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*Yugi's POV*

    Well I guess there is such a thing as happy endings…they just don't last forever. (Sigh.) Now that I look back on it I really don't know how to explain what happened to me, my Yami, and my friends. Nothing stays the same for long though. It feels like so long ago when we went to Duelist Kingdom and beat Pegasus at his own game. I'll never forget when that happened. But once you think it's over new threats come along. You either make enemies or you make friends, and sometimes you make both. I guess that's really the only way to describe Kaiba, even now…hehehe…Sorry I'm laughing at myself when I think about it. I mean we had our mix ups with people like Rebecca and Duke, but that didn't last too long. I guess the most memorable moment would have to be during Kaiba's Battle City.

Battle City…that's when Malik entered the picture. I didn't think anyone could've been as insane as Pegasus but I was wrong. Even Yami underestimated him. I mean he tried to kill us! I couldn't believe it. And when Isis told us of Yami's past I would have to say I was a bit speechless, but then again anything's possible. And then there was Bakura…(O)_(O) I felt so bad for Ryou. (Yeah that's what I have to call him now. The spirit liked the name Bakura so that's what he wanted us to call him, and Ryou…well is now called Ryou.) (*_*) Do you know how many times Me, Joey, Tristan, and Tea mistaken the spirit for Ryou? (-_-) A lot. Yeah um, Bakura and Malik I think were working together for a while. That was until Malik's uh own Yami blew him away. I think all our hearts cracked when that happened. After the Battle City tournament, all we could think about was Ryou…

Well anyways, I don't want to get into it, but Malik lost and his Yami was gone I guess. Isis took her brother back to Egypt and we didn't hear from them for a while. I guess Kaiba was still upset because he lost and all, but he thanked us just the same. We still don't have a mutual understanding of each other, and even though we've tried to befriend him countless times, he refuses to have anything to do with us. Yami's given up on him but I haven't and I won't.

Everything went pretty quiet after that. Joey ranked 5th in the world and he was REALLY close to beating Kaiba but at the last turn, Kaiba called forth all three Blue Eyes White Dragons, and well it was all over. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, that Isis returned all three God Cards back to where they belong. They were put away somewhere secret I heard, never to be bothered again. (Shrugging.) I guess that's it on that matter. You'd think everything would go back to normal but it didn't. Sadly to say the secret organization that works for Kaiba and set him up, and helped Pegasus with his scheme, was up to no good again. We were on a road trip and well the trouble started back up again. There were these guys with strange powers and well first they controlled Mai then they got a hold of me, and then there were three new DRAGON cards involved. Let's just say new enemies, new problems, and something new to fight for. I'm sorry I don't remember too much on that event, I was kind of under some hypnotic affect but let's just say we won. (^_^) Mai was freed, so was I and we even made some friends along the way. After that, everything went back to normal. Mai and Joey got a lot closer after that whole mess happened and Tristan and Duke once again were chasing after Serenity. (O_O) Tea was trying to pursue her dream of dancing, which I hope she makes, and Kaiba was…Kaiba. Oh yeah I forgot we met Pegasus again and I'm happy to say he's doing much better. He and my Yami have a mutual respect for each other now, thank goodness.

Well as I was saying, that's when this summer rolled around. For Yami's sake we went to Egypt and unlocked a few more memories. The whole gang came, by the way. Oh, and we ran into Isis. She was doing well, and her brother was slowly recovering. I can't really help but feel sorry for the Ishtar family. They've had a rough life. I offered to pay Malik a visit, to settle our differences, but Isis said seeing me would probably not be good for him right now. He was on some medication and all, but um…yeah. (Sweat drop.)

