Cursed to be a Fox
By Ku-Chan

Ku-Chan: I don't own a freaking thing..

Kurama: Wow that was weird.

Hiei: What fox?

Ku-Chan: Yeah what was weird.

Kurama: Well Ku-Chan just did a disclaimer!! Without being asked!

Hiei: * sweat drops * Right.

Ku-Chan: So? I've done them before without being asked.

Kurama: * Sigh * Never mind.


Summary: Hiei gets turned into black fox kit when he falls into a stream that has been cursed. Now Kurama has to find the cure while in his fox form raising the 'new Hiei'. Warning! Some yaoi


Hiei looked around the room carefully before jumping off the couch and walking away from Kurama. He was going to get that kitten if it was the last thing he ever did. He peeked around the corner of a wall; seeing that the coast was clear he darted to the other side of the room.

Finally spotting Eikichi Hiei was ready to attack. * Hn. I'll get you this time you disgusting ball of fur! * With that Hiei charged at the kitten.

Kurama rolled over to his back this couch was very comfortable. '~ I wonder where Hiei went..?~' The fox thought as he opened his eyes and noticed he was gone. Rolling back on to his stomach he was about to search for the kit when Yusuke returned along with Keiko.

" Yo Kurama." Yusuke waved as he noticed the fox.

'~ Hello Yusuke-kun, Keiko-chan.~' Kurama sent the message into both Keiko and Yusuke's head.

" Hi." Keiko smiled and Kurama nodded and jumped down from the couch.

'~ I'm looking for Hiei, have you seen-~' before Kurama was able to finish he heard a huge ' BANG!' Kurama jumped startled by the noise. Both Yusuke and Keiko looked just as shocked. Kuwabara came running out looking around for the sound, and Yukina entered the house to see everyone's shocked expression.

" What's wrong?" Yukina asked in a timid voice, she looked down the hall to see Hiei lying under a piece of broken glass and knocked out on the floor.

She let out a gasp as she ran for the small fox.

" Hiei-san!" She called as she took the glass off of Hiei; he had a few scratches but nothing more. Kurama ran over to Yukina and saw her pick up Hiei in the palm of her hands.

" Hiei-san! Hiei-san! Please wake up!" Kurama grabbed Hiei and took him away from Yukina.

'~ Don't worry Yukina-chan, he'll be fine, I will take him and let him rest. ~' Yukina nodded with a small smile.

" All right." She nodded and stood back up. Yusuke looked over at Hiei who was in Kurama's mouth.

" You sure he'll be ok Kurama?" Kurama looked back.

'~ Yes, the only thing that could happen to him would be memory loss. ~'

" Seems kind of bad to me.." Kuwabara voiced, he watched as Yukina started picking up the glass.

'~ Not as bad as some other things..~'

" What kind of other things?" Yusuke stooped down be to eye level with Kurama's golden eyes.

'~ That is really no concern Yusuke-kun. I'm positive Hiei does not have any of the 'bad things'.~'

" If you say so Kurama.. Anyways. Anyone hungry?"

" I am Urameshi! Lets eat!" Kuwabara pumped his arms in the air, he walked into the kitchen where he was sure to find Yukina.

" You hungry Kurama?" Yusuke looked at Hiei who was in Kurama's mouth.

'~ No, not right now. I want to wait for Hiei to get up. ~' Yusuke nodded and went into the kitchen leaving Kurama alone with Hiei.

Hiei yawned his small fangs showing. * Where am I? * Hiei shook his head that was in pain, probably from when he ran into the vase. Hiei tried to think back but every time he did his headache got worse. He never remembered anything. How he got here or why he was here.

'~ I'm glad your finally awake. How do you feel? ~' Hiei blinked, where did that voice come from? He looked into the eyes of a silver fox, a beautiful silver fox at that.

Hiei seemed to think over the question, but instead on answering Hiei cuddled up next to Kurama. * I'm tired.. * Hiei yawned once again. * And my head hurts *

'~ Yes, I bet it does hurt. Are you hungry? ~' Kurama asked as he looked at Hiei who seemed to perk up a bit.

Hiei looked at Kurama with what Kurama could make out was a small smile on Hiei's face. * Yes mama. I'm hungry. * The silver fox stared at Hiei. Not quite sure what to say.

