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Who Goes There? - Part 1

By Diane Maher

          The Doctor was working in his laboratory located in the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce [UNIT] headquarters somewhere in London.  His new assistant, a petite, blond haired young woman by the name of Josephine Grant had recently been assigned to him by the man in charge of UNIT, Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.

          At the moment, Jo entered the lab carrying a small Christmas tree.  Her training was as an agent, but the Brigadier had foisted her onto the Doctor as his new assistant.  Today, she was putting up Christmas decorations on the lab walls.

          "Doctor?" asked Jo.

          "What is it, Jo?" asked the Doctor as he looked up from his work.

          Jo asked, "Do you mind if I put some decorations on that old antique of yours?"

          "Yes, I do mind," replied the Doctor flatly.

          "Oh.  Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you," Jo said.

          "What are you doing?" asked the Doctor.

          "Did you forget already?" asked Jo.

          "Forget what?" asked the Doctor.

          "It's nearly Christmas! The next thing you know, it's going to be 1972!" Jo replied, exasperated.

          "Oh.  Maybe I'll have this circuit sorted out by then," the Doctor commented.

          "I'm going to get some more decorations," said Jo as she headed out the door.  She returned a few minutes later and silently went about her business.

          With a sigh, the Doctor returned to staring through his jeweler's magnifier as he micro-welded a tiny junction on the tetrahedral-shaped circuit.  His still nonfunctional dematerialization circuit kept him stranded on Earth.

          A moment later, he put down the micro welder on the lab bench.  He held up the circuit to the light and examined it further.  He smiled; thinking he finally had some success, he went inside the tall, blue police box to install the circuit in his ship's console.  His ship was very unusual and known as the TARDIS [Time And Relative Dimensions In Space].

          A couple of minutes later, the Doctor came out of the police box with the circuit still in his hand and looked around for his sonic screwdriver.  He squatted down and looked in a drawer close to the floor.  The Brigadier burst into the laboratory followed by a cloud of noxious, choking yellow gas.

          "Doctor!" the Brigadier called out before he collapsed to the floor, unconscious.

          Still squatting on the floor, the Doctor replied, "What now, Brigadier?"

          "Brigadier!" Jo exclaimed from the far side of the room.  "Doctor!" Jo coughed and stumbled around the lab bench where the Doctor was engrossed in the search for his tool.  "Doctor, there's a cloud of gas in here! The Brigadier is unconscious and we've got to get him out of here to some fresh air!"

          Jo's shouting was enough to get the Doctor's attention.  "Jo! Why didn't you tell me this in the first place?!" he scolded.  He stood, looked over the lab bench, saw the Brigadier's prone form and went over to pull him to safety.  They headed towards the window when suddenly there was an explosion.  The window shattered and glass shards flew into the lab.

          The Doctor looked around and the only safe haven they had from the insanity occurring in the lab was that of the TARDIS.  "Come on, Jo, help me get the Brigadier into the TARDIS!"

          When they entered the machine, they laid the Brigadier on the floor for the moment.  The Doctor quickly turned the knob that closed the doors.  The ship was fully functional except for the dematerialization circuit.

          After a quick examination, the Doctor said, "I think he'll be all right in a minute.  He just needs some fresh air."

          The Doctor turned to the ship's console, flipped open a small black panel and inserted the circuit he'd been working on.  As he closed the panel, he reflected on the fact that his own people, the Time Lords, had put blocks in his memory so he could no longer properly operate his ship with complete freedom.  That was his punishment for his incessant meddling in other cultures, to remain on one planet, in one time.  It was enough to drive him insane at times, but he had to live with it for the time being.

          He activated the scanner to see what was going on in the laboratory outside the TARDIS and saw nothing but the cloud of noxious gas.  Suddenly, the time rotor began to move of its own accord.

          "NO!!!" he shouted as he frantically pressed buttons and turned knobs to try and stop what was happening.

          "What's going on, Doctor?" Jo asked, puzzled.

          "The TARDIS has just taken off," the Doctor whispered.

          "Taken off? How?" Jo asked.

          "It dematerialized," the Doctor replied.

          Still confused, Jo asked, "What happened and where are we? This can not be the interior of that police box in the lab!"

          "It is," replied the Doctor.

          He had told her that the TARDIS was a ship, but by the look on her face, she'd never believed him.  Now that she was inside it, she looked as if she still couldn't believe her eyes.

          Her expression turned to one of concentration and she said, "And you just said that we're moving."

          The Doctor nodded.  "Yes, Jo."

          The Brigadier stirred on the floor and coughed.

          "Brigadier!" Jo exclaimed.