Oh now I remember why I brought this up! Shadi paid us a visit! Yeah that's right Shadi! He had helped us along the way every now and then but he only showed himself to me. I asked him why, and he said he had no interest in the others. But that day when we were in one of the pyramids, he showed himself to ALL of us, and freaked everyone except me out. Yami took over and asked what the meaning of this was. Well this gets a bit freaky because who should appear but Ryou!!! That's right! Everyone was so excited we were about to run and hug him, but Shadi stopped us. He said Ryou wasn't fully there yet, and he was right. If you took a close look you'd notice that Ryou's eyes were empty. It was as if there was no soul there. That's when Shadi explained everything. He told Yami, that the Tomb Robber's spirit was sitting in his puzzle as they were speaking that very minute. If you could've seen Yami and the others reaction, you would've fallen off your chair. (*_*) Well anyways, by the spirit taking residence in the puzzle, Ryou couldn't die. Even if he hadn't Shadi said he would've saved Ryou anyways. Right now Shadi was keeping Ryou and his soul locked away deep within himself, until he could find the Tomb Robber. I noticed the millennium ring around his neck and pointed it out.

"Ryou and the tomb Robber are one, they are the light and darkness, if one dies then the other shall too." Those are the words Shadi spoke to all of us…

Joey was pretty upset. He didn't want a creep like that Tomb Robber living again. Next to Y/M, Bakura was the worst. But we really didn't have a choice. If we didn't return Bakura to Ryou's body, Ryou wouldn't be able to live alone. So much to our distress, Shadi had to extract Bakura's soul from my millennium puzzle and place it back into Ryou's millennium ring. After that, Shadi began speaking in a different language and before you knew it, Ryou was back! 

"Yay!" That's what I cried out when he looked around clueless. It came as quite a shock to him to know two whole years had gone by. I hope his dad took it well, if he even knew Ryou was gone.

Of course it didn't take long, because soon after that Bakura took hold and sneered at all of us. Tea nearly ran out of the pyramid screaming, and well Tristan was trying to hide behind Joey and vise versa. I just stood there, and my Yami was glaring back. I guess you'd be upset too, if you knew an evil spirit was living deep inside you all that time.

Um, well Bakura was going to say something or do something, I don't know but it never happened. Shadi put his hand on Bakura's shoulder and Bakura whirled around. Bakura was about to attack him, but he backed off at the last minute when he noticed the millennium items Shadi had. That's when Shadi told him, that he was the thief he was looking for, who took Pegasus' millennium eye. Bakura sneered again and stepped back. The rest of us watched from a safe distance as Shadi explained.

"I shall separate the both of you, from eternal bondage, but it still remains, if one dies so shall the other." That's what Shadi said after Bakura and Ryou separated in two. I think that's around the time when Tea and Tristan passed out. (*_*) Uh…I guess it was a lot to handle. Um anyways there they were, Ryou and Bakura standing side by side, staring at each other. Bakura wasn't sure what to say, but Ryou was just standing there in awe.

"What's the meaning of this?" Bakura asked finally turning around. "It's simple really. I'm giving you both a second chance." That's what Shadi said. None of us really didn't know what to say.

"But heed my words Tomb Robber. I can unlock your mind whenever I feel, and if there is a plan to abuse the power you have, just a simple plan, you shall be judged and you shall be punished. That also includes killing your other half. Remember, if he dies you do too. I will be watching." Those are the last words Shadi spoke, and I'll tell you what, I've never seen someone so angry and nervous at the same time. Bakura couldn't say anything because I think he was scared. I guess that was the end of his world domination plans. I think all his hopes and dreams were shattered when Shadi said that, because he looked paler then usual. I felt pretty bad for him, because on the inside I think he was hurting. He spent so many years trying to do that, and now he was a prisoner to this world in a way, living the life like all of us, except with a millennium ring. I think Ryou sensed it too, because he tried to say he was sorry, even thought I don't know why, and the Tomb Robber just shrugged him off.

"So what now Tomb Robber?" That was my Yami speaking. He had his arms folded and he was looking pretty serious right then and there.

We waited what seemed to be forever but no one said anything.

