The Battle for Danielle Part 1.

Author's note: I do not own any of the original characters, only the plot!

Summary: Rated pg-13 for suggestive themes. Takes place a year after Henry and Danielle's marriage. Danielle has been kidnapped! Can Henry find her?



Monsieur Pierre Le Pieu slowly snuck down the long corridor that led down to the servant's wing. After many minutes avoiding guards (He was not welcome in the castle per Prince Henry's orders) and servants, he finally reached his destination.


He stopped at the last door in the corridor and knocked three times. A tall, feminine figure opened the door. "Baroness." Le Pieu bowed. The tall woman gestured for him to enter her small room after making sure that no one was watching. The room was no larger than a prison cell with two beds…There was a small window on the wall opposite the door. Two beds were on opposite walls with a wash basin in the middle. The room wreaked with the smell of mildew.


"Monsieur." Rodmilla de Ghent smiled as she closed and barred the door behind him. He saw Marguerite sitting demurely on one of the two beds that were in the room. He wondered why he had been summoned here.

It was obvious that the year of hard work had not been kind to the former Baroness nor her daughter. Dressed in a servant's garb, Rodmilla was no longer as beautiful as she had once been. Her face was now haggared, and hands were calloused. Marguerite's once golden hair had lost some of its luster, and she too now wore a haggard appearance.


Rodmilla walked behind him and put her arms around his shoulders. Le Pieu tried not to cringe at her touch. "You must be wondering why I summoned you here." Le Pieu nodded. She glanced over at Marguerite who was still sitting on the bed.


He raised a questioning eyebrow towards the former Baroness. "I believe we may have figured out a way to get Marguerite crowned Princess of France. We need to get her pregnant." Rodmilla said smugly.


Le Pieu could not believe what he had just heard. "You want Marguerite pregnant. What has this got to do with me and the Crown of France?" he asked, still not too sure of what the former Baroness wanted.


Rodmilla smirked, satisfied that she now had his attention. "Prince Henry will be here tomorrow inspecting the Servant's Wing per suggestion of Danielle. If we can get Marguerite pregnant, everyone will believe that her child is Henry's. His parents will force an annulment of his marriage to Danielle, and force him to marry she is carrying his child."


Le Pieu nodded. Sounded like a reasonable plan, considering the King and Queen had made several changes since Henry and Danielle were married. They had forced several marriages between the courtiers because of illegitimate children and annulled several as well, but how was Marguerite going to get pregnant, and what if someone saw through the ruse? This would be grounds for treason.


Le Pieu looked at Rodmilla blankly...still not understanding what his part in all of this would be. "and what is the point of my being here madame?" he asked.


Rodmilla smiled, knowing that her plan would and must succeed. "I need someone to impregnate Marguerite. I also need Danielle out of the picture."

It suddenly dawned on him that Rodmilla wanted him to sleep with Marguerite…"You can't be serious!" Le Pieu sputtered. "If anyone finds out that I slept with Marguerite, we would be forcibly wed, or possibly executed for treason!" He had to know what was in this for him. "If I decide to do what you ask, what is in it for me?"

Rodmilla's face suddenly turned cold and calculating as she plotted her revenge against Danielle. "Danielle. She was yours to begin with and Prince Henry took her away from you. Get Marguerite pregnant with your child and Danielle is yours to do with as you please."