The Opposite Sex
By The Steel Angel

Authors Notes - The inspiration for this fic is of unknown origin. Call it a dream, maybe. Let me know if it works out!

"I still don't see what this accomplishes." The Ellimist said, looking down at the tiny speck of blue, suspended in the blackness of outer space. Earth, of course. He was in his old man guise, floating non chalantly amongst the stars. The other being laughed. He appeared as a middle aged man with dark black hair, eyes, and a business suit that was blacker than the backdrop of space. Crayak.
"Tell me, Ellimist. What is the purpose of the games that humans play?" He asked. Of course, neither the Ellimist or Crayak were actually there. They were lightyears apart, and only together now because of a strange simulation of both of themselves.
"They play games for fun, Crayak. You know this." The Ellimist said. He'd never say it, but he was becoming intrigued by Crayak's strange proposition. Crayak laughed.
"Of course I do. But we also play a game. A game that cannot be fathomed by the minds of lesser beings, but a game none the less. What is the point of playing a game if no satisfaction comes out of it?" Crayak demanded. The Ellimist looked over at him, but he didn't see the man appearing before him. Yes, he saw the man physically, but he only saw Crayak as Crayak truly was. A planet sized beast with no morals or compassion.
"What satisfaction could possibly be gained? This experiment will neither hurt nor help them." The Ellimist said.
"I beg to differ, Ellimist." Crayak said, and put his hands behind his back. He paced back and forth as he explained. "With their leadership in the hands of a female, they're doomed to fail, no matter what the circumstances." Crayak said simply, and looked back at the Ellimist.
"So that's what this is about. Just another plan to try and wipe them out." The Ellimist said.
"What else? Why else do we play this game of ours?" Crayak said. "So do we have a deal?"
"Under one condition. I want to keep the memories of the leader intact. Unaffected by the change." The Ellimist said. Crayak's eyes went wide. The fire was there. The Ellimist had caught the one flaw in his plan. He curled his humanoid lips into a smile.
"It shall be done. And we shall see who is right, Ellimist." Crayak said. The Ellimist nodded, and dissapeared. Crayak dissapeared also, and translated back into his real, physical self. His blood red eye pulsed. "We'll see, if Jake can survive this one."


