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Kagome felt the warm sun rays beating down softly on her face. (It's like tradition now!...sorry.) She snuggled the book on her desk tightly, dreaming it was Inuyasha. Feeling the rough exterior of the text book though, Kagome was startled out of her slumber and the reality set in. She was in her room, sitting at her desk, with her books and papers all sprawled out. She had fallen asleep trying to figure out the last problem of her math assignment.

Seeing the answer now, Kagome jotted it down and slammed her book shut, quickly putting the work into her book bag. She yawned and stretched out her arms high above her head. About to get up from her chair, she slowly turned in her spinning chair and got a shock when she saw Inuyasha two inches from her face. She yipped and rolled back a little in her chair, making Inuyasha smile.

"Glad to see you too!" he said playfully, leaning forward a little and kissing her nose.

"I am.it's just that you startled me! I just woke up." Kagome said, catching her breath and smiling while rubbing her eyes.

"I know, I've been waiting for about ten minutes.you should lock this win-." Inuyasha started but didn't finish because a text book had just met with his face.

"You know it's rude to go into a ladies room without her consent." Kagome said, blushing badly. Inuyasha would have said something very charming, but he currently was in a puddle of his own blood.

A few band aids later.

"There, all better?" Kagome asked, shutting her first aid kit and shuffling on the bed next to Inuyasha.

"I think I was better before I came into your room to tell the truth." Inuyasha said, trying to get his nose to stop bleeding.

"Well this will just be a healthy reminder to never go into my room without my permission!" Kagome declared, folding her arms and smirking triumphantly.

Inuyasha removed the band aid and cloth from his nose, both cut and nose bleed healed. Inuyasha smirked and said, "But I have your permission now right?"

Before she could even say anything, Inuyasha had grabbed her and pinned her down to the bed. He hovered over her, placing his palms on the soft sheets and lowered himself down to softly kiss her. Kagome reacted by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down farther to her. The two stayed like this for quite some time until the most unfortunate thing that could happen happened.

"HEY KAGOME!! C'MON!! The guys and me wanna play water balloons with." Souta yelled barging into the room and stopping the instant his eyes laid on Inuyasha.

Inuyasha looked up stunned and Kagome just gave a look of horror. She had forgotten to lock the door on her way back to the bathroom for the first aid kit. Also, her drug paraphernalia was lying all over the desk. If Inuyasha wasn't enough of an attraction then just wait till he saw the drugs. She was in deep shit.

"So what'd she say Souta?" a small and high pitched annoying voice came from behind the small group of boys. They all parted to let the little boy pass through and Kagome recognized him immediately. It was that Shippo boy; head of Souta's gang. The boy had bright brown orange hair tied into a small ponytail with a blue ribbon. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and brown over shirt, with matching brown shorts that seemed to be falling off of him. The two most noticeable things about him though, were the bulge where his butt is and his ridiculously large shoes.

When the boy saw the situation, he smirked contently and said "Oh so sorry, did we interrupt something? Well, we'll just be going now and informing your mother that you have a nice unwanted guest in your house.oh MS.!!!" Shippo started but didn't get to finish.

In the time it took Shippo to make his snide remark, Inuyasha had been able to deduct that he was a demon right away. A fox demon with illusionary tactics as his specialty. Blackmail would be easy.

".I don't think that would be such a wise idea." Inuyasha said with a half evil smirk to intimidate the group of boys. They still didn't know who Inuyasha was and his appearance is terrifying enough to the unknown who meet him.

"Oh and why not?" Shippo said calmly, the rest of the boys beginning to shake.

Kagome sat under Inuyasha still, panic rising more and more.

"Because.I know what you truly are.and you don't want your little friends to know now do you?" Inuyasha said, getting off of Kagome and letting an evil mask befall his face.

Shippo hesitated for a moment and began to sweat. "Men, out! I'll be out in a second as well. And no one goes to Souta's mom or else they'll get kicked out of the gang!" Shippo said and the boys left the room and waited outside the door. Souta stayed in. "You too Souta!" Shippo commanded and with an angry grumble, he left as well and the door slammed behind him.

