Summary: Emilia Rose James is now 16 years old and has long since begun her life over again with her two brothers after the events of the past. What happens when she meets up with an old friend, who like herself, has changed. It's another adventure! Wait and see.

Note: Emilia Rose James and Lincoln Durham are my own characters and I own no one from American Outlaws and I am making no profit with this story. It's just for fun. :)

Author: Hey!:) Sorry for the long wait on the sequel.I'm not totally sure how and where it's going to go. It'll be slow, but it'll be worth it. Hopefully. ^^ I'm also working on 2 other stories at the moment.I'm a busy spirit.

I wasn't sure why, but I was tired. I was hardly ever tired at this time a day, so it hit me as odd. I'd had a good sleep the night before and my brothers even let me sleep in a bit.but I was tired. Though I was plagued with such a feeling, I wandered from front porch, where I had been sitting, to the barn. I knew Frank was in there, cleaning up a bit. I decided to surprise him. Maybe it would wake me up.

I peered into the window, which forced me to go on tiptoes. Though I had grown a good 3 inches in the last four years, the window was still a decent height. I snickered a bit as I watched Frank, bent down a bit with a horse hoof held tightly between his legs, his fingers tightly wrapped around an object while he dug at the rim of the shoe to rid it of dirt and mud. He had been doing it a lot lately as our horses had a habit of trudging in the mud after a good rain.

I bit my lower lip and slid around to the front where I pushed the door open a smidge. I then slid inside and hid behind Mac, who was standing silently in his stall. I hushed my horse, who was beginning to grow excited and I slid around the mammal to the stall door. Then, without any warning what so ever, I tackled Frank from behind and caused him to lose the horses hoof and fall forward. The horse, who happen to belong to Jesse, quickly knickered and took off down to the end of the barn and Frank let out a rather loud curse before pushing himself up and pulling his hat off in frustration. I quickly got up, a smile plastered on my lips. Then, before he could say anything harsh, I rushed forward and gave him a hug and just held him for a second. I knew if I did that, he couldn't get to mad at me.

'Emilia! Good lord, don't do that again.I mean it. You scared the behgeezus' out of me.'

I recoiled from the mold of his chest and tilted me head a bit, my smile fading as I tried to gain a serious expression.

'Sorry Frank.I won't do that again. Promise.'

As I tried to hide my smile that forced itself back on my lips, I gave a salute like nod. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep a smile away for long and Frank narrowed his eyes.

'What are yeh doin' out here anyway.aren't you supposed to be studying'?'

I glanced at him and sighed before leaning back against Mac's stall. The beautiful horse that was my own rested his heavy head on my shoulder and I ran my fingers idly down his muzzle as I spoke to Frank, who had reclaimed the horse and began to work again.

'It's boring Frank. I know astronomy. It's real easy. Besides, ever since I started school again, things haven't been getting done.'

Frank gave a sigh and switched hooves, after he'd been working for a good few seconds, he replied.

'That's beside the point Emilia. You need to learn something useful.'

I glared at him for a second before folding my arms gently over my chest and moving away from Mac's stall. I leaned against an empty one and picked up a hat that was resting on the tack trunk and placed it on my head.

'Maybe so.But I'll never be an astronomer.'

With a quick smile, I dashed from the barn, leaving Frank in the midst of replying and headed towards the house. No, I wasn't going to study. I was going to my room though, to do something else. When I slid inside my room, which was right next to Jesse's. I sat down at my desk and dug into the drawer. After a second of fumbling, I tugged out a leather bound diary and set it on my desk. Ever since the events that happened only four years ago.I'd been keeping a journal of life. I wrote about Ma, about my many life/death experiences, and of course, I wrote about Lincoln. I also wrote about my feelings, about my wishes and well.about my brothers. I decided to keep this entry short as I was going to go find Jesse.

'Dear Diary,

Today is the twenty second of the eight month and I'm not studying. Frank told me I should.but it doesn't do me much good. Hell, I know more about the sky then anyone will ever know. I'm not sure where Jesse is.I think he's in the back, working on a new wagon. He and I accidentally broke the old I told you before. Anyway, I'm going to see Jesse and maybe lend him a hand since I did help in the destruction. I'll stop talking now. Bye.'

When I was finished, I stashed it back in my drawer and slid downstairs. I decided to steer clear of Frank and just go see Jesse and so I did. When I came around the side of the house, I smiled a bit and decided against scaring him.