"Honey! Time to get up!" A voice called. My mother, of course. I opened one eye, and looked down at my watch. Six thirty in the morning. I groaned, and covered myself totally with the blankets on my bed. Approximately three minutes later, the blankets were ripped away from me. "Get up, Jade. You're going to be late for school." My mom said. I groaned again.
"No..." I said, then jumped about five feet up in the air. What was wrong with my voice?!
"Jade, what is the matter with you?" My mom asked. Did she say Jade? Why'd she say Jade? I don't ever remember my mother pronouncing K's like D's... I ran over to my bathroom, and slammed the door, locking it. I stared into the mirror.
Long brown hair.
Thin, hairless arms
Painted fingernails.
"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed.
"Jade? Jade? Are you okay, sweetheart?" My mom called from my room. I calmed down instantly. Okay, this HAD to be a dream. I walked out of my bathroom with a dazed look on my face. "Jade, what happened?" Mom asked me.
"I uh... um... saw a roach." I lied. Mom smiled, and hugged me. I hugged back, still seriously freaked.
"Well, go get dressed, and come downstairs for breakfast." Mom said, and walked out of my room, shutting the door behind her.
I walked over to my closet, and pulled the sliding door open. Dresses, dresses, dresses! I shut the door, and walked over to my dresser. First drawer is supposed to be my shorts. I pull the drawer... Skirts! Second drawer! Bra's! Third drawer! Panties! How the hell was I supposed to get dressed?! "Wait... girls are SUPPOSED to wear this junk. I'd look like a freak if I showed up at school wearing a t-shirt and baggy shorts. I grabbed the first things I saw, and walked back into the bathroom. I pulled off the nightgown I was wearing, to reveal a black leotard.
Morphing suit.
I quickly took off the leotard. Mistake number one of the day. A female body with a male mind does not mix well.
"" I said, gulped, and quickly put on the pair of panties that I had grabbed. Then I stared down at the article of clothing that has eluded man since its creation. The bra. I held it up, looking at all the straps and hooks, and other straps that I had no idea what their purpose was. "Jesus christ..." I muttered, and tried my best to put it on.
About twenty minutes of using both mirrors in my bathroom to see my back, and manuvering the hooks into place, I finally had the damn thing on. I put on the lowcut black spaghetti strap top, and the neon pink miniskirt, and walked back into my room. I put on my socks and shoes, and made my way downstairs. I grabbed my school folder, which, even as a girl, I seemed to leave on the living room table, and walked into the kitchen.
"Well, you blew breakfast. If you don't hurry up, you'll be late." Mom said. I hugged her.
"See you later. Bye dad." I said, and walked toward the door.
"No kiss for me?" Dad asked. I cringed, and cursed myself. I didn't want to seem out of place, so I walked over, and gave my dad a kiss on the cheek. He kissed me back on the cheek.
"See you tonight, honey." He said. I smiled cutely, and nearly ran out of the house.
"Honey? Blech!" I yelled. This was too weird. I was still hoping to wake up, when I was joined by another girl on the street.
"Hey Jade, what's your problem? Stop walking so fast!" She yelled. I turned around. She was shorter than me, and looked spanish. She hand long black hair, and dark eyes, and....
"Marco?! You too?!" I gasped.
"Marco? Are you feeling okay? It's me, Marcy." She said. It was Marco... he and I always walked to school together. I was seriously starting to get freaked. What if everyone I knew had swapped genders? There was no logical explination for this. Unless....
"Visser Three..." I growled.
"Shh!" Marcy hissed, and slapped my arm, then looked at a few other kids walking down the street. "Shut up, you idiot! Why not just announce to the world that we're Animorphs?" She said. Okay, I don't know whether that was good or bad. I felt the sting of her slap, which means I wasn't dreaming. But it did mean, that I really WAS a girl.
"Marco, what's happened to us?" I asked, as I stopped walking. Marcy turned to look at me, and cocked her head to the side, giving me a confused look.
"Nothing is happening to us... you're just acting weird." She said, and continued walking. I ran to catch up. If Marco and I had flipped genders.... then what about the rest of us? I shivered at the thought. "What's the matter with you, anyway?" Marcy asked as we neared the school.
"Hm? Oh... just a weird dream, I guess." I said.
"What about?" Marcy asked.
"I dreamed that I was a boy." I said. Marcy burst out laughing. But it made me think... what if my entire life HAD just been a dream? What if I really WAS a girl? No, that was impossible.
"You have a twisted sense of humor. And your subconscious is even funnier." Marcy said, and walked into the school. Immediately, I realized that I recognized no one. Of course, I thought. They've all switched genders too. I walked to my locker. It seemed a bit higher up than it usually was, or maybe it was because I was shorter. I opened my locker, and put my books inside.
"Meeting later today." A deep voice said.
"Huh?" I looked to my right. A boy was leaning against the locker directly to the right of mine. He had short blond hair, and piercing blue eyes. He was tall, and looked very heavily muscled.
"I said meeting, Jade. Tanya's got something she wants to tell us." He said.
"Ugh, I hate getting news from the bird-girl." Marcy said. She looked over at the boy. "When did you find this out, Hercules?" She asked. That immediately erased any doubt as to who it was standing next to me. Rachel's male form. And Tanya had to be Tobias.
"This morning. We went for an early morning fly." He said.
"Geez, Ruocco. How close are you gonna get to her?" Marcy asked. Ruocco?
"None of your business, small fry." Ruocco said, and walked away. I slammed by locker shut, then banged my head on it.
"It's finally happened. I lost it. I've gone insane. I'm not at school, I'm in some nut house with a straight-jacket on, and surrounded by padded walls. Dripping IV's in the corner, and a big indian guy for a roommate..." I said, banging my head again.
"You had better not lose it. Something tells me that something big is coming up, and we need you most of all. We can't have our leader freaking out like some normal girl who's just seen a roach." Marcy said. So, I was still the leader. This was all too much to bear.
"Hey sweetheart." Another male voice said. Marcy winked, and looked at me.
"I'll leave you two alone." She said, winked again, and left. What was she doing? I turned around, to find myself face to face with a boy a few inches taller than me. Dark skin, short dark hair, dark eyes.... Cassie?
"You didn't call last night." He said, and put his hands on my waist, looking into my eyes lovingly.
"C...Cassie?!" I blurted. He looked at me strangely.
"Casey." He said, and kissed me on the lips softly. I stared at him for a few seconds, then passed out.


"By making sure that the leader's memories stay intact, you've already assured their defeat. He will become so confused at this new reality, that he will not be able to lead effectively." Crayak said. The Ellimist just folded his hands together, and opened his eyes, staring straight into Crayak's.
"An hour into it, and already you've deduced that Jake will falter? How naive of you. I thought you knew Jake better than that. He will soon cope with this new reality, and find a way to surpass the odds." He said.
"Then let us continue, and see which one of us is right." Crayak said.
"I would like nothing better, Crayak."

End Chapter One