Gustave spoke first. "We need a gate, no questions, no explanations, just a gate." Caliope looked slightly confused. "What makes you think that I would do that and not ask questions? Do you even know me? I always ask questions, and I am not going to stop now," Caliope said, laughing. Voice stood up. "Please Cali, we really need a gate, that's all," Voice said in a very serious tone. Caliope looked at him and realized how serious he was. Gustave handed her the rune. "There is no marking on it, are you sure you can use this?" she asked. Voice and Gustave nodded in succession. Caliope shrugged her shoulders. "Come outside then," she said, motioning for them to follow her out the door. "I will do it outside. I have a bad feeling about this rune here, so I will NOT let anything ruin my house!" Gustave laughed at the thought of her house being ruined. Caliope never liked anything messy, as she was very picky.

Caliope stood, contemplating on whether or not she wanted to gate off of the rune she held in her hand. She did not want to ask questions because she knew that they would be slightly angered by it. "But is it a good idea?" she said aloud. Gustave looked confused and Voice walked over to Caliope. He held her free hand in his own and looked at her with a sullen face. "Please," was all he said. Caliope melted. "Okay okay okay!" she said, flailing her arms. "But you owe me, both of you, I expect a full report and an apology and all the works!!! This best be good! And you gotta buy me dinner!" Gustave laughed heartily. Voice smiled at her words. They heard the chant Vas Rel Por. Caliope had successfully cast the spell gate travel, and Gustave equipped his bow while Voice grabbed his war hammer. "I'm serious." Caliope said, voice trailing off. "Come back safely." Voice and Gustave had disappeared into the gate. The portal closed and Caliope closed her eyes and walked into the house.

Gustave was the first to appear through the gate, followed closely behind by Voice. They were in attack stance and ready for anything that might come after them. They were surprised at what they had seen. "Wha.what is this place? Where are we?" Gustave said. Voice did not respond. The land was as grey and black, like a wildfire had come and swept the land away of the lush green landscaping that the land of Sosaria was filled with. The trees were blackened, branches hanging and falling, leaves absent, and the grass was not green, but a horrid grey that seemed to fill as far as the mountains. "That is strange," Gustave said. "This seems like a fairly small place. I mean look around you, the mountains are so close to us. And there is no open space. The mountains encircle us, almost as if this place is entrapped in its grip. I don't know." Just then, an arrow had flown by his face. Voice noticed Gustave duck and roll and he quickly got into a defensive stance. "It came from the north," Gustave said quickly. Voice had equipped a bow and had strung an arrow, as did Gustave. "AHHRRGghhh." Gustave looked over at Voice. He had dropped his bow and was holding his wrist. Gustave looked over and saw that Voice had an arrow through his hand. "Voice!" Gustave yelled. "Are you okay?!" Voice did not answer, instead he looked up at the multiple warriors pointing their bow's at Gustave's and Voice's heads. "Drop your weapon," one of the warriors said. Gustave reluctantly dropped his weapon. A few of the others whispered to each other 'What are human's doing here' and 'Where did they come from, but their leader quickly put a stop to it.