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Shinigami's Pet Part I-

He had watched him for almost a year now. Longing. Wanting. That thin, muscular, lithe body was under scrutiny every minute that was available when those stunning Prussian blue eyes weren't drowning him with a stare.

Duo had noticed that he was sexually attracted to Heero about a year ago. Before that he had just thought their relationship was just as really good friends, but now everywhere he went, his thoughts were occupied with Heero. Just thinking of that body writhing in pleasure beneath him was enough to make him moan and stiffen.

Heero, however, was as indifferent as ever towards Duo as he was everyone else. Recently Duo had been debating whether to tell Heero that he loved him. He wondered what Heero would say. He would probably think that he was a freak and would hate him. Tears started to flow down Duo's cheeks. He knew it could never be. Heero was supposed to be in love with Relena. A ragged breath escaped Duo, his hands pulling at his hair, he was just so frustrated. He couldn't keep his emotions bottled up anymore. Just recently he had almost told Quatre his feelings towards Heero, but had checked himself in time. Nobody could know his condition as he put it, for that was what it was. Heero was like a drug and Duo the addict.

The door to his room clicked open and the object of Duo's thoughts was standing at the threshold. Duo wiped his face quickly before Heero could see.

"Come down to dinner." He said indifferently.

"Okay!" Came the happy reply. Duo noticed that he was hungry and what better time to admire his love then when he was eating?

Duo followed Heero's beautiful body down the stairs of one of the many safe houses that Quatre owned. Once at the bottom they proceeded to the kitchen.

"Something smells very good." Duo said from behind Heero.

"Then don't just stand there! Come sit down." Quatre called out. Duo promptly took his seat across from Heero to get the best view. Quatre brought several dishes of food and Duo dug in ravenously.

The beginning of the meal passed well. Duo sat listening for once. Quatre and Trowa were talking about different famous concertos by various musicians, while the conversation which Duo was paying the most attention to was between Wufei and Heero.

"Yes. She should be arriving tomorrow." Wufei looked a little less animated at these words. Relena wasn't one of his favorite persons.

Duo swallowed. Now he wouldn't have his chance to tell Heero his thoughts. He ventured out to confirm.

"Relena?" Heero turned to him.


"I see."

"She's gotten a bit better. Ruling a kingdom has brought some sense into her now that the war is over." Duo's breath hitched. Heero Yuy was complimenting Relena? During the war he couldn't stand her. He would say how she just wouldn't shut up. Duo felt sadness seeping into him. He needed air. He needed a walk outside to think things through. He stood up abruptly, catching the attention of everyone.

"I'm going out for a walk."

"Are you sure, it's pretty cold." Quatre sounded worried. It was snowing lightly outside and the temperature was around zero degrees Fahrenheit.

"I need some air."

"Alright." Quatre said giving in. Duo grabbed a long black overcoat and a black scarf. Stepping outside into the chilly afternoon, Duo shut the door behind him and started walking towards the park. Despite the small days, it was bright outside because of the snow. Duo started to cry when he was a safe distance from the safe house.


"He's been acting weird lately hasn't he?" Quatre said looking around.

"Yes, for once he hasn't been annoying and loud." Wufei acquiesced.

"He's probably just sick." Trowa said.

"I dunno." Quatre replied.


Duo's tears felt very cold as they slid down his cheeks. He sat down at a park bench. The tears had solidified and broke into small pieces. He just started pouring out everything he had held back recently. Silently tears slid down his cheeks in torrents, broken every once and a while by a sob. His head was down and his glove-clad hands dampened slightly as some of the unfrozen tears wetted them. He sudden felt a warm wash of air around him and he looked up. There was nothing there but the snow-covered pine trees. He tensed further if possible. The tears in his eyes were gone he had felt as if someone had come up and licked them away. Feeling almost as if someone was watching him, Duo looked around him frantically and found nothing. He decided that it was a little too weird and turned onto the path towards the safe house. Little did he know that someone was watching him from a nearby tree.


Shinigami watched as his love walked away after what he had done. He didn't want Duo crying over some mortal who was in love with another. Duo was HIS and his alone. He wanted that body underneath him. Lost in his touch. Moaning and writhing in the pleasure that he induced. Eventually Duo would be his. All Shinigami had to do was wait until the right time.


