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"AH!" I cried as a missile was fired at me.
The missile hit and I was thrown back into a tree. I heard a rip and break. I looked down at my left arm only to find that from the elbow down, it was gone.
"I think I'm going to be sick," I groaned as I saw the sparks mixing with the blood. I was sure I was going to be sick when I saw my arm a few yards away, twitching. Turning my head, I threw up.
"005, what's wrong?" 004 asked while running over to me.
"I lost my arm," I said after I finished being sick.
Then, something exploded and sent us flying. I hit my head on a rock and passed out.

"Is she dead?"
"No, just unconscious."
"How'd she loose her arm?"
"A missile hit her."
I opened my eyes and looked around. I was still outside, but being carried.
"Why do I have to carry the twitching arm?" I heard 006 asked.
Then, my injured arm hit something and I screamed.
"Okay, she's awake," the voice of 001 said.
"Sorry!" 001 said.
Soon, we were in the Dolphin and Dr. Gilmore was checking out my arm while I was trying not to scream.
"What happened to him?" I asked, pointing to 009 with my head.
"Fought Black Ghost in space and won," 008 said.
"Oh.is that why 002 is also unconscious?"
"He looks dead."
"He's nearly dead," 003 said.
"What?" I demanded while sitting up, but Dr. Gilmore forced me back down. "Why didn't you tell me that in the first place?! I have a right to know if one of my friends is in a near death state!"
"Do you have a crush on him?" 007 asked.
"Yes, but that's completely off sub-what did I just say?" I said as I felt myself grow pale. I covered my eyes while cursing in my language.
"Watch your mouth," 001 said.
"Shut up," I said.
"Hey, 002, wake up, 005 just admitted that she has a crush on you," 003 said.
Then, 002 sat up and said, "What?"
Thankfully, Dr. Gilmore put me to sleep.

The next time I woke up, every bone in my body ached. But then I noticed something.someone was holding my left hand. Dr. Gilmore fixed me. But who was holding my hand? I couldn't tell.
"Why is everything black?" I asked hoarsely.
No one answered, but the person held a cup to my lips and I drank the cool water.
"Thanks. Can you at least tell me who you are?" I said.
Still no one answered.
Okay, I was getting annoyed. Were they deaf?
'001, do you know who's holding my hand?' I asked in my head.
'Not a clue.'
"Dang." I muttered out loud.
I soon fell asleep again.

The next time I woke up, I was able to see. I was back in the long house with three blankets covering me. I heard a fire crackling, but no voices. I sat up and saw snow on the ground outside. I stood up and walked out to the fire and saw 002, but no one else.
He handed me a bowl as I sat down across from him.
"Where are the others?" I asked before drinking some of the stew.
I coughed a few times.
"What?" I asked.
"They left this morning. They wanted to say goodbye to you, but you wouldn't wake up."
"Why did you stay?"
"I like it here."
"What have you done with 002?" I asked.
He smiled as he scooted next to me.
"I just like it here," he said.
"It's peaceful, definitely has way better air, and."
"And what? Plenty of things to hunt?"
"Well, that too, but."
"Come on! Tell me!"
"You sure?"
"Okay, you asked for it."
Then, he gently forced me to look at him. Then I felt his lips against my own.


I asked her if she was sure and she said she was. I guess her mind changed a little. When I pulled away, she was gapping at me.
"Okay, if you're gunna hit me, do it right now," I said.
"Why would I hit you?" she asked.
"Well.that's what most women do if a guy they don't like kisses them."
"When my people kiss, it's either to proclaim love or to claim a wife."
She was so innocent! It was a good thing she knew nothing of New York or Pittsburgh or any big cities.
"Why did you kiss me?"
Before I could think properly, I proudly blurted out, "Me strong chief, you sexy wife!"
"First you want to marry me, then you don't, now you do! Make up your mind, please."
Yet again I didn't think.
"How many kids do you want?"

"DADDY! GERONIMO HIT ME!" Soaring Eagle cried.
"She punched me!" Geronimo said.
Soaring Eagle was our seven year-old daughter. She looked just her mother, except she had my orange hair. And.she was a wimp.
Geronimo was our twelve year-old son. He looked just like me, except his 'wing hair' as Running Wolf calls it, is brown like his mom's. He was tough, but afraid of snakes.
"Soaring Eagle, apologize to your brother," I sighed. I turned to Running Wolf. "How are they related to us?"
"Like you said, you're the strong dad and I'm the sexy mother," she teased while working on a blanket.
The others hadn't come back since they left twenty years ago.
"YEAH! WE'RE HERE!" I shouted.
"Mommy! Who are they?" Soaring Eagle said in terror as the other 00 cyborgs came into the village.
"I have a bow!" Geronimo cried.
"Geronimo! How dare you act like that to our friends!" Running Wolf said as she hugged Francoise.
"Did they come from other tribes?" Joe asked.
"No, we've been busy," I said while hugging Running Wolf, "if you know what I mean."
"You two-?!" Ivan said in disbelief.
"We're the proud parents of two kids that we swear we're not related to!" Running Wolf said.
"So they're my cousins?" Asa asked.
"Yeah. This is Soaring Eagle," I said as Running Wolf picked up our daughter, "and this is Geronimo," I said while moving to my left as my son tried to tackle me. "This is Asa," I told my kids.
"Um.I can't tell Joe and Asa apart, Jet," Running Wolf said.
"Joe, help them out," Francoise laughed.
Joe stepped away from his son.
"Come on! We have loads of catching up to do!" Running Wolf said with a smile.
"A lot of catching up," I said as I saw two twin women standing by the 0010s, who happened to each be holding a baby.


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