Quickly, Kagome sprang to life, gathering every single speck of the drugs she could find and placing them in various hiding places in the room. Meanwhile Shippo walked slowly across the room and inspected Inuyasha up and down.

"So, you're a hanyou inu huh?" Shippo said, crossing his arms.

"Yep, and you're a fox demon huh?" Inuyasha said, crossing his arms in the same manner.

Instantly the two started to laugh and gave each other a high five. Kagome stopped her cleaning raid with an empty box of cigarettes in her hands, wondering what was going on.

"Dude! It's been so long since I've talked to someone out of the family! How are you?" Inuyasha said with a smile, sitting down on the bed and leaving space for Shippo to hop up.

He did and said "Oh I'm good! Can't complain! Life's been going pretty nicely with those boys to play around with."

"Okay, I'm confused.weren't you the punk of the neighborhood? The one who peed on swings? And now you meet Inuyasha and you just start acting like a nice guy who's been friends with Inuyasha forever!? That just doesn't make sense! Besides how can you tell he's a demon?" Kagome exasperated, waving her cigarette box around.

"Kagome, all demons in this day and age are friendly to one another! It's very rare to meet someone of the same stature as us and when we do, we demons always act friendly to one another. 'Cause if we don't look out for each other, who will?" Inuyasha explained.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean you vixen! I'm a good demon! And you can tell that I'm a demon because of these." Shippo said, throwing off his large sneakers and revealing his fox feet. He then pulled down the back of his pants to release a steamy sweaty tail from his shorts. "Ah.that feels good." Shippo said, letting the cold hair gently brush against his tail.

Kagome grabbed her mouth, afraid vomit would escape. That was the sickest thing she'd ever saw. "That is so disgusting! Oh my god!" Kagome shrieked behind her hand. Shippo looked over to her and glared and then noticed the box in her hand.

"What's that vixen?" Shippo asked, making a piece of gum stretch out across the room and grab the box like it was a fly to the frog. "Drugs? So that's why you were all panicky.aren't you a little too young for these?" Shippo said with a satisfied grin on his face, waving the box back and forth.

Inuyasha stared, quite stunned. Kagome.his Kagome.did drugs? He couldn't take this information so quickly. His body and brain panicking, he collapsed into a sitting position on Kagome's bed. A silent tear fell down Kagomes face and Shippo soon realized the severity of what he'd just done.

"Do you think I like doing it?" Kagome asked. Silence answered her.

"It's a horrible habit! I know I should break it! I'm going to break it! Before I met Inuyasha, so much pain was in my life. It was all just too much for me to handle. Then one day, I was offered a cigarette. When I took that first puff, it felt like I had been doing it forever. Like, the drug was a part of me that was hidden deep down and then brought up all of a sudden. It was wonderful. Soon I was getting every kind of damaging substance known to affect your body. The chemicals just eased the pain so much; I couldn't help but like it."

"Then that faithful day when I bumped into Inuyasha. I knocked him down and when I looked up, I felt the same kind of jolt these drugs gave me. And the first time I kissed him, it felt like everything was washing away as well. As though, in his arms, was a sacred place that no one could make me sad in. This feeling just growing on me as the drugs did. And now, all I have to do is think of Inuyasha, and I realize that I don't need these drugs. I'm going to try my hardest to slowly get rid of this evil habit. Little by little I'll get rid of the drug until I'm drug free and happily with Inuyasha beside me!" Kagome looked up, with her eyes completely soaked with tears. She then said "That's the future, I want to live in.now and forever."

"KAGOME!" Inuyasha cried, tears filling his eyes as well. Inuyasha quickly sprang across the room and enveloped Kagome in a very tight and hearty hug.

Tears had also managed to well in Shippo's stubborn eyes. He quickly wiped them, muttering "Dust." and then said ".I'm sorry Kagome. Please accept my apology. Here." Shippo said walking over and handing the box to Kagome, who outreached a hand from Inuyasha's clenching grip.

"Thank you Shippo-chan." Kagome said, releasing herself from Inuyasha and bending down to kiss the little boys' forehead. He blushed a bright red and started to stare at his feet stupidly. "How about we keep each others secrets and become friends.deal?"