          The Doctor went to a wall and pressed a button.  A cot slid out silently from the wall.  "Let's get him over here so he can rest."

          "All right," Jo replied.  They carefully moved Lethbridge-Stewart onto the cot.  "Doctor, what is happening?"

          The Doctor frowned.  "The Time Lords have seen fit to turn on their remote control of my TARDIS."

          She looked at him, puzzled.  "Who?"

          "My people," the Doctor replied, with more than a little disgust in his voice.  "The Time Lords have seen fit from time to time to inform me that danger is coming towards Earth.  Like that time just after you became my assistant when the Master came to Earth prior to the second arrival of the Autons."

          "Ugh! They tried to take over England by using those flowers which sprayed a plastic film over the victim's nose and mouth right?"

          "Yes.  As usual, the Time Lords have decided to make me do their dirty work for them," the Doctor replied.

          "You make it sound as if they don't want anything to do with anyone outside their own circle of influence," Jo commented.

          "They don't.  That's mostly the reason I left Gallifrey.  The damned politicians insist on a policy of strict nonintervention.  Except when it suits them!" the Doctor shouted as he shook a fist towards the ceiling.

          The Brigadier sat up then and bellowed, "Where on Earth am I?"

          "You're not on Earth," the Doctor replied.  "At least not right this minute."

          The Brigadier frowned.  "Doctor, what the blazes is going on here? What was that attack?"

          The Doctor turned to face him.  "How should I know? I was peacefully working on my project in the lab when all hell broke loose.  As far as where you are, you are inside my TARDIS."

          "What? Do you mean that ridiculous police box in the lab? In that case, let me out at once!" the Brigadier demanded.

          The Doctor shook his head.  "I can't.  Not until the ship lands."

          The Brigadier stared at him.  "It doesn't feel like we're moving!"

          Suddenly, the scanner on the wall came to life.  "Doctor? Are you there?" a male voice asked.

          The Doctor looked at the screen and saw the President of the High Council of Time Lords addressing him.  "I am, Lord President," he replied.

          "Doctor, we have noticed a grave disruption in the space-time continuum," the Lord President began.

          "Go on," said the Doctor.

          "We have investigated it and found the origin of this disruption to be on Earth, near a place called Hammelburg, Germany, in the year 1943."

          The Doctor thought for a moment and asked, "And you want me to straighten it out so the Time Lords don't have to get involved?"

          "Yes," the Lord President replied.

          "What if I refuse?" asked the Doctor.

          "This event is of such magnitude that it could change Earth's history as you know it from 1943 forward.  It would affect you where you are in 1971.  You may be in exile, but the High Council thought you should be aware of the situation."

          "And since I'm already here and expendable..." the Doctor muttered angrily.

          The Lord President looked at him slightly askance.  "I didn't say that."

          The Doctor was losing his patience.  "You didn't have to!"

          "Good-bye, Doctor! And, good luck!" The screen went blank and the TARDIS landed.

          "WAIT!! You didn't tell me anything!" the Doctor bellowed at the now blank screen.

          "What was that all about? Who was that man?" the Brigadier asked.

          "That, my dear Lethbridge-Stewart, was the President of the High Council of the Time Lords on Gallifrey.  He has told us where and when we are going."

          "What do you mean, where and when?" asked the Brigadier, confused.

          "You heard him.  Hammelburg, Germany, 1943," the Doctor replied.

          The Brigadier looked over at Jo Grant and she shrugged and rolled her eyes heavenward in complete disbelief.

          The Doctor saw this exchange and noticed that the time rotor stopped moving.  "I see that neither of you believe me."

          The Brigadier said, "You have to admit, it is rather difficult to believe, Doctor.  I mean, we're going into Earth's past?"

          "Yes, isn't it," the Doctor replied sarcastically as he activated the scanner to see what was outside the ship.  All he saw was complete darkness.  What the? he thought.

          "Well, Doctor? Where are we?" Jo asked.

          He checked his instrument panels and they confirmed their location as just outside the town of Hammelburg, Germany in 1943.  "We're exactly where the Lord President said we should be, with one minor exception."

          "What is it?" asked Jo.

          He checked another instrument.  "We've materialized underground," replied the Doctor.

          "Can we get out?" asked the Brigadier, concerned.

          "Let's see."  The Doctor activated the switch that would open the doors and they opened inwards.  The trio walked outside the ship.

          "Where do you suppose we are?" Jo asked as she flashed her light around outside the TARDIS.

          "In a tunnel of some sort," the Doctor replied as he looked around after closing the TARDIS door.  They walked around the TARDIS.

          "Look, Doctor! There's a light down this way," the Brigadier said.

          They walked down the tunnel towards the light.