Finding Faeries

Pairing: DM/HP

Rating: Pg-13

Disclaimer: Except for Thistle and Lilith none of the characters belong to me.

The Harry Potter cast and world belong to J.K. Rowling and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland belong to Lewis Carroll.

Note: This fanfic is slightly AU. It takes place in Harry's sixth year and Voldie is

dead. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

Draco awoke slowly, his mind floating up through many layers of

warmth and fuzziness. He snuggled closer to the warm body he held in his

arms, drinking in their sweet scent. A small giggle from the other side of the

bed brought Draco's mind down to earth.

He looked at the person he held in his arms and froze.

'How the bloody hell did he get over here?' Draco thought as he

stared at Harry, who was sleeping peacefully.

There was a small giggle again. Draco looked up to see Thistle and

the cat, Lilith watching him with curiosity and amusement in their eyes.

"What are you looking at?" Draco growled at them as he carefully

detached himself from Harry.

Thistle smiled at him and stuck her tongue before bouncing off the

bed and dashing in to the bathroom. Draco glared at the bathroom door

and then, with a sigh, went over to the dresser to pull out his uniform and

robes. As he did this he also got out Harry's uniform and what he believed to

be Thistle's.


Draco looked down to see Lilith rubbing against his pajama-clad


"Hello, kitty." Draco said with a small smile.

He squatted down and started to pet the cat, who purred loudly

in absolute delight.

"Lilith likes you," said a sweet voice behind him.

Draco jumped slightly in surprise and looked behind him to see a

very wet, dripping Thistle with only a towel wrapped around her waist.

Draco quickly fought down his blush and trained his eyes on the girl's face.

"Really?" he asked politely in response to her statement.

"Yep!" Thistle said with a large smile, "She never lets anyone pet her

if she doesn't like them."

Draco smiled a little and nodded. That made sense.

"Does she like Harry?" he asked, glancing over at the sleeping boy.

"Yep, she loovvees him!" Thistle giggled, "I'll go wake him up and

tell him!"

"Get dried and dressed first, please." Draco said quickly, pointing to

her clothes. "I don't Harry would like to be woken up by a wet, towel-clad


Thistle frowned a bit, then nodded. Draco sighed silently in relief.

"I'll be in the bathroom then." he said as he stood up and went

into the bathroom, taking his clothes with him.

Harry was dreaming of the girl, Thistle. She was dressed like the

Alice from the book written by Lewis Carroll. But instead of blue and white,

her dress and pinafore were pale violet and black.

"Hello Harry," she said smiling gently.

"Hello," said Harry feeling rather confused.

Thistle held out her hand and Harry clasped it firmly. They were

suddenly in a room full of mirrors. They were not ordinary mirrors for the glass

was black like obsidian. There was a slight electrical tension in the air, like

before a summer storm.

"Where are we?" Harry asked as he looked around the room.

Thistle slipped her hand out of Harry's and turned to face him. Her

cheerful expression replaced by a serious but sad one.

"We're in the center of your mind, Harry. These mirrors hold your

memories." she said.

"Does everyone's mind look like this?" Harry asked, looking slightly


Thistle gave him a sad look and then looked away from him, her

eyes trained on one of the dark mirrors. She heaved a great sigh and then

shook her head.

"No, Harry. There are only seven humans in this world whose minds

look like this. Four of them are already dead."

"Who are the other six besides myself?" Harry asked.

Thistle turned and smiled at Harry. He noticed that her clothing

had changed and that she looked like the Mad Hatter. Her eyes sparkled

with an unholy kind of glee, making Harry feeling very uncomfortable.

"Sorry, I can not tell you who they are. But you can find out who

they are by yourself, or maybe with a little help." she said.

"B-but..." Harry stammered feeling rather confused.

"But nothing!" Thistle said as she pulled out a silver pocket watch,

"Oh, my! Look at the time! It's time for you to go."

Thistle smiled and clapped her hands twice.

"Wait!" Harry cried in alarm as a big, black, gaping hole appeared

beneath his feet.

"Good bye!" Thistle called cheerfully as Harry fell into the black


Harry was falling, falling ,falling. He felt as though something was

pressing upon his chest, making it hard to breathe.

'Help!' he screamed silently, closing his eyes tightly. 'Please help.'

"Harry? HARRY!" a voice yelled, "It's time to wake up."

Harry stopped falling. He slowly opened his eyes, the quickly closed

them with a groan.

"Harryyyy..." Thistle said while bouncing on Harry's chest, "Wake up!"

Harry moaned and sat up, making Thistle slid off his chest with an

'Oomph!'. He looked around the room, then squinted at Thistle, who was

wearing a variation of the Hogwarts uniform. The skirt was slightly longer, the

robes only reached her knees, the dress shirt had a peter pan collar and her

tie was pale violet and black stripes.

"Where's Draco?" he asked as he stretched. The dream had already

faded from his mind.

"He's in the bathroom." Thistle giggled as Lilith jumped up on the

bed and began to clean Harry's face.

"Greeaatt," Harry yawned as he picked up Lilith and got off the bed.

"Awake?" Draco asked as he came fully dressed out ofthe bathroom.

"Unfourtunalty, yes." Harry said as he picked up his clothes and went into the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later Harry came out of the bathroom, cleaned,

dressed and almost fully awake.

"Let's go eat!" Thistle said as she jumped around on the bed.

Harry and Draco smiled slightly.

"Let's go then," Draco said as he picked up Lilith, who purred in content.

Thistle jumped up off the bed and scrambled over to Harry,

grabbing his hand. With her other hand clasping one of Hazel's cloth hands,

she extended the doll's other hand to Draco who took it.

Both Harry and Draco felt an odd, warm jolt go through their bodies as the exited their room and headed down to the Great Hall.


Sorry if the story seems to be going really slow. -_-; Don't worry about why

things are the way they are ether because you'll find out soon. ^_^

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