The horrid night of waiting tables finally ended. By the end of the night, the enraged manager had almost kicked the Twins out after Two clumsily knocked over a candle on the deck and nearly caught the place on fire. When the fire trucks left, the Twins, covered in smoke and ash, walked to the room that separated the dinning area from the kitchen. One sighed while sitting down in one of the chairs. Two could only stare in silence.

"I'm sorry." Two said softly. One didn't say anything. Two lowered his head and sighed. A little while after, the manager came into the room where the Twins were and told them to leave before anything else happened. It was the moment both of them had been waiting for.

The next morning Two was the first to wake; though he didn't know why he had awakened. He groaned and winced at the pain he felt go over his body. What had happened to him? Two moved to a sitting position in bed and carefully touched his arm. His hand pulled back at the pain. He glanced over at the digital clock. The huge numbers that read 5:30 could be seen through the darkness. He felt stiff and sore all over with a pain he couldn't describe for he had never felt such pain in his life. Two reached over and patted One's arm, but One only mumbled something in his sleep and buried his face in his pillow. Two patted harder.

"One, wake up! Please." Two called through the darkness. Getting impatient with his brother, Two firmly slapped One's arm. One yelped in pain and jerked up then stopped with his mouth half-hanging open. He too felt the same pain Two had felt and was feeling.

"Ahh! What is this pain?!" One slowly got up.

"What do you mean? I'm the one feeling pain." Two cringed at moving.


"Yes! That's why I woke you up. I can't seem to move an inch without feeling stiff and painful."

One flipped on the night table lamp and looked in Two's direction.

"What's the matter?" Two asked at seeing One's expression on his face.

"Your face, it's all red." One managed to get out.

"So is yours." Two looked puzzled.

One pulled up the sleeve of his silver nightshirt and looked at his arm. It was red too.

"What has happened to us?!" Two was about to start crying from the pain.

"I don't know, but don't you start crying." One slowly got up and made his way to the bathroom where he looked himself in the mirror.

"Blimey! I look as red as Persephone's red dress!" One turned his head to the side. "Two,"

"Yes?" Two called from the bedroom.

"I think we're sunburned." One gently touched his cheek then winced in pain.


"Yes, from when we went surfing yesterday."

One returned to the bedroom, grabbed a suitcase and opened it. He took out one of the sunscreen lotion bottles and looked it over.

"We're such idiots." One shook his head. Two looked at him curiously, trying not to move unless it was necessary. "This is to help prevent sunburns." One threw the bottle into the case and walked over to his bed.

"What are we going to do?" Two asked.

"What else can we do? We phase."

Both Twins suddenly became transparent for a few minutes, hovering over their beds in a ghost like fashion. After awhile they returned to their normal selves without a trace of sunburn on them and their skin back to its normal pale color. Two ran his hands over his arms and smiled. No pain.

"Now we can go back to sleep." One yawned before reaching for the light. A few minutes after the light went out and the Twins settled down in their beds, the troublesome guy down the hall started blowing his trombone again. Both Twins turned to look at each other through the darkness and groaned.

"Go see what you can do to make him stop." Two mumbled, trying to cover his head with his pillow.

"Me make him stop?! Hah! I've had more than one run-in with that guy. The last time I tried shutting him up he showed me another use for his slide. Uh uh, I'm not going to bother him this time. You go do it." One turned over and covered his ears when the trombone hit a bad note.

"Alright, I will!" Two got up and walked out into the hall and up to the door the sound was coming from. He hesitated then started pounding on the door. The trombone stopped. Silence then the sound of the door's lock clicking. The face of the guy who had haunted poor One showed from behind the door.

"Er, hey!" Two swallowed. "Would you be so kind as to stop blowing that horn? You see my brother and I are trying to get to sleep and it's kinda keeping us awake." Two grinned. The guy continued to stare then turned and closed the door in Two's face without saying a word.

"How rude!" Two said to himself before walking back to his room.

"So, how did it go?" One asked through the room's darkness.

"He slammed the door in my face without even saying a word!" Two angrily said.

"At least he didn't wrap a trombone slide around your neck."

"Yeah." Two sighed.

"Whelp, I can't go back to sleep." One got up and felt around in the darkness for his clothes.

"Where are you going?"

"Down to the hotel's café I suppose." One walked to the bathroom and shut the door.

Later, in the hotel's ritzy café, the Twins sat at a table over beside one of the windows. By now it was around 7:00 and the Twins were exhausted from the previous night. Two had his arms crossed on the table with his head resting on them. His eyes were supposedly closed, although One couldn't tell for his shades. He felt like doing the same thing himself, but refrained from doing so for fear of everyone staring at them. Instead he leaned back in his chair, crossed his arms over his chest and tried to get in a comfortable pose. A few times he nearly drifted off to sleep, but jerked himself awake before he could. It wasn't long until he heard snoring coming from the other side of the table. He turned his head toward Two, who was the one making the snoring noises.

"Hey." One nudged Two's arm. Two jumped and slowly turned his head to face One. "You're snoring." He smirked.

Two frowned.

"I was not snoring. I don't snore."

"Oh, but you were." One laughed a little. Two ignored his brother and laid his head back down on his arms.

"I'm going to the desk for a few minutes." One again nudged Two. Two nodded and mumbled something before One got up and left. As One made his way through the crowd of people, he wasn't paying much attention to where he was going and stumbled into someone. He looked up and into the face of the guy who had given him trouble many times before.

"You!" One gasped. "Why can't you leave me alone?"

The guy started for One, but One had about all he could take. Just as the bully grabbed hold of One's silver coat and pulled him up, One phased from the guy's hand. The bully's eyes widened in fright before he searched the area.

"I'm right here behind you, stupid."

The man spun around and One was standing, arms crossed, in the doorway leading into the lobby. He phased again, this time going down through the floor and coming back up a few inches in front of the guy.

"Gonna wrap a trombone slide around my neck now, buddy?" One sneered while looking the man in the face. The guy grew pale, turned and started screaming for all he was worth while knocking over tables and waiters and shouting something about the hotel being haunted.

"Serves you right." One mumbled before finally making his way to the lobby.


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