Cursed to be a Fox

By: Ku-Chan

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Kurama: Ku-chan. You're not going to do what I think you are.. Are you?

Ku-chan: I'm merely going to go and tie up your creators and keep you all for my own. * Starts walking to the door *

Kurama: Hiei? You're going to stop her right?

Hiei: Maybe..

Kurama: Do you really want her to own you. And me?!

Hiei: Fine! * walks over to Ku-chan and knocks her out. *

Ku-Chan: I own you! * laughs evilly *

Kurama: I thought you knocked her out.

Hiei: She is just a stupid human..

Kurama: Seems so.. Oh she really does not own us!

Ku-Chan: Not yet anyways!

Kurama: * Sighs *


Summary: Hiei gets turned into black fox kit when he falls into a stream that has been cursed. Now Kurama has to find the cure while in his fox form raising the 'new Hiei'.

WARNINGS: H\K that's all. I don't curse and there will never be any sex. I'm not big on that. Maybe a kiss here or there and sleeping in the same bed, you know that kind of thing. That's why it is only rated PG.. It might go up. Tell me if I should once I start getting started with all the chapters. Also this will be a long story so if you are not in to reading a lot of chapters than maybe you should not read.

I'm not too sure how long the chapters will be, let's just see shall we?

*..* Those are Hiei's thoughts and these "..." Are Kurama's. His are Italics like Hiei's
Chapter 1
Cursed of a kit


" This powder. It is enchanted you say?" A girl with straight black hair asked. The girl wore a black hooded suit, one like the stories of a grim reaper wore. Her feet were clad in black boots.

" Yes. Pour the powder into the stream and see what comes off it." An elderly woman with gray hair tied in a bun replied.

" Shinko-san, you don't even know what this powder does?" The girl became quit confused. Usually she knew what she had made.

" Aiko-chan, you will see soon enough." Shinko said walking back into an old moss roofed house.

Aiko bowed, her dark brown eyes looking at the small bag in her hand. Running off into the woods in search of the nearby stream. She listened for the sound of water. Finally she found it.

" Alright. Pour into the water. Well that is easy enough." The young demon poured the powder into the slow moving stream.

" And wait. How fun." Aiko said sarcastically. This was always the most boring part, waiting for someone to be caught in the trap. This stream was now known as the 'Cursed Stream' for whoever bathed in it, drank from it or even touched it became cursed with something or another. Only the bravest would dare and touch the water, either that or they were stupid.

Aiko smirked. Her eyes landed on a tall red headed boy, and a small black haired boy. " The scent of demons. Do they not know of this stream?" Aiko talked to herself watching both of them from a far.

" Hiei, lets stop and rest here." Kurama sat down under a tall tree resting.

" Hn." Was all that came from the smaller demon. Kurama smiled. " Maybe next I will work on his manners. " Hiei noticed the amused look on the fox's face.

" What's so funny?"

" Oh nothing, just thinking." Kurama replied with the same smile. Hiei hn'ed once more before flitting to a tree to get a better look around him.

The sky in the Makai was getting dark. Night was falling and Kurama decided to take a bath, Hiei was no in the mood so ended up just being Kurama right now. The fox pealed of his clothes and slipped into the cold water, he shivered as it touched his skin. Kurama dunked his self under, and resurfacing his hair laid flat to his head.

Kurama was behind a tree getting dressed, which was just what he needed. A nice cold bath just like he use to do when he was Youko Kurama.

After dressing he walked over to Hiei who was now resting in his tree.

" Want some food?" The fox asked. Hiei opened one crimson eye, he nodded slowly. He was hungry, it was awhile since he has eaten, and a really long time since he was able to eat alone in the Makai with his fox.

Hiei jumped from the tree landing on the ground without a sound, walking over to the fire Kurama made he sat next to him waiting for the food to be served.

" Could you fill these two cups up with water from the stream?" Kurama opened his backpack up, after digging threw it for a while he pulled out two cup. " Here." Hiei took them both and walked over the stream.

He sat one on the ground as he dipped the over one in the stream. As he brought it back up he knocked the other one into the water. Hiei growl with annoyance, he reached for the cup but it floated to far away from him to reach.

" Is everything ok over there Hiei?" Kurama asked concerned, he thought he heard Hiei growl.

" Everything is fine!" Hiei yelled still reaching for the cup. Kurama sighed and went back to fixing the food.

