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Shinigami's Pet VI-

What is going to happen now? What should I do?

Duo didn't have an answer. Life seemed so comfortable and simple not long ago, and now it seemed as if his had taken a nose dive into a sea of complication. However, he found that day by day he was starting to get accustomed to life. This frightened him at first, but now it was hard to show hatred for the Underworld or Shinigami for that matter. He almost enjoyed his company.

Unbeknownst to the other pilots, Duo was an avid reader and was open to learning new ideas and concepts. Shinigami took Duo to the library in the citadel and Duo was at a loss for words. Books piled high for a mile it seemed on dark bookshelves. Large windows looked upon an ocean front. It was majestic in its own beauty. Shinigami had smirked at Duo's face as he walked through the gargantuan doors.

"All you have to do is say the name of the book you want and it will appear before you. There are books from this realm and most all the books from the mortal world."

Finally, an escape from the thoughts around me. Duo could forget about Heero and Relena now. He could just lose himself in the books, and there certainly didn't seem like there would be a shortage anytime soon.

Duo did something that surprised both Shinigami and himself that day. Duo ran up to him and wrapped his arms around the slender waist of Shinigami and buried himself into the dark fabric.

"Thank you," came a muffled voice.

Shinigami smiled and picked Duo up and cradled him in his arms. He carried him to a soft chair and set him down, kissing him passionately, yet tenderly.

"I should be back soon. There is important business I must attend to." With that Shinigami took Duo's lips for one last time before departing.

Duo touched his lips. For once in his life he felt loved. At first, it seemed that the only reason that Shinigami kept him here was lust. Now it felt like he was loved even though he saw lust in Shinigami's dark eyes at times. He had never felt the same in the mortal world. Everything there just seemed so superficial now.


Duo had read for hours, soon falling into a slumber eventually as the day wore on. Little did he know a storm was brewing outside, pushing the window open and sending the window flying open, letting in the icy rain. He unconsciously started shivering as the rain started collecting on the chair and on him. Night fell quickly, the sky turbulently rumbling while rain continued to fall.

That was how Shinigami found him. He smirked at picked Duo up into his arm. Duo awoke groggily, looking up at Shinigami. He nuzzled deep into the folds of Shinigami's robes. Shinigami set him down on a bed, eliciting a whimper from Duo at the loss of warmth. With a flick of his wrist Duo was in dry clothes and snug in the warm bed. Shinigami lay down and wrapped his arms around Duo's waist. Duo smiled and lay his head on Shinigami's chest.


The storm raged, rattling the window panes. Heero sat on the couch in the living room thinking about what was going to happen in a matter of days. He hoped the weather would improve for his wedding with Relena.

Quatre walked in with Trowa, sighing. He seemed to be doing a lot of it of late. They had almost given up on finding Duo. They had looked everywhere, hacked into every database and even using the legal way of finding a person after they had exhausted all other ideas.

"Where could he be?" Quatre asked for the billionth time, his voice cracking.

Trowa sighed, "We must move on if it comes to that."

"He's right you know." Wufei remarked solemnly as he walked in.

"I just don't understand why he would want to leave." Quatre sobbed out.

"He must have had his reasons." Trowa replied in a soothing voice.

"But he could have told us. We would have let him leave, or we could have solved his problem."

"Well, we ought to respect his decision if that is, of course, why he left." Wufei said from the couch. "True. We don't even know if he was kidnaped or..." Trowa carried off.

"Don't say that!" Quatre exclaimed.

They all looked at Heero as if expecting him to say something. Silence.

"I bid you good night." Heero got up to leave, followed by Wufei.

"Do you think he knows something?"

Trowa sighed again, "I'm not sure. He hasn't really said anything throughout this entire affair, but he isn't the talkative type. He likes his action to speak for him."

"I suppose you're right."

"Let's go to bed." Quatre acquiesced and followed Trowa up the stairs.


Duo awoke, very comfortable and warm. He kept his eyes closed for several minutes before opening them. He sat up, stretching his knotted muscles. Shinigami was gone. A note lay on the night stand.

My love,

Matters of import call to me. I will return by the time night falls.


A velvety, black rose lay alongside the short note. Duo picked it up and brought it to his nose. The sweet scent was alien to roses in the mortal world. It smelled so much fuller and sweeter. He set it back down and crawled reluctantly out of bed. He was glad to see that there was no chain attached to his wrist or any weights around.


Duo passed the time reading and exploring the citadel. It was, in fact, very beautiful. Shinigami returned, as he said, right as night fell. He found Duo reading in front of the fire place in their bedroom.

He snuck behind him, and wrapped his arms around him, preventing Duo's head from moving around. Duo tensed for a moment and then lay his head against Shinigami's chest.

"Come with me."

Duo obeyed, following Shinigami as he got up.

