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Anyway - Aya and Ken are now the ones trying to fulfill a challenge - seduce each other! Will it work? Or will Yotan have the last laugh? Stick around - we've only got seven days to find out! Here goes nothing!

It was another beautiful Monday in the Tokyo suburbs - cats played in the alleyways, birds flew to and fro along the rooftops, the roads hummed with the rumble of car engines. The laughter of happy children wafted through windows and doors, making all those who heard it smile indulgently at the nostalgia of youth. And in the local flower shop, one Koneko no Sumu Ie, another contest was being held - but this one was more comical than its predecessor had been.

It ought to have been easy, really. It ought to have been a piece of cake for both duelists to complete their missions successfully. Aya should have been able to have walked up to Ken, handed him a bouquet, caught the brunette when he inevitably fainted, and the two of them could rub it in Yohji's face for the rest of the week. Unfortunately, there was a problem. Actually, there were a couple of problems. The first problem was that the two contestants weren't aware that they'd been set to the same task. Because they didn't know they were working toward the same goal, they felt they had to be sneaky about it. Because they were being sneaky, they were taking their time. This was the first problem.

The second problem was that Ken was rather shy. He could be stubborn and daring when required, and he was often brash with Yohji, but this contest was a different story. If he were just trying to complete Omi's challenge, he probably wouldn't have been shy at all. But Ken wasn't just trying to complete the challenge. Ken was playing for keeps. And that made him nervous. And his nervousness made him shy. And so he did nothing but shoot Aya covetous glances all day.

The third problem was that Aya, for all his confidence in accepting Yohji's dare, didn't really know how to go about beginning. Aya wasn't a natural-born flirt like Yohji, and he was quite unsure how to work up the courage to approach the brunette. Granted, he knew what -not- to do - Yohji had demonstrated that beautifully. Why, a week ago after the chess game, had Aya accepted Yohji's dare? Because he'd noticed that the person about to enter was Ken, and he'd gotten a sudden inspiration. You see, Aya had been meaning to approach the brunette himself, because he liked Ken - a great deal, actually. He thought they could be friends. Well. . . not "friends", exactly, but you get the idea. The thing is, he needed a chance to study Ken's reactions so he would best know how to go about winning his teammate's heart. (A/N: Awwwww. . . )

In this way, Yohji's dare was a stroke of incredible luck for Aya. Yohji could fumble about horribly and Aya could study Ken's reactions, thereby establishing a strategy of his own. It had never occurred to Aya, by the way, that Yohji might succeed. (A/N: Cocky, isn't he?)

So now Aya had his strategy. It was, he was certain, an infallible strategy, sure to carry him to victory. But things like this made him decidedly uncomfortable. So he was delaying. And so was Ken. And so neither of them was getting anywhere.

Thankfully for everybody, because this story would be pretty darn boring if Aya and Ken just stood around looking at each other for a week, our favorite florists were about to be blessed with divine intervention. As Aya watered the daisies and Ken tried to encourage himself to at least -speak-, a little bell rang on the door, alerting the two that they had customers. Two boys, obviously somewhat younger than the assassins themselves, entered the shop and glanced around. The black-haired one, obviously intent on accomplishing his purpose, looked from side to side and headed for Ken at the counter. The pretty flowers immediately distracted his companion, a redhead. The boy's blue eyes grew wide, and he practically bounced around the shop in an Omi-esque fashion. Aya watched the energetic customer in consternation for several minutes, then went back to watering the flowers.

The boy's companion, who seemed much calmer, asked Ken if he could do an impromptu arrangement - happy to get his mind off the present dilemma, Ken agreed. As he carefully placed the flowers, he asked, "So - who's the arrangement for?"

The boy smiled genially. "A friend of ours," he answered. "It's his going-away party today, in about an hour." A slight frown creased his fair features. "My friend forgot to tell me until just now."

"Ne, ne, it's not -my- fault!" the redhead broke in from across the shop. "I had a lot on my mind, aité! I had to buy a new toothbrush, and then we had practice this morning, and Ochibi got me into that argument, and then -your- birthday's coming up, too-"

The dark-haired boy blushed. "I told you not to fight with the chibi anymore, baka. And anyway, there's no reason to get all excited over my birthday." Ken wondered at this. The redhead pouted, then went back to examining the flowers.

