It's funny really, how the mind works. Lately I've been wondering why...why a day of silence at school pass so slowly, when a day in the forest, doing the exact same thing, pass so fast? I would probably never know, and suddenly, I really didn't care.

The week went by fast, but it was perhaps the best 7 days I've had since well... Ma died. Frank's wound had improved a bit, and he was even walking with crutches. But he still wasn't well enough to go gallivanting on horseback just yet. So we took refuge with this tribe of natives, who had almost become like a second family to us. We'd done so many things, and learned so many different ways to do things. Margonai had taken Jesse and I hunting in the forest, and Jesse shot a deer. I had cried for a good hour, but I got over it eventually. Margonai's sister had showed me how to stretch a hide. I got so frustrated that I stormed out of the camp, and Jesse had to come find me. When I got back though, I'd figured it out thankfully. The natives also showed me how to work a bow and arrow properly. It's odd, but I actually like it better then my pistol. Jesse couldn't figure it out, however, so he stuck with what he had. Margonai had taught me a bit of their language, and I had taken the opportunity to show it off a bit to Jesse. I was having a conversation with Margonai, and we pretended we were taking about Jesse. He got all agitated and grumpy, when infact – we were talking about absolutely nothing.

Yeh, I wish it had gone by slower, but I guess I can't complain much. I was still having fun, and it didn't look like it was going to end anytime soon, and I was mighty fine with that!

That night, everyone had gone into his or her teepees early. There was a big storm coming, and everyone could feel it. The livestock and horses were tied and tackled with hopes that the extra weight could save them if the wind got any worst then it already was. Fires were extinguished and thick ropes were attached to the teepee tops and pegged into the moist earth. Everything was prepared incase the worst should happen. I was rather grumpy about the whole thing. Being cooped up was not my idea of fun, and Jesse and Frank took the opportunity to catch up on their sleep, so I was alone and very, very bored.

I lit up the candle beside my bedroll and dug through my bag. There had to be SOMETHING to do...then I found a book. I pulled it out and gazed at it with a sigh, then realized – it was my journal! I hadn't written in it since this whole thing started and I got a sudden feeling of loss. All these days were left undocumented. I quickly looked for pencil, but my search was interrupted when the drape that separated my room from the rest was threw open.

It was Margonai. He crawled down to his knees and onto my bedroll with me. We had become very close this last week, and I didn't mind his proximity issues anymore. I quickly shoved my journal back into my pack and glanced at him. Not only had he taught me some of his native tongue, but I had also taught him some of my own.

' bored?'

His voice still held some uncertainty, as if he was constantly asking the question "Is this the way to say it?" through other words.

I nodded and flopped back into my pillow and blankets.

'Hell yes I'm bored... I mean, it's just a storm and I've been in plenty of them.'

Margonai smiled at me and tossed a strand of dark hair behind his shoulder.

'Storm is power. Storm stronger then my brothers and I. Storm has killed many.'

I glanced at him sideways, almost feeling sheepish for saying what I did. I hadn't realized that, living out in the wilderness, they may just be more vulnerable then everyone else.

'Yeh, I guess you're right...'

There was a silence after that, a long, uncomfortable silence that neither Margonai nor I had witnessed for a long time. We looked at each other a lot and then diverted our eyes. I began to feel slightly awkward. We had never had this problem before, and it was rather overwhelming. I suddenly felt butterflies soaring in my stomach and my chest began to knot. I could almost sense his intentions and I bit my lip, looking away from him and towards the necklace he had given me.

I swallowed quickly and cleared my throat, trying to break the mood, but Margonai's larger, dark hand fell gently on my own and I was forced to glance down. He stroked my knuckles, and I bit my tongue, almost wondering if I should break the mood or not... He suddenly shifted closer to me, and I jumped a bit. Honest to the god above, I'd never been in this kind of situation before and it was kind of creeping me out, but at the same was pleasant. He brought his other hand into the situation now, grasping both my pale hands in his own. He brought them up above the ground as he shifted around to sit in front of me, his legs crossed like my own. As he did this, a distant rumble of thunder was heard and the fast drops of rain against the teepee material was heard. The wind began to whistle outside, and there was silence upon that.

For a long moment, we simply watched each other. Then he whispered something softly.

"Emelia... I love you always..."

