Okay, so basically in this story, 005 is a girl in 1935. and apparently she and 002 don't get along too well..maybe that will change.I hope you enjoy!

"My people! We will beat the Flatheads!" Chief Tatuyu began. "They have pillaged our lands long enough! Tomorrow, when the sun rises, we will fight for our freedom and win!"
At that, everyone cheered.
"Go now and rest while you can! We will not rest when the battle begins!"
Everyone went to his or her teepees.
When in my own, I took off my dress and got in my buckskin leggings and loincloth. Then I put on my shirt, which was also buckskin. Instead of rest, I sharpened my tools.
My people live in an area of the United States that has not been touched by your kind. We live like our brothers did when the east coast was untouched: hunting and fishing for food, making our own clothes, trading fur for beads and better tools. The last time I traded with the white men they said it was 1935. I don't know what that meant, but they had metal beasts that moved and ate them. I'm glad we live in the forest, everything is quiet and peaceful.

When the sun was about to rise, I walked out of my teepee. Little River put green war paint on my lightly tanned skin. Each of the families in our tribe had a specific color and animal. I was the last one in my family and we were green. Our animal was a salmon.

"We will win this war," he said while tying a feather in my hair and then adding some beads.

"Yes, we will," I agreed. "We have a strong tribe."

"You and Chief Tatuyu are the strongest."

"No, Chief Tatuyu and Ka Nowato are the strongest. They can wrestle the Great Bear and win."

"But then that makes you the fastest, Soaring Eagle."

"That doesn't not instantly make me a great warrior."

"Soaring Eagle, come here. I wish to speak to you before the battle," Wise Man called.

I walked over to him.

He beckoned me inside his teepee.

"Soaring Eagle, I am going to change your name. Soaring Eagle no longer suits you," he said.


"That is not important. Your new name is Running Wolf."

Then, he handed me something wrapped in cloth.

"Your father wanted you to have this."

I unwrapped it and found a beautifully carved dagger made from bone. On each side of the blade, was a carving of a wolf.

"Use it well."

"I will, I promise."

I got up and left the tent.

"Soaring Eagle, what did Wise Man want?" Little Rive asked.

"My name is now Running Wolf. Wise Man said Soaring Eagle no longer suits me. He gave me this." I showed him the dagger. "Swift Deer made it for me. It has Sitting Wolf's blessing on it." Swift Deer was my father and Sitting Wolf was my mother. They had both died when I was a small child.

"Come, the sun rises soon."

It was a harsh battle that ended after two days. As I stood up in the morning light, I saw no one else standing. I walked back to the village and saw that no one was alive.

I immediately began to bury everyone. When I finished, a whole field had been filled with my people and the Flathead warriors. I prayed to the Creator to let them roam the land once more, whether as an animal or a person.

I was the last of the Tsimshian, people of Northwest America. I would be a wanderer. Other tribes would let me stay with them for a while, but then I would continue my journey.

At least that's what I thought.

One day, when I was fishing, two men came out of nowhere. They tied me up then knocked me out.

When I woke up, I saw bright lights, like stars, only closer and brighter. I also felt binding on my arms, legs, and chest. I looked around and saw men in light blue dresses wearing masks. They had small silver things. Then one of them put something over my nose and mouth. I held my breath as long as I could, but then I had to breathe. The substance made me grow tired and I soon fell back asleep.

"Hey, wake up! You must wake up!" someone far away was telling me.

"Little River?" I groaned as I opened my eyes. "No.he's dead.where am I?"

"In the a Black Ghost lab. Get up! We got to get out of here!"

"Black Ghost? What is a 'lab'? I don't understand!"

"Trust me. I'll explain everything later, just get up and follow my directions!"

I did as I was told. The person told me to run outside and into the forest. I did that. Then he told me to climb up a cliff. I did that, too.

When I reached the top, I saw seven people in red uniforms.

"Who are you?" I asked in my native tongue.

"What did she say?" the female asked.

"I don't know. Ask the baby," a man with flaming orange hair that was shaped like a wing said.

"Who.a-a-are.y-y-you?" I said, trying to speak their language.

