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Summary: During the part where Goku is going to take Cell away from the earth…

 My choice, my sacrifice, my life…


I saw him turn around to me with a cocky smirk, the smirk of a Saiyan… "No dad, I want to make him suffer, make him feel all the pain he has given everyone!"

"Please Gohan, before he gets any stronger, do it now!"

But he doesn't pay attention he keeps toying with cell. If he doesn't stop now, we can all be in serious danger. Then I see Cell, looking rather haughty himself. He glared at Gohan then the rest of us.

"Your all going to die," I hear him hiss. Then he starts gathering all his energy inside, and begins to expand. He gets bigger and bigger like a balloon with helium.  Gohan glares daggers at him and is about to attack, but Cell stops him.

"I wouldn't do that I were you boy, if you touch me, the whole world will explode by my energy burst," he cackles evilly.

Gohan stares in disbelief…he finally realizes what I meant. I see him drop out of his Super Saiyan state, and into his normal one. "No…you're lying!"

"He's right Gohan…" I said to my only son.

My son turns to me, and I see him full of regret. Everyone is looking at each other with worry and guilt for putting so much on a little boy.

"In a matter of minutes I will burst, planet and all," Cell said wickedly.

Gohan drops to his knees and is in his own little world. "It's all my fault…"

"What are we going to do?" I heard my best friend Krillin say.

"We need to do something!" Tien said.

But the truth is, they could do nothing, yet I could… I can use my instant transmission, and take him to somewhere else, so he is not to disturb anyone else…

I walk over to the high and mighty Cell, and I hear many gasp. I look at Gohan for a moment and hug him.

"I love you son, take care of your mother for me," I say and let him go.

This is my battle with Cell, to begin with, and to end with. I will not let such a thing destroy this whole planet…when I, Son Goku, the one who brings all the danger, can do something to save us all.

Though this sacrifice is big, I must take the risk…I must leave my friends and family behind…

I have a duel with darkness,

Some say a date with destiny,

Though that has nothing to do with life,

Never once was I shown empathy,

Now I must fight this dark battle,

Not taking a second look back,

I must trust my instincts for them,

My friends that always had my back,

Protection is the key for them,

Not once should they live in curse or sin,

And I shall not let them be injured again,

I have to take this risk of fatality,

I wont let you take my family,

The one's who cared the most,

The path that may be the immoral choice,

Is the one I have to take?

Meet me in the rink of danger,

So I can combat for verve,

I must die for you to vanish,

Deaths toll is what is in store…

I put my hand gently on Cell, and everyone gasps. I bow my head with sadness I must take this risk.

Gohan stares at me with tears in his eyes, and they are now streaming down his face. I look at him once more, "Good bye my son." And I vanish.

The last words I heard from me son were, "DADDY!!!!!"

Its just Cell and I on king kai's planet. He isn't too happy about that, and I stare at Cell.

"I will not let you kill all that I love Cell, this is my duel with you, accept it!" I said angrily.

Finally my last moment alive, I thought about my family. 'Chichi, Gohan… My choice, my sacrifice, my life.'


Kat: I thought my poem would go great with this story. :::sniff::: Even though I despise Goku, this was perfect.