I looked up from our hands and stared at him. I wasn't sure what to say, should I say something... do I smile? Do I laugh, or cry? Do I didn't know! I was really confused, but he didn't let me say anything... No, I didn't have a chance. Because a few moments after he'd whispered those meaningful words to me, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against my own. I closed my eyes instantly, and shifted position, relaxing a bit, yet tensing terribly. He shifted so that he was on his knees and he pulled my hands down with his own. It was rather uncomfortable for both of us, so he let go of one of them and brought his fingers up, caressing my cheek gently. I exhaled, leaning further into him. He did the same, pushing me back slightly. I didn't panic yet...not yet. I was a smart girl, and I wouldn't let it go to far. He brought his other hand up now, and rested it gently against the crook of my neck, right behind my ear. I whimpered slightly and tried to pull away, unsure if I wanted to continue... but I didn't get far. He was much stronger then me, without even trying to be. I didn't do much after that, infact; I was like a branch on a tree, moving wherever the wind would take me. He finally broke contact and brought his lips away from mine, gazing at me with such intensity. My own eyes finally opened and I exhaled a trembling breath. We were so close... but... he wouldn't go any further, would he?

I went to say something, my lips parted and I wanted to say something. But again, he silenced me. This time, his embrace was more intense, more passionate. My stomach began to flutter uncomfortably and I realized maybe I should stop this now, before anything else happened. I brought my hands up against his bare chest and applied pressure, trying to push him away a bit. He ignored me. His hand crept up behind my head and held it in place. My heart pounded against my chest relentlessly and I whimpered once again, trying to give him a hint. I don't know if it was simply luck, or a big mistake, when my drape flew open and Jesse stalked inside.

'Emelia, I think –'

I saw Jesse's face change in those few minutes, as he stood there with the drape over his head, and a blanket in his hand. He wasn't smiling anymore, and he sure as hell wasn't impressed. Infact, his face began to boil and his eyes fell into slits of disappointment and anger. He let the drape fall back and in those few seconds of his presence, I desperately tried to get away from Margonai before my brother blew up. Margonai didn't let me go until Jesse's voice rose through the tent loudly, enough to wake anyone up nearby.

'Get the hell away from her!'

Margonai let me go all together and quickly shifted himself away from me, his face contorted with surprise and confusion. I was flustered, no doubt, but my eyes were watering feverishly all of the sudden and I quickly brought my clammy palms up and brushed the hair away from my face. Jesse suddenly reached down and grabbed my arm, jerking me from the ground and to his side. He stepped in front of me, staring down at Margonai who tried to say something in English that would make sense. Jesse didn't give him a chance. He stepped forward and curled his hands into the native's shirt collar and tore him from his crouching position. I swear... his feet were dangling at least an inch from the ground. Jesse's face was trembling and so were his hands as he slammed Margonai up against the teepee pole.

I gasped softly, jumping at my brother's sudden anger. I could understand why he was mad, but he was going a little to far. When Jesse slammed Margonai against the pole again, I spoke loud enough for him to hear.


He didn't look at me. In those few seconds, the drape opened again and Frank came limping in, rearranging his crutches so that he could lean on them properly. When he saw the scene, he asked quickly, without skipping a beat.

'What's going on in here?'

'This little shit... What were you thinking?'

Margonai stuttered, gazing at me desperately. Jesse rounded on him, opening his mouth furiously again.

'Alright Jesse, let the boy talk!'

Frank interrupted whatever Jesse was going to say, and Jesse exhaled in frustration, dropping Margonai on his feet and shoving him against the pole one more time. He crossed his arms and watched impatiently.


Margonai looked thoroughly upset, but he held his proud and unwavering appearance still. He bowed his head and spoke softly.

' sorry.'

'That's all you have to say, you –'

'Jesse! Let him alone. Look kid, get out of here and don't come back, you hear'

Frank was being really lenient in this situation, considering the circumstances. I didn't mind, because I knew if Frank were anything like Jesse was now, Margonai wouldn't have dashed through the drape and out of the teepee like he just did.

Now they turned their attention on me... me, who was backed into the corner of the teepee, me who stared at Jesse in confusion and Frank in silence. Me, who had just had my first kissed interrupted so outrageously. I looked away from them and down at my feet, crossing my arms wearily over my chest. Jesse was the first one over to me. They thought this was all Margonai's fault. They thought he'd taken advantage of me. They still thought of me as the little baby, as someone who couldn't take care of their damn selves. I didn't blame them for caring, but I knew if I told them the truth, they'd be disappointed... I didn't want that... Uggg... Why did I let this happen?

'Did he hurt y-'

'No, Jesse, he didn't.'

Jesse was slightly taken back by my assertiveness and he glanced at Frank. He passed it off and nodded, brushing some hair from my face. 'Come on, you can sleep in my room tonight.'

I just sighed, giving a nod. Whatever. I just wanted to sleep, I'd deal with this in the morning.