Finally he spoke. "Just call me Bakura." The Tomb Robber said smirking. Wow, he gave us quite a shocker when he said that. I mean if you knew who this guy was, you wouldn't have expected him to say that! Anyways after that he walked passed us, and left. Ryou thanked us dearly but told us without words that he had to chase after his now separated Yami. My Yami nodded, and once again I was in control. After that, I think they flew back to Domino because we saw Ryou once we got back. Of course everyone was scared to go near him because of his Yami, so…uh…that was the last time they saw him, until the first day of school, which by the way hasn't come yet. I ended up being the only one who saw Ryou, and he was always coming to my house. Anyways, that was all for now. 

Oh yeah I knew I forgot something! Today in the mail, I got a letter! It seems Isis and Malik moved to Domino a week ago. Isis said they both needed to get away from their past, and it would get Malik away from so many troubles. She said this would let them both start a life all over again. I guess she bought the museum that held her artifacts in it. I'll tell you what, Kaiba's not the only wealthy person around here anymore. Well, Isis wrote that Malik was much better, but he was still very quiet and he'd been home schooled for a while, so living here for a change may help him come out of whatever slump he was in. I hope it does help. I know he's not bad, just confused. Oh as I was saying, Isis invited everyone who was involved with her brother, over for dinner as her way of saying sorry and thank you. The dinner's actually tomorrow! I think everyone else has gotten their letter by now, but no one's said anything. I'm not sure if their scared or not, but I think I should remind them. It would be rude if we didn't show up. The way she wrote, she seemed very excited. I think their just nervous because Malik's going to be there. (Sweat drop.) From what I heard Duke's going, Kaiba's coming, Tea, Joey, Serenity, Tristan, Mokuba, Mai, Ryou, and uh…I don't know why but I have a feeling Bakura might be there too. (*_*) This SHOULD be interesting, I dare say. Wow, this is going to be a busy few days here. School starts this Monday, and with this reunion coming up and all, I have to say I'm pretty excited. I can't wait to see everyone there together again! (^_^)

Well journal, that's really all I have to say. I'm glad I spoke my mind, because I really needed to get that out in the open. I don't know how tomorrow will go, but hopefully it won't be a repeat of anything like the past two years. Right now Yami's fast asleep, so I better go to sleep too. I'm going to need my energy, I'll tell you that. Hopefully Malik won't get too upset when Yami comes. Oh did I mention Yami and I are separated too!? Yeah it's true! Shadi asked us if we wanted to, and we both agreed. So right now he's living with us, but the same rules for Bakura and Ryou apply to us too, except our friendship's a bit better then theirs, or rather a lot better. Well, until tomorrow, Goodnight!

*End of Yugi's POV*

Yugi stretched his arms out wide as he yawned loudly. Rubbing his eye tiredly, Yugi stood up, closed his journal, and placed it in the corner of his desk. Tomorrow was going to be interesting.

8 hours, 34 minutes, and 46 seconds later-------

"Yugi! Yugi wake up! Yugi!!" Yami tried his best to wake little Yugi up, but I'll tell ya what, the little guy could sleep. Finally, the small, spiky haired boy started coming around, as Yami continued to scream from the side of the bed.

"What is it Yami?" Yugi asked sitting up.

"You slept in again." Was all Yami said as Yugi's eyes widened.

"WHAT!?" Yugi jumped out of bed in a hurry and tripped over the chair, crashing head first into the garbage can.

(---))___((---) "Uh Yugi while your getting ready I must remind you that Ryou called. He wanted to talk to you at HIS house. Personally I don't think we should come." Yami stated dully.

"Now Yami, just because Bakura's there doesn't mean we have to be rude to Ryou-

"Damn right it does!" Yami shot back, shaking Yugi's bedroom.

(O_O) Yugi said nothing. He simply got dressed, and ran down stairs, leaving Yami behind. Well Yugi did say one thing.

