"How I Could Never Be"

Disclaimer: X-Men: Evolution and its characters, including X23, do not
belong to me. In fact, this poem does not really belong to me, either; it's
simply an altered form of the chorus to Korn's song "Seed" from their third
album, "Follow the Leader." If you ever listen to that song, you'll notice
that the lyrics fit X23's feelings quite well.
Author's note: After seeing the episode "X23" and ruminating about it while
listening to Korn songs, I was inspired to write this. Hope you like.

Every time, goddamn, I look at you
I see something I can't be
Beautiful and carefree,
That's how I could never be
Like some goddamn fucking freak
I'm so hating, I'm so angry
Something takes a hold of me
Something I can't believe.

So how'd you like that?