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Yami's eyes stretched from side to side as he stared at the one who he had fallen in love with apparently. Isis stood in the entranceway to Burger World, her clothing a little more updated, but the jewelry, eye make-up and hair style remaining very much the same.

Yami stood up and approached her, unsure what to say or why this seemed such a shock.

Yami: Isis. What are you doing-

Yami was cut off instantly by a pair of exotic lips placed upon his mouth. They were brief, and removed themselves as quickly as they had arrived, but it was all Yami needed to know.

Isis: Now Pharaoh. Will that answer your question?

Yami said nothing, only expanding his eyes bit further apart, his heart suddenly beating close to its limit.

Yami: Isis. (He said seriously.)

Isis frowned somewhat but regained a quiet and mature composure once more. "Yes Pharaoh?"

Yami: Please call me Yami. I'm not your superior at this day and age nor will I ever be. I will be yours.

Isis' face unexpectedly and strangely lit up, a fairly bright smile changing her smooth complexion. "Of course Yami."

Yami: Now have you ever been to a fair?

He asked grabbing her hand, and leading her to the way out.

Isis giggled, undaunted by Yami's unnatural behavior.

Isis: No, I can't say that I have.

Yami: Hmm. (Processing the thought seriously.) Well, neither have I. Let's go!

Isis: (Sweat drop.) O-KAY then.

The day went on marvelously, and everyone could be found, yep you guessed it! At the fair. The smell of popcorn, cotton candy, nachos and pig ears scented the air. The sound of children laughing, crying, complaining and singing was enough to drive a human mad! Only could a recognizable face here and there be made out through the crowd.

Bakura: Get out of my way before I separate your head from your neck! (He snapped.)

Man: Excuse me mister? (VERY large man.)

Bakura: (Glaring up.) You heard me!

Tea: Um sorry sir, he gets a bit cranky after he eats. Hehehehe. (Laughing nervously.)

Bakura: Easy for you to say, I'm cranky all the time.

A kid hopped by, spilling a few drops on the Tomb Robber as the man continued on his way.

Bakura: Watch it! Tea is this supposed to be fun?!

Tea: UH yeah.

Kid: Hey watch where ya going old man!

Bakura: (O)_((o) OLD MAN???!! I'll show you how fast this old man can run you sniveling mortal brat!

Tea stared horrified as Bakura took off through the lines of people, towards the kid who spilled the lemonade on him earlier.

Tea: OMG he's really going to kill him! Um Bakura!!!! BAKURA! REMEMBER WHAT SHADI SAID!! (Running after him.)

Joey: S-so Mai? Uh ya wanna go on da Ferris wheel or something?

Mai: Sure why not. Hey why are you stuttering like that?

Joey: Eh, I thought you were gonna be mad at me after I gave ya da cold shoulder and all.

Mai: Well, I guess I sort of deserved it.

Joey: (o_O) REALLY? Well-

Mai: Don't push it Joseph Wheeler!

Joey: (Grinning from ear to ear.)

Mai: Hey isn't that Serenity, Duke, and Tristan?


Duke: NO ME!!!




Duke: (Calmly) Well, you said bite you. I thought you really meant that.

Serenity: (Sigh.) Um couldn't we all just go?

Tristan: (-_-)

Duke: (___)

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