Shinigami sat on the edge of the bed, pulling Duo onto his lap. His hands roamed over Duo's body hungrily and while his lips found Duo's neck and now bare chest. Duo moaned when he felt Shinigami trail hot kisses down his neck. Shinigami then took Duo's lips.

"We are taking a little trip tomorrow. I don't wish to do this to you but it must be done" Shinigami said as the kiss broke away.

Duo had a sick feeling growing in his stomach. "Where to?" He choked out?

"The mortal realm." Duo tensed.


"That stupid mortal and his would-be wife's wedding is tomorrow."

Duo felt himself choking. The color drained from his face. WHAT! This can't be happening. He wouldn't marry Relena. Would he?

The breath seemed to be caught in Duo chest. What was going on? The same Heero Yuy who had always said how much he hated being around Relena wanted to spend eternity with her? Something was definitely wrong, or so he hoped.

"We will leave tomorrow in the morning. This must be done. I must prove to you that he does not love you so you will be mine forever."

Shinigami already knew that Duo was slowly falling for him and this would just be the nail in the coffin.

"But...I already lo-"

"Shh...wait. The time isn't right yet."

"If you want, you can ask your friends if they wish to live in the Underworld. I will make them immortals if that is what you wish."

Duo just wanted to fall into an eternal slumber and never wake up ever again.


That night was a fitful one. What will everyone say when they see me like this? What will they do? Will they come with me? Duo wasn't sure if he wanted them to come or not.


Morning came all to soon for Duo. He was decked out in all black as usual. Looking good enough to eat. Shinigami looked his usual lusty self.

"Shall we proceed?"

Duo sighed. "It's not like I have a choice. Why do you bother asking?"

Shinigami smirked and Duo followed him. They stepped into a warp field and transported to the mortal earth. Duo blinked at the surroundings. They were in the neighborhood he used to live in. They walked to the safe house. Duo stood in front of it, staring.

"Come. We must go to the wedding."

They transported to the wedding location.


Heero stood dressed in a tuxedo. The formalities were over and Relena and he were officially husband and wife. Now most of the guests had made their polite excuses to leave. They would be attending the reception later that night. The usual gang stuck around. They were sitting and chatting with the newly wed couple.

"What is that?" Wufei exclaimed, pointing at the warp. Everyone just stared.


Duo could see their outlines. He caught sight of Relena's wedding dress and he felt like a knife had gone through his heart. They transported in front of the sitting pilots and Relena.


All of them just stared in shock at Duo and Shinigami. Duo looked stunning with his leather pants, wings, shirtless upper body and tattoo along with the fact that he wore a fang earring in one ear and a small black pendant in his neck.

"D-Duo?" Quatre managed to stammer out. He made to go up and hug Duo but was a pushed back by an invisible force. Shinigami's right hand was up in the direction of Quatre.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Nobody touches him with the exception of me." Came the silky voice.

"Duo where have you was?" Wufei shouted.

"I believe I have to take credit for that." With that Shinigami explained what happened and what was going to happen.

"I plan on keeping him forever. You three," he said pointing to Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei, "have the choice of following Duo into the Underworld where you will be mad e into immortals."


All throughout the whole exchange, Heero and Duo stared at each other. Heero couldn't believe Duo could look so damn sexy and Duo was thinking how he couldn't believe that Heero had married Relena.


"Come Duo."

Duo spread his wings and flew the short distance to Shinigami, his tattoo flashing in the light. Duo looked expectantly at Quatre, Wufei, and Trowa. No response.

"So you shall not come? Well it's not like Heero has a choice, he will die whether he likes it or not. You three will live mortals and die mortals."

Duo gave one last look before falling into Shinigami's embrace and then they disappeared.

"I cannot believe what I saw." Wufei stated weakly.

"That was not Duo, did you see the way he looked? He looked so, so..." Everyone knew what Quatre meant but didn't say it out loud.

"So he is gone again. We could have gone with him." Trowa said gravely. "It wouldn't have mattered. Who knows what Shinigami would have done to us there. Maybe we will see Duo again." Wufei said looking up at the sky.

"There is nothing to be done now."



Duo felt odd. He couldn't describe how he felt as they reached the citadel. Heero didn't love him. Shinigami was the only person who showed him love.

"Come here."

Duo followed and he saw a beautiful diamond and silver glass sitting on a stand.


Duo obeyed, drinking in the succulent tasting liquid. He put the magnificent glass back down.

"It will feel odd at the moment, but trust me it gets better."

Duo's hand flew to his mouth. This must have been the immortality potion.

"Too late now."

An ethereal glow emanated from Duo and he could feel his blood evaporating, it was so hot. Then there was a wave of coolness and then everything stopped. The next thing he knew was that he was in a bedroom and straddled on a bed by Shinigami. He knew what was going to happen next...



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