'~ Mama? I'm not-~' Kurama stopped when he saw the confused look on Hiei's face.

'~ Never mind. I'll get you food. ~' Kurama sighed and started towards the kitchen, Hiei trotted next to his 'mama'.

" Well I see Hiei is up, how is he?" Yukina smiled down at the two foxes not knowing what had just happened.

Hiei looked around at everyone that was in the room. * Mama? Who are these strange creatures? * Hiei started growling slightly, not knowing if they were friend or foe.

'~ They're fine Hiei they won't hurt you. ~' The young black fox nodded and sat next to the silver fox.

" Kurama? Did he just call you 'mama?" Yusuke covered his mouth in a attempt to stop his laughter. Kuwabara was already laughing while Keiko giggled to her self. Yukina on the other hand thought it was cute.

'~ Yes he did call me that. When he was knocked out I think he lost his memory. Yusuke-kun I do NOT see what is so funny! ~' Kurama growled as Yusuke howled with laughter, this was the funniest thing he has ever seen!

" Its just! Just! Hahaha!" Yusuke gasped for air as he held his side.

* I don't see what's so funny.. * Hiei tilted his head to the side.

'~ It's nothing Hiei, why don't you go see if Yukina will give you some food? ~' Yukina smiled as Hiei walked over to her, she picked him up and started looking for food.

'~ Yusuke-kun.. Please follow me.. ~' Yusuke followed the 5-tailed silver fox out of the kitchen and out side. Once outside Kurama turned back into his human form. Standing up straight the redheaded fox fan his hand threw his hair. It's been a long time since he was able to do that.

" Yusuke-kun please listen, we have to find away to make him remember." Kurama said softly and he sat down on the ground.

" I can't believe he thinks you are his mother! I mean if he was going to choose one you would think it would be father right?" Yusuke seemed to not get the point, Kurama could careless which one Hiei called him, and he just wanted his lover back.

" Yusuke-kun.. My lover thinks I'm his mother!!"

" I know! That's what makes it so funny!"

" You know. you're not really helping me any." Kurama watched as Yusuke hunched over in laughter again, he didn't find this funny. Why would they?! Kurama mumbled something under his breathe before returning to his small fox form and going back inside.

When Kurama entered the kitchen a soaked kit greeted him.

'~ What happened to him?! ~' Everyone in the room cringed at the sound that went through there head. Kurama didn't seem happy.

" Sorry Kurama-kun, Hiei-san and Eikichi got into a fight and he sort of fell into the bowl of milk." Yukina explained as she finished mopping up the puddle of milk.

'~ I see.. It's ok, I'll just clean him now. ~'

* MAMA! Stop! I don't need a bath! * Hiei tried to bite his way out of Kurama's grasp but it proved negative. Kurama never even flinched.

'~ You do too, now stop complaining. If you would stop attacking everything you see you wouldn't be in this mess now would you? ~' Kurama had Hiei on his back and was licking the small black kit's belly, Hiei finally gave up on trying to escape. Even if he could he was always caught.

After what seemed like forever to Hiei, Kurama was finally done and the kitsune was free to roam around again. Kurama sighed deeply when he saw Hiei crouch down in a pouncing stance. Looking around the room he saw the same white mouse that Hiei was after the first day he was turned into the fox.

'~ Hiei. You're a fox not a cat. ~' Kurama sat down seeing that Hiei was not listening at all. So maybe foxes did catch mice to eat, only if there was nothing better though, but that mouse has cause a lot of trouble over the past few days. Hiei took off without a warning actually catching the mouse between his paws. He skidded to a stop that was under a table.

* Hn. I caught you now! * Hiei looked under his paws where the small white rodent was. He put his nose near the face of the mouse and..

* ITTAI!!! * The mouse bit the tip of Hiei's nose, making Hiei jump up and ram his head in the table he was under. The fox pawed at his nose, even a bit of blood could be seen. Kurama came running over to the howling dazed looking fox.

'~ Hiei? Hiei? Are you ok?! ~' Kurama turned Hiei around so that the small kit was facing him, he licked the lip of his nose cleaning the blood off.

* Fox? What are you doing? Wait where is that mouse?! *

Hiei growled lowly and stormed off in search of the missing mouse. Kurama blinked a few times before it registered into his brain.