" Almost.. Got it" Hiei could almost touch the rim of the cup, but before he could his foot slipped and he fell into the lake.

" Hiei!" Kurama yelled running to the side of the lake. To Kurama's surprise it was not Hiei who resurfaces but first his clothes. " What's going on?" Bubble started appearing on top of the water, soon a splashing black kit caught Kurama's eyes.

" Hiei?!" Kurama scooped up the drowning fox kit into his hands. " Is that really you?"

* Yes it is me fool!* Kurama's head was filled with cursing from Hiei. " And how did this happen?"

Before Hiei could answer Aiko spoke up.

" Just a spell. I'm confused though. You got in first. How come it had no effect on you?" Kurama smirked. " Because I am all ready a fox."

" Really?" The girl chided. " I take it neither of you have heard of the 'Cursed Stream' then."

" I have heard of it. I just did not know this was it." Kurama cursed his self mentally, he was so happy to be with Hiei he never thought about any danger, it was very out of character for him, and Hiei especially.

Hiei seemed to not be listening, he was busy pouncing on a bug he found. He made a funny hissing sound at it before trapping it under his small paws.

Kurama blush slightly. Hiei was very cute in the eyes of the fox, now he was down right adorable. Kurama was finally able to admit his love to Hiei, it took awhile but Hiei finally returned them, Kurama always smiled when he saw him.

" Do you have anyway I can change him back?" The fox kept his eyes on the small black fox, Hiei's fur on his forehead had small white starbursts, his eyes were still crimson, he just seemed more like he wanted to play, it seemed like his kit instincts were kicking in. Kurama chuckled as Hiei swatted the bug with his paw.

" Sorry, I don't have it. I don't think Shinko-san does either.. You can go ask her though."

Kurama nodded, he picked up Hiei and followed Aiko into the woods and to the moss roofed house.

" Shinko-san! You have visitors!" Aiko skipped to the door and opened it. " Shinko-san!"

" I hear you, stop all your yelling." Aiko smiled happily as the elder woman looked at Kurama and the small fox that was batting Kurama's hair around.

" Hiei? Will you stop?" Kurama whispered into his fox ear.

* Hn. This is more fun than it looks* Kurama sighed. That was Hiei's way
of saying no.

The elder woman walked over to Kurama and took the small kit that started struggling, he hissed and growled madly at the demon that had picked him up. " Calm down! I'm not going to hurt you!" Hiei still struggled.

" I see I turned him into a fox kit." She chuckled. " I hope you know how to watch one." She turned to Kurama who sweat dropped.

" Y-you mean you don't have a cure?"

" Nope. Not on me, and I'm not fixing to go all over the Makai and the other worlds to get what you and your friend need. But." Kurama looked at her. " But what? Please tell me."

" All right. I will give the a list of stuff I will need." She walked out of the room, a few minutes later she returned with a piece of paper in her hand.

" Here, these are all the things you will need." Shinko handed it to Kurama who took it from her. When she left Hiei jumped from the table and was hiding behind Kurama.

" Are you hiding?" Kurama said almost as if he was mocking him.

* Hn, everything is a lot different when you're in a body like this. I
have new feelings and everything! * Kurama laughed at what Hiei had
said. " You'll get use to it."

" Now. You will not start looking till fall, that is when everything will be in bloom, just take him back with you, and when fall comes go and get what I have asked for."

Kurama nodded. " All right, than we shall be going. Thank you and good bye."

" Bye!" Aiko yelled happily, when Kurama and Hiei left she turned to Shinko. " I wish I had a fox."

" Don't start with me." Aiko stuck her tongue out and ran into a small room.

" Well Hiei. This will be new for both of us. I know what to do to make it easier on you." Kurama had a smile on his face, his smiles were always unknown, his smiles were misleading, but Hiei would trust him.

*I can't believe this was your idea.. * Hiei was in the mouth of Kurama who had turned into his fox form and was running threw the woods. Kurama had the scruff of Hiei's neck in his mouth.

" It works doesn't it? So no complaining." Kurama continued to run, he was going to the human world, and he hoped he could stay at Genkai's temple or even with Yusuke or Kuwabara.

*This is degrading..* Hiei let out a sigh, but he was glad he did not
have to run, this was less tiring anyways.

Kurama ran deeper into the woods, this was going to be the beginning of a very weird year.


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