Michael's adventure

Chapter one: Prologue

Ages: Ryanna- 31, Trunks- 33, Matt-33, Michael-16, and Rika-11

"Give it back to me Rika!" "No I don't want to!" "I said give it back." Rika sticks her tongue out at her older brother Michael. "Give me back my diary!" "Dear diary, I met the most amazing girl today. Ooh Michaels got a girlfriend!" "Ooh Rika you little brat!" Ten years and the kid still didn't know how to behave. Hi my names Michael... yeah the one who's chasing Rika, my little bratty sister.

Well my story starts right about here, when I was chasing Rika. You see I was writing in my diary about something that's been bugging me. My mom, Ryanna Briefs, it was her birthday today. I gave her a picture for her birthday, a family portrait to be précised. She looked at it and her eyes began to water. I asked what was wrong, but she didn't answer. She just gave me a hug and told me she would explain later. Rika made some kind of joke about her not liking the gift but I refuse to believe that. Mom always liked my gifts.

"Rika you baka I said give it back!" "Ooh here's today's entry. Dear diary, I don't get mom, she's always so sad now. Whenever she looks at me she gets all teary. I hope she's okay. Aw, what a momma's boy!" "Rika I swear if you don't give that back to me this instant I will get Grandpa in here!" "Grandpa won't hurt me." "Then I'll get dad." "Dad won't hurt me either. I'm daddy's little girl remember." She smirked, ooh how much I want to wipe that smirk right off her face.

"MOM!" My mom walks in the door of my room and puts her hands on her hips. Rika hides my diary behind her back. "Okay Rika, what have you got?" "Nothing mommy, Michael is just being a selfish baka." "Mom, tell her to give me back my diary." My mom scowls at Rika. He, he I love being a momma's boy. Ooh Rika gonna get it now. "Oh fine here's your stupid diary." Mom smiled and I held my precious diary close. Rika pouted and stomped out of the room.

I stuck my tongue out at her but mom frowned at me. "That's not polite young man." Rika snickered and took off. "Sorry mom." Mom smiled and kissed my forehead. I wrinkle my eyebrows and wipe my forehead. Mom just smiled and left the room. I love my mom to pieces so I always wonder. Whenever I find her staring at me she seems sad. The last time I remember having her cry so much was when that Matt guy said something about court. At the time I didn't know what it was, and I still don't know what the sort was for but mom said it was best if I didn't know.

Well anyway back to reality... or should I say my past reality, when I didn't know what my mom's life was really like...

Okay I'm gonna stop it there... cliffhanger in some prospects but You'll live... lol he, he! ~__^