"Ok Kagome, deal!" Shippo said, shaking the girls hand and beginning to walk towards the door. Before he left though, he turned and said "And remember, if you ever need a favor, be sure to just ask. I'll tell Souta to make sure he tells me anything or else. I have a lot of resources so don't be shy now! See ya!" Shippo said, opening the door, exiting, and quickly shutting it behind himself to make sure no one got in.

"Shippo.really is a nice boy." Kagome said to herself and then felt two arms wrap around her.

"Let's go to that sacred ground you were talking about. Just the two of us." Inuyasha said, with Kagome turning in his grasp.

She hugged him back and let the inu whisper sweet and lulling purrs into her ear, rocking back and forth. Purrs that were similar to a mother comforting her child, only they seemed to be even more heartfelt. Like from one lover to another.

Inuyasha then whispered to her "No matter what happens Kagome, always remember that I'm with you. Even if your mind feels like it's in the pits of hell, I'll always be there, holding you and rocking you, while purring this sweet purr in your ear."

Kagome dug her head into his body and cried, loudly this time. Letting whimpers and tears of sadness and happiness fade into the hanyou's red sweater.

"I love you Kagome and you're the one I'll be with forever more."

After ten minutes of this constant healing action passed, Kagome pulled out of Inuyasha's now halfway damp clothes and looked up into his golden eyes. He looked down into her hazelnut brown eyes and smiled, making her smile as well. She reached up and kissed him quickly on the lips and went back down, acting like Shippo and looking to the floor.

Inuyasha smiled and said "You know, we should probably make an attempt to get to the mall today."

"Oh, the mall! That's right, it's today isn't it! Ok let's go.Um... Inuyasha, your sweater." Kagome said embarrassed and he looked down at himself. A giant wet spot had formed from where Kagome had been crying.

Laughing heartily, he unzipped the sweater and quickly took it off, revealing what he was wearing under it. Nothing but an extremely tight muscle shirt that acutely showed off his physical features. Kagome stared at him a moment, letting a small line of drool run down the side of her mouth. She snapped back to the world quickly though and remembered what she was wearing. The same outfit from two nights ago.DISGUSTING!!!

Quickly Kagome threw off her clothes and tossed them into Inuyasha's arms, letting him realize she was undressed and let him return the stare she'd given him. After all it was only fair. She'd seen Inuyasha full bloom twice now. He should see her.

After Inuyasha got a nice long look at Kagome posing for him in her underwear and bra, she quickly threw off her bra and tossed it into Inuyasha's face. The boy's nose quickly became infected with the girls' personal aroma and he almost passed out. Kagome took this confused time to grab a new bra, and clean clothes to put on. By the time he recovered, Kagome was fully dressed and had make up on, ready to go.

Inuyasha took the bra off of his head and looked once again at the girl, hoping to see the vision only his dreams could imagine. No such luck though.darn. What Inuyasha did see though, pleased him still. Kagome had chosen a seemingly small green turtle neck sweater and khaki pants that matched. (Hey, do I have a good fashion taste for my characters? Tell me in your review.I wanna know.)

Inuyasha smiled and said " You look nice."

Kagome blushed and replied "You look sexy. Is that the smallest sized muscle shirt they have or something?"

Inuyasha gave her a toothy smile and said "Well smallest before the size where my shirt rips if I move my arms."

Kagome licked her lips and grabbed his arm pulling him down on one knee and whispering "I'd be glad if you wore that size for me one day... Go down to the front door, I'll meet you there."

"Ok" Inuyasha said, his face turning tomato red as he hopped out the window.

Giggling again and stuffing the cigarette box, that had been carelessly been tossed to the floor, into the special garbage can, Kagome left the room, grabbing her purse on the way out and locking the door before heading downstairs. She once again didn't notice the dark figure in the tree that had moved when Inuyasha came out. His opportunity was coming soon, making the red eyed figure, gain a big fanged smile. 'Soon very soon, it will be all over for the two of them.' the figure thought, jumping out of the tree and heading for Tokyo mall alone.

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