The other boy sighed, then gave Ken a curious look. After a moment of silence, he said, "I'm sorry - it's none of my business - but is everything okay? You look a bit down."

Ken blinked. Then he sighed and decided a counselor might be beneficial. With a wry smile, he said, "No - I've got a lot of problems right now, actually."

The boy looked genuinely concerned. Noticing how Ken glanced in Aya's direction, he lowered his voice and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Well, it's just-" Ken broke off, not sure whether he should mention Omi's dare or not. Deciding to leave that part out, he continued, "There's this person that I - I really like." He blushed brightly. "But, well - I don't think they feel the same way at all." He resisted the temptation to search out Aya with his gaze. "I don't know what to do about it," he finished lamely. "I don't know whether I should approach them or - or what."

The customer gave him an encouraging smile, his dark eyes sparkling brightly. He bobbed his head in understanding. "I know how that can be. My advice is that you go for it. You never know - maybe this person's just as shy as you are. You'll never find out unless you take the initiative, ne?" Ken nodded slowly. The boy accepted the completed arrangement and took his change, then paused on his way to the door. "Think about it," he encouraged. Ken nodded again. The two shared a look of understanding - then the shop was split by a high-pitched cry.

"OISHI!" The black-haired boy winced. His redheaded companion latched onto his arm and began tugging him toward the door. "Can we go yet, can we go yet, huh huh huh?" Oishi sighed and smiled lightly at his companion.

"Yes, yes - calm down, Eiji. Someone gave you sugar again, didn't they?"

"Hai! Onee-chan!" Their laughter faded as the pair left the Koneko and wandered down the sidewalk, Oishi's words still echoing in Ken's ears. Silence reigned once more throughout the flower shop as Ken pondered his course of action. Steeling himself, he marched over to where Aya was standing and drew himself up in an imitation of bravery.

"Aya," he said firmly, attempting to command the redhead's undivided attention.

Aya turned to him, and one look into his violet eyes sent shivers down Ken's spine and his world spinning out from under him. All thoughts of grandeur faded as he sighed and searched for an excuse. "Er - we're out of flowerpots," he said lamely, kicking himself mentally for his cowardice.

Aya arched a delicate eyebrow. "There are more in the storage closet," he intoned. Ken blushed. Nodding mutely, he wandered into the supply closet, gratified to see that at least they really were out of flowerpots in the storefront. Glumly, he grabbed a stool and hoisted himself onto it, negotiating how best to get the heavy ceramics off the top shelf.

He paused and berated himself for being such a wuss. He'd have to make a move at some point, and Aya wasn't likely to fall all over him for announcing that they were out of flowerpots (especially when they weren't). Ken shook his head. That Oishi boy had given him some good advice, and he was too much of a coward to take it. Furious with himself, Ken pulled a heavy stack of ceramic into his arms.

Most unfortunately for Ken, he overbalanced. You see, he was a good twenty pounds heavier now and he accidentally rocked backwards on the stool, which toppled over, taking Ken with it. Ken yelped. He squeezed his eyes shut and clutched the pots to his chest, preparing for his no- doubt rough reunion with the floor.

It never came, however. Ken's eyes shot open, and he found himself cradled in Aya's arms, the flowerpots still crushed against his chest. He gave another startled cry and Aya almost dropped him; thankfully the startled redhead regained his composure and managed to keep a firm grip on Ken. Ken blushed as Aya set him down gently next to the overturned stool and took the flowerpots out of his hands. "Th - thanks Aya," he said quietly.

Aya frowned lightly as he examined the ceramics. "It's good these weren't broken. They're fairly expensive." Ken averted his eyes, and Aya mentally smacked himself. //Baka! Now he thinks you just caught him to save money!// Aya told his inner voice to shut up, then he leaned forward and brushed Ken's bangs out of his eyes. Ken looked up, clearly startled.

"You aren't injured, are you?" Aya asked, trying to make his voice gentle and worried (and largely succeeding). Ken's blush deepened.

"No, I just. . . you know - klutz attack," Ken stammered as Aya leaned the brunette against his shoulder.

"Hn. . . " Aya graced Ken with a small smile then helped the younger man to his feet; Ken's face was tingeing on purple by this point. Slowly, carefully, Aya pulled his arms away, keeping eye contact with Ken the whole way. Then he gave his coworker one last soft smile and departed the supply closet, leaving Ken to stare after him.