"I am 001," the baby said. "That's 002," he pointed to the wing haired man. "003," he pointed to the female. "004," he pointed to a man with an odd hand. "006," a short fat man. "007," a bald man. "008," he point to a dark man. "You are 005."

"My name Running Wolf, not 005," I said.

"005 is your codename. You've been turned into a cyborg. You are mostly machine."

"M-m-machine? C-c-codename? C-c-cyborg?"

"What gives with her weird talking, huh?" 002 asked.

"She's Native American, you idiot. She hardly understands us," 001 said.

"Idiot?" I asked.

"Stupid person."

"002 stupid?"

"Yes," 001 said as 002 said, "No."

"Where clothes?" I demanded as I saw that I was in a uniform like their own.

"Oh, so you own these!" 003 said while holding up my buckskin clothes.

"My clothes!" I cried out in my native language as I grabbed the bundle.

"English please," 004 said.

"We'll have to teach her. Here comes 009."

Then, a boy with brown hair appeared on the cliff.

"009," 001 said while pointing to him.

"009. Why no use names?"

"We don't know each other's names," 008 said.

"No call 005. Call Running Wolf, that name."

Then, I felt something hit my back and bounce off.

"We're under attack! Get out your guns!" 001 said.

"Gun?" I asked while holding up something I found at my side.

"Yes, gun, pull trigger and shoot big black things," 002 said.

I did as I was told. I shot a black thing and it stopped moving.

"005, go start bending the long branches on them!" 001 said.

I did as I was told. I don't know how, but I bent the metal branches.

Soon, that battle was over and we were on what 001 called a ship with an old man.

"Running Wolf.what kind of name is that?" 007 asked.

"Wise Man give it to me. Said it suit me," I said. "As fast as wolf, I guess."

002 snorted.

"I'm faster than that. I can go mach 5, for heaven's sake."

"Name special. Was name of Great Chief of west."

"Yeah, so?"

"Your name be Laughing Man."

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"One who is crazy in head."

Everyone burst out laughing except him.

"My name would probably be Sitting Wolf or Swift Deer," he said.

"My mother was Sitting Wolf, father Swift Deer. You no take names."

"Okay then, how 'bout Soaring Eagle? I can fly."

"Soaring Eagle old name. Your name be Eagle Face."


"Face and hair look like eagle. Big nose make beak, hair make wing."


"Make good beak."

"WHY YOU LITTLE!" He pulled out a small knife.

"That tiny," I laughed.

"Like you have bigger!"

I pulled my bone dagger from my piles of clothes.

"Where'd you get that thing?!"

"Wise Man give Running Wolf before war began."

"War?" 003 asked.

"Yes, war. Against Flathead tribe. Two days, I last out of all."

"What does she mean?" 007 asked.

"I am last of the Tsimshian tribe. Tsimshian will never run through the peaceful forest again."

"Hey, Running Wolf, what year is it?" 004 asked.

"White fur trader say 1935."

"Wrong. It's 1995."

"WHAT?!" I cried out in my native language. "THAT'S SIXTY YEARS!"

"What?" Isaac, the old man, asked.

"She said that's sixty years," 001 said.

"Wow, savage here knows math," 002 said.

"I no savage!" I cried.

"There's going to be war between those two," 008 said as 002 and I started wrestling.

"Ha! I win!" I said triumphantly as I pinned 002 down on the floor.

"Indian chicks are supposed to be weak!" he cried as I let him stand.

"I train for battle. Was daughter of war chief."

"Let me guess, your parents died in battle?" 002 said rudely.

"White man who look like you kill them. Wanted white wolf skin. They refuse. Shot them in back and shot me in leg. He steal white fur and leave me to die. I too stubborn to die. I make it back to tribe and Wise Man heal me."

"Yeah, you sure are stubborn," 002 muttered under his breath before leaving.

"Well, at least I respect you," I muttered.

"Huh?" 008 asked.

"Native Americans respect mentally ill people. Basically, since she thinks 002 is crazy in his head, she has to respect him," 001 explained.

"How baby talk? Only infant!" I asked.

"Too hard to explain."


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