Duo walked quickly back to the safe house. He felt sleepy and had no idea how long he had been out. He walked up to the front door and inserted his key and opened the door, quickly stepping inside. It was quiet and dark. He walked into the kitchen. Everyone seemed to be asleep. That was odd. Nobody in the safe house went to bed this early. Duo shrugged it off maybe they went out somewhere although that hardly seemed plausible either, however, he looked around for a note. There was none. Duo sighed and decided to go to bed.

After completing his usual ablutions before going to bed, Duo curled up into the bed sheets, slowly drifting off to sleep. He vaguely wondered why he was so tired so early and his thoughts wandered back to the incident in the park before he snuggled further into the, falling into a slumber. He felt something warm encase him as he entered his dreams.


Shinigami looked down at Duo who was now snuggled into his chest. He had made sure Duo slept and had made his companions sleepy too. He had wanted to see Duo without interruption even though he could easily leave in a blink of an eye before anyone noticed. He looked at those perfect features, creamy skin covering an attractive body. Eyelids covered stunning violet eyes which he longed to see hazed in passion. Shinigami let out a slight moan. He just couldn't wait. Morning sent Shinigami back to his lair where he lay, abiding. Duo would soon be his.

--- Duo awoke refreshed, feeling much better than he had the day before. He felt like today was the day that he was going to tell Heero, before Relena came. He completed his usual works after getting up and headed down to breakfast in a reasonably happy mood as of late.

"Duo!" Duo turned and faced an angry Quatre when he stepped into the kitchen.

"What took you so long?" Duo only then remembered the warm flush of air.

"Sorry. I was lost in thought. It was nothing."

"That's good to hear! We had no idea where you were. You could have been killed or kidnapped..."

"I'm fine," trust Quatre to be worried, "honestly I'm okay."

"Alright, then, come eat breakfast." Quatre sighed. Duo just beamed and took a plate of food and sat himself in his usual position across from Heero. He stole a quick glance and started eating quickly.

"Um...Duo, are you okay?" Wufei asked almost timidly. "Lately you haven't really been yourself." Duo stopped in mid slice of his orange. He wished he could tell Wufei about the pain and frustration he was going through, but he couldn't.


"Okay then." Duo continued slicing his orange but his head was down. What could he do? Today was the only time he could tell him. He didn't know how long Relena was staying.

Breakfast finished up uneventfully in another fifteen minutes. Heero got up and Duo promptly got up to follow him. Heero looked back and saw Duo following him. He stopped.

"I need to talk to you Heero."

"Hn." Duo took that as a yes and sure enough he was allowed to follow Heero into his room, braid swinging behind him.

"What do you want?"

"Heero...I-I..." Duo sighed heavily, taking in a deep breath, it was now or never, "I love y-" He was stopped by Heero walking up to him.

"I know."

"You...you do?"

"Yes I do."

"...so?" Heero leaned forward and kissed Duo. It was bit brutal but he felt like he was in heaven. Heero tasted so good. Duo almost let out a moan; however, Heero stopped the kiss and walked towards the door.

"I'll be back to discuss this."

"Um...ok." Heero then left Duo standing in the middle of his room. Duo was ecstatic. Happiness brimmed in his eyes for the first time in a long time. Duo couldn't believe Heero loved him. Well he hadn't exactly said 'I love you' but kissing someone was definitely a start! Duo ran into his room and sat on his bed contemplating about what would happen next. What would Heero do about Relena? An evil grin spread against Duo face. Maybe he would kick her out.

After about half an hour Duo started to loose the happy gleam in his eyes. Where was Heero? Relena must have been here by now, but he hadn't heard anything. He walked silently down to Heero's room and knocked lightly. There was no answer.

He then decided to check downstairs before he alerted the rest of the guys. They would think he was stupid worrying for no reason about where Heero, the perfect soldier was, even though now there was a reason. Duo didn't want to tell them just yet until Heero and he had their 'talk.' Duo walked down the hall and down the steps stealthily. He checked the television room and found nobody. He then checked the study and the living room. Nothing. By now Duo was getting slightly worried. Did Heero leave to go somewhere? Did someone kidnap him? Who could kidnap the perfect soldier? Duo walked forward. He heard sounds coming from the kitchen and he walked silently towards them. He knew some one was in the kitchen. He perked his ears up even further and heard....moaning? Duo had now reached the bit of wall that had an arch constructed into it to get into the kitchen. The table was on the right and the cooking area in front of it. When looking straight forward you can only see the cooking area, there was nobody there. Duo tilted his head a fraction of an inch and what he saw made his heart stop.

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