"If you don't come you're not coming to see Isis tonight!" Yugi yelled up, a smile plastered on his face.

Yami's jaw dropped, and 3 seconds later, he was down the stairs and out the door.

*Yami's POV*

Can you believe him!? How can he do that to me!? After all I've done for him, he goes and black mails me!? Th-that was NOT suppose to happen! So I don't want to see Bakura, who the hell would? I should've obliterated his butt first chance I got. (-_-) But NOOOO, I'm the Pharaoh so I have to show some discipline, and responsibility! I have to be the good guy! Every SINGLE time! Okay, okay I'll calm down now.

(-_-) So here I am FOLLOWING my aibou like a dog, over to Ryou's house. Now I have to endure Bakura's stupid temper and dirty mouth. How Ryou deals with that brat I'll never know. (-_-) Yugi sure didn't mind. If anything he was excited to see Ryou and that demon from hell. Of course I do feel bad for Ryou. I don't think anyone's seen him since the start of summer, in the pyramid. Then again, his father bought a new house and left for another expedition, so no-one knows where he lives. I know Tea & Serenity wanted to visit him but they were a bit afraid with his rabid half and all. Truly, I wouldn't want the girls going over there without someone watching that maniac. (-_-)

Well here we are, Ryou's house. It's really not a bad place. It's a bit bigger then Yugi's grandpa's shop and a whole lot nicer. I suppose the word to describe it is quaint. Personally I'd prefer a palace, but this IS Domino City we're talking about. I have to say its way too nice for Bakura. He should be locked away in the deepest, darkest, smelliest-

"Yami we're here!" My aibou chirped out to me, 20 feet ahead. Obviously, the way he was tapping his foot he wanted me to hurry up.

Well excuse me for wanting to take my time. It's not like I wanted to come. (-_-) Oh well, I guess I better hurry up and come like the good dog I am. (I don't deserve this I really don't.) Then again, if I didn't come he wouldn't let me go to the Dinner thing tonight and I wouldn't be able to see…Isis. (Sigh.) He might even tell somebody about my little infatuation. Damn, I thought I was in charge here!

"Yami are you okay? You look pretty pale." Yugi asked, pointing to my cheeks.

"I'm fine Yugi. Let us go in shall we?" I forced out a weak smile but my stomach was churning inside every time I stared up at the blue house. I did not want to go in. In fact I felt pretty sick right now.

Whatever hell we went through in the past, it did not compare to the way I was feeling when Yugi rang Ryou's doorbell. I kept thinking that white haired cobra was going to jump out and attack me! Hey, this isn't some kid who lost his freaking mind! This is another spirit just like myself, with a millennium item of his own! (O_O)

I decided right then and there I was going to turn around and haul it home when yep you guessed it, the damn door opened. (I think I'm in one of those moods again. After 5000 years anyone would.)

Well who should show up at the door but Ryou himself.

"Well hello there chaps, how are you?" A warm, innocent smile gleamed back welcoming us in. I smiled weakly as Yugi shook Ryou's hand. I really had nothing against Ryou, he was a wonderful person with a heart of gold, and who valued friendship as much as Yugi, Tea, Joey, and Tristan but his evil look alike REALLY was another story.

"Yami won't you come in?" Ryou asked, his eyes giving off that same innocent glow my aibou's gave off. Damn their innocent eyes!!!

Oh well. Right now I'm smiling to myself, because it must make Bakura sick to his stomach to endure that every day. Hmmm, now that I think of it, I wonder what Ryou's dad thinks of there being two of them. I wonder what excuse Ryou made up. Luckily for Yugi and myself, Grandpa fully understood everything, and welcomed me as a second child, though I must surely be 60 times his age. (-_-)

"Hello Ryou how are you?" Yugi asked looking around.

Ryou closed the door as I took my time walking in. I felt my life flash before my eyes as I walked in. Bakura was going to jump out anytime now and slit my throat I just know it.

