Two thousand and six?
What have I been doing with my life? Why haven't I updated this damn story?
Well, the sad truth my friends is that for awhile I wasn't writing fan fiction anymore. Most of my time was consumed with college and drawing and things like that. Anywho, the other day I found a story I really liked on here and when I logged in to submit a review I decided to check up on some of my old stories. Hmm, I thought I finished this one! I guess I never typed out all the chapters I had written. So, just to finally get this completed over the next few days I plan to type out the last few chapters and get this thing finished. I appreciate all of you who have actually be waiting for a chapter in this story. ;; Also, I'm sorry if they now seem a bit out of character, It's been so long since I watched Teen Titans. xD --

After running out of the tall building and down a long path the two teens stopped when they reached a road that turned left and right. "Raven?" Robin asked into his communicator hurridly.

"Yeah?" She answered concerned.

"Left or right?" he asked her.

"Oh.." The dark haird girl looked down at the map in front of her. "Right."

Without any notice Robin took of to the right. Beast Boy quickly stuggled to keep up with him. As he stared at his team mate running ahead of him he almost wished something like this would have happened to Raven insead. Maybe if it did he would be able to prove himself to her. Prove that he actually did care. One of the only reasons he hadn't said anything to he yet was for fear of having something thrown at his head. Robin cared so much for Starfire and she knew. And if she didn't, she would now. When they got back. And they would make it back.

Finally a large tree came into their view. It was the only tree in a feild full of tall grass. "Think that's it?" Beast Boy asked.

"It has to be." Robin said sounding desperate. They were running out of time.

Robin picked up speed and ran towards it quickly. Beast Boy didn't think Robin could run any faster than he already was but he was mistaken when he saw him running even farther ahead of him. Picking up his own speed he gained on Robin and was now right behind him. They would make it. With the tree being right there in sight he had no doubts now. He was sure Robin was smiling. Knowing he would be able to see Starfire again must have made Robin feel good.

Practically diving at the tree Robin stared at the flowers growing around the tree's base. He stared for a moment not really knowing if he should just pick them as if they were any old kind of flower. What if they were special and they had some kind of trap to them? But then again, they were just flowers right.

"What are you waiting for dude?" Beast Boy yelled stopping next to him. He looked at Robin and then down at the flowers. Shaking his head impatiently Beast Boy picked up a handful of the flowers and pulled them out of the ground. To Robin's surprise they came out easily just as if they were flowers from earth. He waited for a moment before realizing he should move.

"Let's go." Robin said grabbing the flowers from Beast Boy and running back towards the ship just as quickly, if not faster than he had ran there.
"Duh." Beast Boy said rolling his eyes and running after Robin.

They had no time to stop. No time to contact Raven and wonder what was going on with Starfire. No time to look at their surroundings and because of that, they were careless. Suddenly a large bang was heard from behind the boys as they ran. Robin didn't bother to look back. He couldn't afford to slow down. Beast Boy however was concerned and did not let his or Robin's fear of Starfire's death cloud his judegment. Behind them near the tree in the distance was what appeared to be a large heap of mud. Obviously it was much more solid considering it was headed for them and the banging noises were only getting louder.

"Uh..Robin?" Beast Boy said turning back to him making sure to keep up.
"What?" He said hoping that Beast Boy was going to say something stupid even though he could tell he wasn't from the tone of his voice.
"Something is following us." "It doesn't matter." Robin said trying to stay calm. "As long as we keep running at this speed we will make it to the ship and take off before it even-" Robin was cut off as he was scooped up by Beast Boy. He had taken on the form of a cheeta and tossed Robin onto his back. It was obvious to Beast Boy the love that he had for Starfire and he was going to do whatever he could to get back to that ship and back to earth with those flowers.

I know it's a bit short but just give me time to catch everyone back up and find my inspiration again. xD