Shoe on the Other Foot (SotOF)

By Penmom

As you well know, the usual things apply. This is a short work that has been rolling around in my head for weeks. Place this in mid Season 6. Whether I continue is up in the air. Premise - Xander and Spike switch bodies Feedback! I love it - I can't wait to see what you make of this!

Chapter One - Captain Peroxide

In the scheme of things, Xander is ranking this latest catastrophe right up there with almost losing with virginity to a giant Preying Mantis. Being possessed by a hyena was much, much better - really. Being spilt in two isn't looking bad either.

It's two am by now and all of the Scoobies other than Dawn (asleep) and Giles (in England) are gathered at the Magic Box trying to sort out this mess. He is doing all he can not to panic. Which is worse he wonders - being Spike or being a vampire - it's really a toss up. Damned any way you look at it really.

And look at him, sitting there in his body - his human body - parked between Willow and Tara as they comb through book after book. He is on his fifth coke by his count - great, he's going to have gained 10 pounds by the time he gets his body back. 'Don't get too comfy buster.'

"Honey?" He is roused from his ruminations by Anya's singsong voice.

Looking up, he answers with a "Umm?" in response. The facsimile of his voice fashioned from these vocal cords is too much. Almost as bad as listening to that British slang coming out of his own mouth.

"Tara was just saying that it doesn't look like there's anything to be done, that it will most likely just wear itself out in a day or two. So, umm, do you --- want to head home or what?"

Just as he opens his mouth to answer, he catches the most irritating grin on his own face. It is disconcerting to say to least, too see that expression on his OWN face! His irritation grows and before he knows what is happening, it's like the face he is in is like tight or something and oh god, that's a growl coming out of HIS THOART!

"Well, damn, Harris. I didn't know I was such a handsome devil when I was angry" his alter ego quips.

Before he can stop himself, he has launched himself at Spike - no, his own neck. Next, he feels hands prying him off while Spike continues to look mildly amused at the scene.

He sits back down and attempts to pull down the demon's visage. Great, no luck. AND, he is the center of attention.

Finally he swallows his pride, "OK, Spike, here goes, how do you get rid of your even uglier mug?"

"Just think about it, make a mental picture of my usual handsome face and it should come easy enough. It's just too bad, I can't clean up your face so easily."

Xander suddenly realizes that Spike is baiting him that as long as he's angry, he's never going to manage controlling this demon. Taking a deep breath, he finally manages and the whole group lets go of the breath they've collectively been holding.

Obviously, no one is too convinced that he can manage the demon as well as Spike. Great.

A low cough draws his attention to Buffy, "I'm thinking that it might be a good idea if you two give each other a break for a while."

Leave Captain Peroxide with his body - he doesn't think so - no. "Buffy, there is no way in hell, I'm letting this --- this --- monster loose with my --- my EVERYTHING! No way!" Willow finally puts in her two cents worth, "Come on Xand, go on home, get some rest. You know, Vamp - get to sleep all day! Maybe when you wake up you'll be you!"

Anya stands at Willow's prompt and grabs his hand - that so not his hand - "Come on, really, it'll be OK."

Against his better judgement he stands, who knows if the chip is working and if he turns himself while in this body - well, that would just be stupid."

"Go ahead" Buffy chimes in, "I'll watch Spike, I promise."

With that Spike-shaped Xander lets Anya lead him out the door.