Well at that very moment Yugi must've read my mind. "Hey Ryou, where's uh…Bakura?" I winced at his shaky voice. It was clear to Ryou and I he was nervous too. Well as usual Ryou smiled and picked up a glass sitting on a near by table.

"He's upstairs in his room. Don't worry Yugi you guys are fine. I think Shadi's words really sunk into him." Ryou replied walking into the kitchen.

"Oh that's good." I replied sarcastically, folding my arms as I looked around.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Yugi asked, rocking back and forth on his feet. I hate it when he does that! It drives you insane!

Ryou stopped and turned around. "Well, I wanted to talk to you in person about Bakura."

Bakura…It's always about Bakura!!! Now how many times did I save the world from domination!???!!!

"You see I was wondering if you could let your friends know that Bakura is coming and he'll be on his best behavior. If I told them they'd run away, but well Isis asked for BOTH of us to come. So yeah…" I watched as Ryou trailed off. Life I think had been hard for him. He can't make friends with his damn Yami around. I felt really bad, and I wish there was something I could do, but this time there was nothing within even my power.

"Sure Ryou of course." Once again Yugi's managed to cheer someone else up. If you could see how bright Ryou's face lit up, it would've indeed blinded you. I'm thankful Serenity wasn't here to see this.

"Oh thank you Yugi, thank you so much! I know if they just give us a chance, they'll see he's harmless now!" Ryou yelled out holding the glass tightly.

Bakura harmless!??? HA! Even Ra had to have fallen off his chair hearing that! What utter bull-

"Hey would you guys like some sandwiches?" Ryou asked, as Yugi chased after him.

"Sure, can I help?" That's my aibou. He's a helper to all. I must say, I do admire him for that.

Ryou smiled and nodded and they both disappeared in the kitchen. I let them go and decided to stick around Ryou's living room. I must admit I enjoy just keeping to myself occasionally. I guess that is where Kaiba and I are similar. BUT…that's it. (-_-)

I could hear laughing coming from the kitchen. It sounded so cheerful and pure you could only guess who it was coming from. I smiled to myself noticeably. There's no way Bakura could endure that without an aspirin or two. (^_^)

As I wandered around, I noticed a few spares of clothes in a basket and on the seat cushion near by. I must admit I always thought of Ryou as a neat freak but I suppose I was wrong. Then again that ugly white cobra was around here somewhere.

Just out of curiosity I picked up what appeared to be boxers maybe, and stared at them. They had puppy dogs on them. (0_0) I guess it took me back a step and I mean that literally. I tripped and fell on the couch, my head going right into the basket of clothes. Luckily Ryou and Yugi were in the kitchen. It wouldn't come off right if they saw a Pharaoh going head first into pile of laundry.

Well just the same I got out of there quickly still holding the boxers in my hand when who appears less then 8 feet away? Yes it WAS Bakura.

(O_O) Frankly I hate it when people give you that certain stare and believe me I've received a lot! He was just standing there, his arms by his side and he was wearing the SAME blue and white shirt he had been wearing in Battle City! I have to say Ryou NEEDS to take him shopping. But really that's not what irritated me. What irritated me was the fact that he had seen me fall into the pile of clothes and he was standing there like he was so much better then me. (-_-) The fool…

My gaze reverted into a glare as he stood there, his stupid white hair standing on end like some kind of wild animal. And yet he remained perfectly calm. It was only until he stared down at my hand, (You know the same one holding the boxers) that I realized I was still holding the underwear.

"What are you doing?" He said obviously disgusted with me entirely. Well being the cool, calm, collected one that I am, I just stood there serious and stern, giving him my most mature look.

"I was picking these up from the ground." I spoke as if I was so much higher in the food chain then him, and well I am.

"Is that a problem?" I sneered as I threw them in the basket.

Ugh, he just looked at me with those devil eyes and pointed at my face.

