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A warm soft sunshine entered the window of Kagome's bedroom. She yawned softly bed and turned on her when the light reached out and hit her face. After what seemed like a minute later, a loud buzzing noise blasted from the side of her bed. Confused and alarmed, Kagome screamed and jumped so suddenly that she fell out of her bed.

"Oh, damn alarm clock! I'LL GET YOU SOUTA!!" Kagome screamed into the already lively house.

Once again, Souta had played the Blast the Alarm Clock trick on Kagome. From where Souta was in the house, he laughed loudly when he heard the thump come from Kagome's room. "Souta!" Kagome's mother yelled firmly, though he continued to bellow anyway.

Kagome put her sheets back on the bed and fumbled with them to make her bed look decent. The attempt failed and thus, Kagome moved onto changing. She threw off her night clothes and quickly skimmed through her closet for something to wear. "Hmm this'll do!" Kagome said pulling out a gray turtle neck sweater, with red stitches across the neck. As a bottom, Kagome pulled out a small black skirt to match. Kagome's school was one of the few that let you dress freely.

Kagome searched around the room to see if anything had been left around from last nights romp. A few boxes of cigarettes lay on the floor, empty of course, and a few bottles of beer, left half full were standing on her nightstand. "I'm surprised I didn't knock'em over" Kagome thought aloud grabbing the bottles. She chugged down what was left of the bottles and threw them into the private garbage hidden in her room. The garbage where all of her drugs and alcohol garbage went every morning. The garbage no one knew about and the one that she took out herself. Considering the room livable, she headed out the door.

Kagome rushed down the stairs to be greeted by chaos. Kagome's mother was feverishly rushing around the kitchen, trying to make lunches, make breakfast, feed the cat, stop Souta from causing mayhem, and listen to Grandpa's ramblings from the paper all at the same time.

"Morning mom." Kagome said unsurely grabbing a plate of toast that seemed to be unclaimed. "Morning dear" her mother said quickly and continued to make lunches.

"Kagome I can't believe you're wearing that! With that skirt you're just screaming rape me!" Souta said obnoxiously slurping his cereal.

Kagome glared at him and yelled with a mouthful of toast "Go back into the toxic waste you crawled out of and die you little demon. And just for that no drive to the arcade today."

"Bitch." Souta said under his breath and shoved more cereal in his mouth. "Two days." Kagome snapped back.

Ever since her father died, Souta had become quite a sour and evil boy. He would commit petty crimes like theft or defacing public property. Souta had even done so much crime around the neighborhood, the local kid gang had decided to take him in and he immediately became second in command. First in command seemed to be a boy named Shippo who lived a few doors down.

"Well I'm off! Bye mom! Bye Grandpa!" Kagome said grabbing her lunch and kissing both parents goodbye. "Bye honey!" her mother said not even looking up from Souta's sandwich she was making. Kagome's mother then sniffed the air saying "What's that smokey smell?". She shrugged it off and continued making Souta's lunch. Grandpa just mumbled something like he always did and continued to read the paper.

Kagome stopped at the door and put on her school shoes and headed out to the street at the end of her families shrine. Where her car usually was though, the spot was empty. Kagome stood gaping for awhile until remembering her car was in the shop for the brakes to be fixed.

"Darn, looks like I'm running." Kagome said taking off in the direction of her school. Halfway there she remembered the fact that she had a bike and could've used that but it was to late now. '7:15, I'm gonna just make it.' Kagome thought now a little closer to the school. In the time it took her to look down at her watch and look back up a person had managed to unknowingly get in her way. She crashed into them and they both fell to the ground.

"I'm sorry; I was in a rush and wasn't looking where I was going." Kagome said getting up quickly and brushing herself off. The boy picked up his head and looked straight into Kagome's eyes. For an instant, it seemed as if time itself had stopped. They stared for a moment, but the boy quickly recomposed himself and got up.

"Nah, it was my fault, I wasn't aware of the people around me." He said also brushing off dirt from his clothes. Kagome quickly scanned what he looked like from the bottom up.

A pair of used sneakers adorned his feet that could barely be seen over the baggy jeans he was wearing. The jeans were so loose on his slender body, that his boxers could obviously be seen if his baggy white under shirt and red jacket weren't covering them. She moved to his face and saw two golden eyes and angered looking eyebrows, also she noticed the long hair that went down to his waist. His hair seemed to be garnished with two little ears that quaintly looked like doggie ears that were begging to be scratched.

"What's with the ears?" Kagome said bluntly and the boy turned away from her embarrassed.

"Umm I'd rather not say. I have school to get to now. I don't want to be late for my first day. Bye!" the boy said and quickly ran off down the street.

'Okay that was weird.Oh my gosh! 7:21! How did I spend so much time with him?!' Kagome thought, picking up her run again.

When Kagome reached the school it was 7:27 and all of the students were still lounging around the school grounds. Kagome searched around the campus to immediately find two of her friends sitting under their favorite campus tree.

"Hi Miroku! Hi Sango!" Kagome called out to the two. They looked up and smiled at her and waved her over.

"Hello Kagome" Sango said smiling and patting the ground next to her to sit. "Good morning Kagome! Did you sleep well last night?" Miroku asked smiling and writing something down in his notebook, notes on today's assignments most likely.

"Yes, but I had a rude awakening from Souta again. I swear one day I'm gonna kill that brat!" Kagome said sitting down and violently mauling a leaf that fell next to her. Her rant was cut short by two arms wrapping around her from behind. "Hey sexy" a manly voice said from behind.

Immediately Kagome knew who it was. Kouga the Banger. Kouga was known throughout the school to have managed to have sex with every hot girl in the school. The only two girls that even stood a chance to be considered and were left were Kagome and Sango. Sango probably wasn't going to sleep with him, maybe. But, Kagome definitely knew she wasn't going to bed with that piece of garbage.

"What do you want Kouga?" Kagome said loudly removing his arms and thinking to end her sentence '.you human mattress'

"I wanna be with you sexy." Kouga said trying to get closer to her and do something sexual. Kagome jumped forward though and heard the bell ring loudly after. Luckily, Kagome had one class with him and first period wasn't it. She grabbed Miroku and Sango and quickly ran into the building to get away from the sex-craving freak. When they reached their homeroom, students were already piling into their assigned desks.

Kagome, Sango and Miroku sat horizontally together in the last row. Kagome sat closest to the wall with the desk on her left empty and the one on her right filled with Sango and next to her Miroku. The desk left next to her always was left empty in case a new student came.

When the teacher finally entered the room, she seemed to be talking to someone outside before she entered. When she gave her full attention to the class she called out "Good morning class!"

"Good morning Miss Kaede" the class responded to her call.

"Today I have good news; we will be welcoming a new student. This young man has transferred here from a distant rural part of Japan so I hope you'll all make him feel welcome. You may come in now." Miss Kaede called out to the closed door.

The door opened and the boy Kagome had bumped into this morning was standing there, ears twitching and eyes staring right back at the staring class. "Please welcome Mr. Inuyasha Shikon!" Miss Kaede said writing his name on the board. Inuyasha smiled serenely and Kagome gaped and sighed. 'Today's going to be a long day.'

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