Michael's adventure

Ages: Ryanna- 31, Trunks- 33, Matt-33, Michael-16, and Rika-11

Chapter ten:

Michael looked on sadly as his biological father was shoved into an asylum truck. Matthew looked to his son with sober eyes. Michael began to tear up slightly as he looked on the man he had once thought was a changed father. He believed that his father had changed from his ways, but in real life he was still infatuated with his mother, down right obsessed with her. Matthew smiled slightly and nodded to his son. Michael nodded back. Trunks placed a hand on Michael's shoulder as the truck drove off. 'Goodbye, dad.' "Well I think we better get going and catch our plane home."

Michael turned to his other who smiled warmly at him. Trunks gave a 'oh, no' look. "Oh common Trunks it isn't going to kill you." "Yeah but if I get sick I'm gonna blame it on you." Michael chuckled and turned to his sister who was in tears. "I don't want to leave." Ryanna gave a shocked look to her daughter. "Why not sweetie?" "Rick doesn't live in Japan. I want to stay here!" Ryanna hunched an eyebrow and looked to Michael. Michael rolled his eyes and whispered "puppy love." Trunks shook his head, walking up to his eleven-year-old daughter and hugged her tightly. "It's okay Rika, but we have to go. We don't belong here."

Rika had tears streaming down her face. "You don't belong here. I love him daddy; I can't go yet!" "Rika?" Rika turned around and looked at Rick. Trunks nudged her forward silently telling her to tell him. "Rick we need to talk." Rick nodded and motioned for her to come over. The two lovebirds went behind the wall and as soon as they was out of sight Rika kissed him hard, taking him by surprise. "Whoa, babe what's up?" "I'm sorry, I have to leave." Rick's smile disappeared and he looked at her hands that he was holding. "Oh," Rika gave him an odd look. "That's all you have to say?" Rick shook his head and grabbed her in a tight hug.

"No I have much more to say. I car a lot about you Rika. I don't care if we're really young, and we seem so juvenile but I do." Rika kissed him again. "I wish you could come with me." "Where are you going?" "My home in Satan City, Japan, Capsule Corp." Rick bit his lip. "I'm really going to miss you." "I know, I'll miss you too." Rick let her go and took the chain from around his neck off. He placed it in Rika's hands and folded them up. "Promise not to forget me," Rika smiled and nodded. "I'll never forget you, never." She was about to kissed him.

"Wait I don't have anything to give you." "You don't need to give me anything. I'll always remember you." "Still," she mumbled and bit her lip. Then she smiled and grabbed around her backpack. Zipping open the front pocket she revealed a small ring. It had belonged to her mother when she was a little girl and it was very precious to her. She also took a piece of blue string and tied it through the whole making it a necklace. She placed it around his head and kissed his cheek. "I love you Rick." "I love you too Rika."

Few hours later the Vegeta-Briefs were on their way back to Japan. Ryanna and Trunks cuddled up to each other in their love seats. Since the obsession incident Trunks was now more possessive of his beloved mate and wife. Rika sat alone fingering the chain around her neck. Vegeta sat behind her sleeping with his arms crossed and head flung back. Michael sat in the last row by himself, sighing. He still didn't know why his dad did what he did. Why if he loved her so much did he leave her? Why if he loved her did he cheat on her? All he knew now was that his mom and step dad were right. His father was mentally insane, especially after that little incident in the basement. 'Well he now belongs where he is. I can't help him there, and now I don't even want to.'

Michael smiled, and looked forward to his mom and dad. Now that was love. He had never once doubted Trunks loved his mother. Ever since he was a kid he always saw the same expression on Trunks' face. It was a puppy kind of happy, like the world was at peace and he had just won a million dollars. His mom was always happy to be near him, which mad him happy because he loved his mother a lot. Now that he thought about it, he never really disliked Trunks at all. Trunks had been an awesome father figure, and he always enjoyed spending time with him. "I guess I was looking for something I already had." Michael's smile widened and he drifted off to sleep.

~Seven Years later~

Young Rika Briefs looked out her window in her one bedroom apartment in downtown Satan City, She was now 19 years old and in college for the local university. Her brother Michael, now twenty-four years old and married with one kid, graduated a year ago from the same college with honors in economics and computers. She chuckled, he had gone for the same thing as their mother. He wanted to take over Capsule Corps once his dad retired. She on the other hand, was getting her normal degree and going on into performing arts. She wanted to perform in front of people, singing dancing, and maybe even acting. Her mother never had a problem with it, neither of her parents did actually. She then frowned as she touched her neck. There it was, the silver chain. She never did get to see Rick, and she missed him terribly.

Someone knocked on her door. She groaned and got up from her comfortable spot. She flattened out her white tank top and jeans and turned the knob. At the door was a young man. He had very short black hair, cut up with spikes. His eyes were a diamond blue much like her own. He wore baggy jeans and a black long sleeved shirt. "Can I help you?" "Yeah are you by any chance Rika Briefs?" She nodded and the boy smiled picking her up and swinging her around. "What in the name of Dende?" She then got a good look at his face and glanced at his neck where a ring tied to a piece of string laid. "Oh my Kami, RICK!" She hugged him tightly and smiled. "Man I missed you!" "I missed you too babe." For the first time in seven years Rika and her beloved boyfriend kissed.

With love blossoming in the air once again, the family of the Vegeta Briefs live in peace once again.

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