"Then what are you doing with my underwear on your head." He spoke simply.

(O)_(O) Please, PLEASE tell me it was just a trick! I couldn't have been that careless to let something like THAT happen in front of him! My heart was racing as I put a hand up to my head and pulled off a pair of white boxers. Damn my spiky hair! My hair annoys me to such ends sometimes!!

I…really didn't know what to say at that point. He just cocked an eyebrow up at me as

if he were my master or mother or something. How dare he.

"Uh…………well I…ahem." I casually shrugged it off and threw them in the basket as well, my face beat red. Dear Ra I've never been so embarrassed! I mean the white haired freak just stared at me as if I was a side show animal!

"I see, well if this is what you do at little Yugi's house I'd advise you not to do it here Pharaoh." Bakura practically spat the words out at me. But that's okay because I'm good at keeping a cool head in situations like this one.

"You're not one to be giving me advice you wretched animal!!!!!!" I lashed out at Bakura, pointing an accusing finger at him. I spoke so loud Yugi and Ryou came rushing in.

(-_-) Okay so I didn't keep a calm head, but I didn't use violence LIKE SOME PEOPLE!

"What's going on here?" Yugi asked getting between the two of us.

Ryou looked to his Yami, as if he knew who had started it. "Bakura please, Yami's trying to be nice to you, but he can't do it if you're going to make threats at him every time he comes in sight." Ryou said, as if it was expected. Little did he know I'm the one who fell into the pile of clothes. (*_*)

Well I was about to say something but Bakura's face was priceless. His jaw was practically hanging limp! (^_^) I wonder how it felt for him to be accused of a crime he didn't commit.

"What?!" He snapped his hair prickling up. "I did nothing aibou!" He shot out. I was almost positive he was going to attack Ryou. Well I very well couldn't let an opportunity like this one get away now could I? So what did I do? Well I merely helped the slight situation along.

"Now Bakura, it's time you take responsibility for your own actions. It's only fair and right." I stated as if I were his father.

Ha! The words were gold to Yugi and Ryou, who nodded their heads viciously, but it was venom to Bakura's ears! I swear if Shadi's words hadn't rang through him that exact moment, he would've jumped on me and ripped my head off if I gave him the opportunity.

Bakura growled lightly and stormed towards the steps an obvious smirk on my face. He really hadn't done anything wrong but I had my pride at stake here.

"I swear Pharaoh you shall die!!! I will dismantle you with my bare hands if I have to!!!" He snarled slamming the door to I guess was his room.

Yugi let out a frustrated sigh and motioned to me that it was time to leave.

"I'm sorry Ryou, maybe it was Yami's fault. He really doesn't know when to quit." Yugi spoke quietly as if I was his child!!! Which by the way I'm not! (-_-) You know I told him I didn't want to come but NOOOOO!!!

Ryou just nodded and opened the door. "Oh it's alright Yugi. I guess we'll just see you at Isis' home tonight. Goodbye."

Yugi smiled and I nodded as I raced out the door and down the road. I think they were giving me odd stares maybe a mile back but I wasn't sure I was out of range. Besides I had to pick out a perfect leather outfit, and so did Yugi. Isis was going to be there and I had my work cut out for me. It's been so long since I've seen her, actually it's been so long since I've felt that way about any woman! (Sigh.) I can barely wait. My only regrets are Kaiba and the ugly, white cobra I left behind. Malik, well he was just misunderstood. I actually felt quite bad for him, his father had done awful things and his Yami was no more controllable then Bakura was. His job was to protect my tomb too and I owed him that much. I just hope he's changed as much as Isis has described. Well I suppose ALL of us will find out. It's less then 7 hours away…

Zoeygirl: Okay an interesting start, but I had to set it up ya know? Hey I can't just jump to the good stuff ya know? Besides now ya know right? Well just to let you know this is mainly humor and romance so don't think it'll get angsty or anything. Well see ya later.