Vanilla Rain By Marshmallow Scurrie ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Rain beat steadily down on Sakura Haruno's pink head as she struggled and fought with the now damp and foul smelling canvas that Master Kakashi had given her and her fellow team mates, Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. They had been given a week off from training and Kakashi suggested that they went camping and all but Sasuke agreed, but with alittle begging from Sakura, Sasuke agreed to go although he had planned to spend his free week training.

Pushing her wet hair back, Sakura continued fighing with the tent only to have it fall when she thought she had succeeded. "Damn this cursed thing, and damn Kakashi for giving me this pile of crap." she muttered under her breath.

Looking around she saw that the others had already set up their tents with little or no problem and were probably relaxing inside mentally laughing at her.

Fustrated, Sakura started to punch and kick the stubborn material before giving up. Sitting beside the heap of material, sighing Sakura took out her sleeping bag, crawled inside it, and went into a fitful rain soaked sleep completly unaware of the person in the tree above her, looking down at the tossing, shivering girl.

Swiftly he jumped from the branch he was on, picked up Sakura and headed into one of the tents.Inside he peeled the wet sleeping bag off of Sakura, careful not to wake her up and covered her up with his own sleeping bag.

"Sasuke..?" Sakura mumbled as she rolled onto her side, eyes half open and focused on him. Sasuke froze and stared at the half-asleep girl, his heart racing but he didn't need to worry, withing a few minutes she was asleep again.

Sighing he sat down beside the sleeping girl, watching her as she slept. Not knowing what he was doing, he lightly ran a finger down her face which caused the girl to stir but not wake. He knew that Kakashi would probably give them both hell for being in the same tent, but he didn't care he was with Sakura and knew that Sakura would argue about having a no good tent.

Time passed quickly for Sasuke and he found himself fighing to stay awake. Deciding that it would be best to sleep and be rested for tomorrow. Sasuke crawled under the sleeping bag, laid beside Sakura and fell into a dream about killing Itachi.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ A/N: Oh my.. ;; ;; this is a SasuSaku of course with a hint of NaruSaku and KakaSaku.. not as much but eh.. R&R flames welcomed.. they'll keep me nice and warm and will cook my marshmallows!