A girlfriend maybe?"

The mask slipped briefly. His ocean-blue irises appeared before once again masked behind long lashes. "Of course not."

"You're getting better, Syusuke." She smiled, turning to the door. "Better meet Kikumaru-san, he should be rounding the corner soon. Had a misunderstanding with his partner, possibly about the club president."


"Have you beaten the president yet?" She called out as he put on his shoes.

A brief slip of the mask. "He's still a lot better than I am. I'm leaving for school."

"Be safe." Yumiko said to the closing door. Turning to the hallway, she stated, "You're going to be late for morning practice again, Yuuta."

"Pft." Yuuta muttered as he grabbed for a piece of toast. "I'll make it on time."

"Running is good for you." She smiled. "Would you like advice for today?"


"A reading?"


"Fortune cookie?"

"You know I don't go for that prophecy stuff." Yuuta muttered between bites. "I make my own future, not you."

"That's right, you do. You know what your gift is yet?"

"Beyond putting up with this family?"

"Too soon for you."

"You can be annoyingly vague when you want to."

"I thought you didn't think I would know."

"I thought you knew I don't care if you know or not."

"Heh. I think I'll go to work now, before I start slipping more vague on you." Yumiko said cheerfully.

"Bye." Yuuta said as he walked past her and out of the house. Sometimes she wondered about his unpredictable temperament, but more so she wondered which car would she get to drive today.

Of course, the book said it would be blue. How boring.