Aya gave himself a figurative pat on the back and began to plot his next step.


Late that evening, Yohji staggered into the living room completely un- drunk. Why was he staggering, you ask? Because Yohji was so accustomed to being drunk by this time of night that he'd learned to walk better with the alcohol than without. Aya's alcohol ban was officially driving Yohji crazy. He had considered breaking the promise - considered? Hell, he'd gone for it. And he would've made it, too, except that he'd run into Omi while his arms were still full of beer cans. His lover had taken the alcohol away and threatened to "go tell Aya-kun" on him if he tried it again.

So Yohji was un-drunk. He peered groggily at Ken, who was watching T.V. and laughing loudly. Shaking his head to clear it, he wandered into the kitchen and noticed a figure bent over the stove. He remembered it was Omi's night to cook and smiled to himself. Then he grabbed Omi around the waist and spun him around, giving him a nice passionate kiss in the process.

Omi gave a very un-Omi-like squawk and twisted away, shoving Yohji so hard that the older man fell into the sink. The water, which happened to be running at the time, jolted coldly across his back, and he yelped loudly. A flurry of frantic footsteps was heard, and then Ken appeared in the doorway, panting lightly. "What's going on?" he queried breathlessly.

Yohji blinked at Omi. "What was that for, Omittchi?" he asked, indignant.

"I am -not- Omittchi," came the deadly voice of Fujimiya Aya. Yohji swallowed hard. Ken looked back and forth between the two men, obviously confused.

"Aya?" Yohji croaked. Aya nodded dangerously, wiping furiously at his mouth. "Oh," Yohji said, trying to smile at his violence-prone leader. Aya glared as powerfully as he could, which was pretty strong after all (Yohji felt the ends of his beautiful hair begin to singe), then turned again to the stove. Ken, losing interest in the situation, went back to the T.V.

Yohji stood up, once again completely soaked (what was it with people and getting him wet lately?), and moved to the refrigerator in search of leftovers. A pasta dish caught his eye, and he shoved it into the microwave. He glanced over his shoulder at Aya, then at the pot his leader was stirring - it looked terrible. Moving to stand behind his companion once more, he asked, "So - whatcha makin', fearless leader?"

Aya grunted noncommittally and continued cooking. Yohji rolled his eyes, then noticed a dusty-looking cookbook on the countertop. Raising an eyebrow, he teased, "A love potion's cheating, Aya."

Aya snorted derisively. "It's not a love potion," he answered testily. Yohji shrugged, having expected this. What he did not expect were Aya's next words. "It's a sleeping draught."

Yohji choked on his macaroni and cheese. "What?" he managed, gaping at Aya wide-eyed.

Aya rolled his eyes. "A sleeping draught. I was under the impression you took them daily, with the amount you sleep." Yohji thought hard for a moment, then gave his companion a suspicious look.

"Ken and Omi have the morning shift tomorrow."


Yohji's jaw dropped. "You're going to drug Ken?"


"But you hate it when he misses his shift!"


Yohji pondered all this for about five minutes, then concluded, "So you're going to drug Ken so that he misses his shift and then, after taking it for him, act all benevolent and kind about it?"


Yohji rolled his eyes. "Aya that's ridiculous."

Aya shook his head. "No, it's subtle. And subtlety is the main strategy here." He poured a few drops of his thick brown potion into Ken's coffee and proceeded into the living room.

Ken, who was watching an anime by the name of Inu-Yasha, looked up as Aya entered the room. Gratefully, he took the coffee Aya proffered and smiled in what he hoped was an attractive way. "Thanks Aya. I guess I forgot it." Aya reached out and ran a hand down Ken's smooth cheek.

"Hn. . . " he said softly. Ken gulped. Yohji, watching from the kitchen doorway, shook his head as Aya sat down next to Ken and brushed their hands together.

//He's pretty good,// Yohji thought to himself. Then he rushed to the sink and washed his mouth out with soap, still having trouble believing he'd kissed AYA. In the living room, Aya watched with internal glee as Ken downed the coffee and hidden sleeping potion. Now the plan of Fujimiya Aya would be revealed in all its glory.

Ken had better watch his step.

End Day 1


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