The Battle for Danielle Part 8

Jacqueline had never felt so much pain. She could not get up. "Someone! Please....Help me!" she screamed. She screamed again as another contraction wracked her body. This time, the urge to push was strong.

Laurent had been on the way for his routine inspection of his troops. As he passed the throne room he heard screaming. He realized it was Jacqueline and rushed into the throne room. He rushed over to her and gathered her into his arms. "Jackie..what is the matter?" he asked very concerned.

Jacqueline continued screaming and fighting the urge to bear down. "Marc!" she cried. "The baby, I can't stop it." another contraction ripped through her. Laurent sprung into action. He called out to a servant "Go get the Royal Physician and the midwife NOW!" The servant scurried off.

Queen Marie had heard the commotion and walked in the room. She saw Jacqueline on the floor and ran to them. Laurent looked up at the Queen with relief in his eyes. "Don't bother getting up, Marc." Marie said.

Marie removed Jacqueline's undergarments "I am sorry my dear, but it is a necessity."

Jacqueline barely heard her. Her voice was growing weaker. "Oh God Marc, Make it stop!" Jacqueline was sobbing.

"We have already sent for the midwife and the doctor." Laurent said. Marie nodded with approval "Good" she said "You!" she called out to a passing servant "Go bring me some boiling water and towels." The servant bowed.

A few moments later, the midwife and the doctor arrived. The baby was already half way out. The midwife delivered the baby. Jacqueline started crying. Laurent had tears in his eyes as well, and kissed his wife. The midwife wrapped the baby into swaddling cloths, and handed her to Jacqueline. "Congratulations, Milady! It's a girl!"

Jacqueline held her daughter. "Oh Marc! she is so beautiful!" she said softly. Laurent kissed his wife again "Just like her mother. What shall we name her?"

Jacqueline thought a moment. "I have the perfect name." she said sleepily. "Danielle Augusta Marie Laurent." Laurent nodded in approval. "Danielle after my sister, Augusta after my stepfather and Marie after the Queen." The midwife took the baby to clean her, and the doctor examined Jacqueline.

"She will recover, although I recommend bed rest for the next month or two. You should be able to move her...although I don't recommend moving her too much." he said

"There are rooms down the corridor from here which she can have. Jacqueline and Marc are welcome here anytime." she said. Jacqueline tried to sit up...she wanted to tell them what she had learned that morning about Danielle. "Marc" she said hoarsely.

The midwife gave baby Danielle to Jacqueline as Laurent gently picked them up. They carried them to the rooms the Queen had given them. After Jacqueline was settled in the bed, she struggled to stay awake. Laurent stood by her side. "Marc" she whispered "I have something to tell you."

"Shhh!" Laurent said gently "You need to rest Jackie. Please, go to sleep" and began to stroke her hair. Jacqueline insisted. "I have information about Danielle"

That got Laurent's attention "What about Danielle, Beloved?" he asked. Jacqueline explained what had happened that morning when she overheard her stepmother and Marguerite. "I do not know where in England."

"Damn them!" Laurent cried, angry that his in-laws would still continue to plot against Danielle. "But that still doesn't change the fact that Marguerite is pregnant with Henry's child." he said

Jacqueline shook her head "It does. It is not Henry's child. Marguerite has indeed tried to seduce Henry." Jacqueline could not stay awake. She fell into a deep sleep.

While his wife was sleeping, Laurent decided it was time to see Henry. He decided to bring his daughter along. he found the Prince in his rooms standing by the window. "Your Highness" Laurent bowed.

Henry turned around to face Laurent. "Hello Marc." he said listlessly. Henry noticed that Laurent was smiling widely "What are you so happy about?" he asked. Henry noticed the sleeping baby in his arms "Marc...the baby??" he asked.

Laurent grinned widely "Sire....May I present my baby daughter the Lady Danielle Augusta Marie Laurent"

Henry clapped the Captain on the back. "My Danielle will absolutely love her!"

Laurent's face suddenly grew serious at the mention of the missing Princess. "Henry." he said "I have news of Danielle."