Starfire's Fate

hey Guys! this is my first Teen Titans fic. i Hope you enjoy.

Im not good on the battle scenes..sorry..

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The Teen Titans, Starfire,Robin,Raven,Beastboy,and Cyborg sat in their tower. It had been a very boring day. Since they had woken up once not one person had tried to rob a bank,beat someone up,get revenge on them, or anything. Beastboy and Cyborg had played almost every game they had for their gamestation. Raven had just about finished her book. Starfire was listing to the same CD. Robin was training. They were all very bored.

"Too..Bored.." Beastboy said as he fell off the couch onto the floor. Starfire glanced over at him. Suddenly a loud ring came from the giant screen.

"Finally some action!" Cyborg said happily. Raven put her book down and Starfire turned off her CD player. Robin came down the stairs out of the room.

"Ready?" He asked all of them. They all nodded.

"Lets go!"

They All ran/flew down the street in their normal ways. The route the took lead them to a park. A Blinding pink light zoomed past Raven.

"Jinx" She said. The team ran towards the sorce of the light.

"You could put someones eye out with that" Robin said.

"You! You will not get away!" Jinx yelled fiering many blasts at them.

"Split up!" Robin yelled.

Starfire took the air high. She shot some blasts at Jinx but she deflected them. Raven Picked up some park benches and threw them at her but she doged them. Robin took out his (idk what u call it...a staff?) Staff and charged at her while Cyborg was chrging from the other side and Beastboy from above as a bird. Jinx looked at them and jumped up causing them to collide. Starfire gasped and charged at Jinx with her green glowing eyes.

"Say goodnight!" Jinx yelled throwing a round ball at Starfire and causing purple smoke to come out as she dissapeard.

Sometime later Raven woke up. She looked around to see an empty park and the titans circling her. She walked to Robin and shook him to wake him up.

"Hm.." He awoke with a stardle.

"We lost.." Raven said. Cyborg got up slowly followed by Beastboy.

"Where's Star?" Beastboy asked rubbing his head. Raven looked around and then pointed in the distance to a purple glowing light. Robin ran over to the light. Starfire lay on the grass. She looked like she was sleeping but Robin knew there was something else wrong.

Raven walked over.

"Posion" She said.

"Poison.." Robin repeated curiously.

"Lets get her back before it gets worse" Raven said.

"R-Right" Robin said picking her up and running back in the direction of the tower with the Titans following him.


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