'~ Did Hiei call me fox? Is he back to normal now? ~' Kurama got up and ran after Hiei.

" Hey, what does Hiei have in his mouth?" Yusuke looked down at the black kit that was dragging the mouse by the tail.

" Hiei! Get rid of that!" Yusuke scooped the black fox into his hands making sure the mouse hung over the side. He took them outside and gave Hiei a smack on the head making him let the mouse go. Once it hit the ground it shot into the grass. The half Koorime shot a venomous glare at the teen that cringed.

" Go-gomen Hiei!"

* Human.. *

" Hey are you back to normal now?" Yusuke looked into Hiei's crimson eyes, Hiei blinked confused.

* What nonsense are you talking about? What do you mean normal? * Yusuke started his laughter again at the thoughts that were running through his head.

" Well you see Hiei! You got hit on the-,"

'~ No need to remind him Yusuke-kun. ~' Kurama walked outside, he really didn't want Hiei to be embarrassed, even if he was very cute when he was!

" Aw come on Kurama, what would it hurt? He can't hurt us you know? He couldn't even kill that mouse.."

* Tell me now Yusuke. ' got hit on the' what? * Hiei was getting inpatient but that was normal.

" Well you see Hiei you got hit on the head and lost your memory. You thought Kurama was your mother or something so you called him ' mama'! It was the funniest thing I've ever seen!"

Hiei felt his cheeks heat up, he just wondered if a blush would show up on fur.

* I would never do such a thing Yusuke. *

" Well you did. You can even ask Kurama! Right?" Hiei and Yusuke both looked at the silver fox.

'~ Well.. Yes you did. But you really had no idea what you were doing!~' At the words that came out of Kurama's mouth Hiei's cheeks felt even warmer.

* Put me down Yusuke! * The raven-haired human did as told and set the fox down. Kurama looked at Yusuke and immediately knew Kurama wanted to be alone with Hiei. Yusuke did a ' thumbs up' sign before going back inside.

'~ Hiei I thought it was cute.~' Kurama snuggled next to his lover.

* Cute to you, humiliating to me! I can't believe I would say such a pathetic thing! * Hiei leaned into the snuggle. It was weird, even though he was back to normal he always got these feelings, feelings where he wanted to attack things, pounce on things. Act like a fox.

About that time Hiei got that feeling and left for the yard. He pounced on the swaying grass or anything that moved.

'~ Oh and this is not degrading Hiei?~' Kurama smirked as Hiei glared.

* For some reason I have to do this. I go crazy when I do not. *

'~ All fox kits do this, it just helps with there hunting skills. It's just a instinct. ~' Kurama sweat dropped as Hiei chewed on a rather large worm before spitting it out and almost gagging.

'~ Not every bug is tasty Hiei. ~' Kurama giggled at the disgusted look on Hiei's face.

* Human insects are disgusting! I prefer the Makai bugs! *

Hiei started chewing on grass before he spotted his tail and pounced on it. He was sure full of energy.

'~ Why don't we go rest Hiei? It's been a busy day. ~'

* I'm not tired fox.. * Hiei continued the assault on his tail.

'~ Well. I am. So lets go. ~' Kurama grabbed Hiei by the neck and walked inside for a nap. Hiei still was attacking his tail. It was a VERY tiring day.


I'm soooo sorry this took so long to write! I've been having a writer's block and it finally cleared up! Yay! I hope this one is as good as the other chapters, sometimes once out of writers block the writing is never as good. Please tell me what you think. It means a lot.

I decided to make Hiei remember, for some reason it was hard for me and it is hard for me to see him calling Kurama ' mama'.

Hope you enjoyed. I'll try and write soon!

Kurama: I think it's ok, Hiei is cute any way people write him.

Hiei: Hn.

Kurama: You are cute Hiei! * starts stroking him *

Hiei: * Purr *

Ku-Chan: .. uhhh..

Kurama: By the way! What's happening next?

Ku-Chan: Oh! Well Yusuke is going to his grandparents house and you guys get to go with him! It'll be better than it sounds!

Hiei: Hn. Lets hope so.

Kurama: Does Yusuke-kun even have grandparents?

Hiei: * Shrugs *


Japanese words Ittai- Ouch/Ow! Whichever one. They mean the same thing.