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=Chapter 1=

"Dammit! I don't get it," Muttered a messy haired, hazel eyed boy known as James Potter. He angrily punched a pillow across the boys' dorm so it made a loud 'thump' against the wall.

"Thinking of the Lily of your life again, prongs?" asked his blue eyed best friend, Sirius Black.

He grinned as he watched his best friend pace the room.

"I tell Snivellus to back off her and she gets mad at ME!" He retrieved the pillow and through it in at the door.

Just then the door opened to reveal sandy haired Remus Lupin who had just got hit by a pillow. He glanced at it, then at James, and finally looked to Sirius, "Let me guess," He grinned, "Thinking of this afternoon again?"

"You got it, Moony," Sirius answered not taking his eyes off the frustrated James.


"Don't you think you were a little hard on him, Lily?" asked Ness, a dark haired, brown eyed girl.

Lily took her eyes off the book she was reading to look at her best friend, "what and whom are you talking about?"

"She's talking about this afternoon," Piped up the blonde haired, dark skinned girl, Belle who was sitting to the right of Ness, "About how you told Potter that you wouldn't go out with him if it was the choice between him and the giant squid." She grinned as she thought about what happened.


Flashback (Not that you'll need it)

"Leave him alone," Lily repeated. She looked at James with every sign of great dislike, "What's he done to you?"

"Well," said James, appearing to deliberate the point, "It's more like the fact that he exists, if you know what I mean…."

Many of the surrounding watchers laughed, Sirius and Wormtail included, but Lupin, still apparently intent on his book, didn't, and neither did Lily.

"You think you're funny," she said coldly. "But you're just an arrogant, bullying toerag, Potter. Leave him alone."

"I will if you go out with me, Evans," said James quickly. "Go on… Go out with me, and I'll never lay a wand on old Snivelly again."

"I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the giant squid," Said Lily.

End Flashback


Lily shuddered at the thought of her going on a date with Potter, "I don't think I was being mean at all! In fact, I think I was being truthful." With that said, she put her book back on her knees and apparently began to read again, although her eyes weren't moving.

"We should go now," Ness said, taking away Lily's book, "The end of the year feast is going to start in a bit."

The three girls nodded and left.


"I can get any other girl I want! Why not her?" James asked as he chucked a pillow at Wormtail.


"Get over it, prongs! Let's just go! The end of the year feast is going to begin," Moony looked at his watch as he got up.

"Whatever," James got up, took another pillow and through it at Wormtail.


The next morning, everyone started to load the Hogwarts Express getting ready to go home.

"So, what's going to happen this summer?" Padfoot asked as he and his friends entered the last compartment, "I'm staying over at your house like always, Prongs, What are we going to do this year?"

"Not sure yet," Prongs looked at Moony and Wormtail, "What did you parents say? Are you coming or staying?"

"My mom said I could go, long as I send her an owl every week," Moony rolled his eyes.

"My mom and dad said no," Wormtail answered sulkily, "We're going to the states for Summer."


"Dang! I think all the compartments are taken," muttered an angry Belle.

Lily's face lit up as she pointed to the second to last compartment, "That one's open!"

The three grinned and entered it.

"What should we do now?" Lily asked each of them.

Belle pulled out a deck of muggle cards, "We can play Jin, Go Fish, Poker, Crazy Eights-"

"How about," Ness interrupted, grinning mischievously, "we play Strip poker."

The door opened, and Frank Longbottom's girlfriend, Alice walked in shyly, "Do you guys mind if I stay in here for the ride?"

"Not at all," Lily smiled sweetly, "In fact, we were just about to play a game."


"What should we do now?" Wormtail asked, after 15 minutes of the train ride.

"We could always do something with this," Padfoot smirked as he pulled out a chocolate frog.

Prongs grabbed it, and whispered an incantation to make the chocolate frog-


Lily, Alice, Belle, and Ness heard a loud explosion from the compartment to the right.

"I'll go check it out," Lily said putting down her cards. She slowly walked out and closed the door behind her.

"Should we tell her that she's only wearing her bra, panties, and a sock?" Alice asked.

"Naw," Belle and Ness said in unison.


"That was bloody brilliant, Prongs," Moony said as he wiped chocolate from his face.

Just then, the door slammed open to reveal Lily Evans wearing her underwear, and a sock. Prongs looked her up and down, grinning at the view.

Lily looked at the four of them, "I would have thought it was the marauders! What were you doing?"

"Nothing," Padfoot answered wearing a feigned look of innocents.

Lily rolled her eyes and walked out.


The three girls looked up at Lily when she walked in.

"It was the marauders," Lily said, shaking her head.

"Um," Ness bit her lip, trying not to laugh, "Did there happen to be a cold breeze there?"

Lily shut the door behind her, looking wide eyed at her friends. She then looked at the cards, and her jaw fell open. She looked down at the few clothes she was wearing.

"You guys didn't stop me?" she asked looking angrily at them.

They backed away from her a bit. Lily had a HORRIBLE temper. The cautiously shook their heads no.

Lily then snorted a bit, which soon led to laughter, "You- guys- should've- seen- Potter's- face," She managed to say between her guffawing.

All four of them began to laugh, and soon the compartment was in hysterics.

Lily put on her clothes and walked out the door, trying not to laugh. She left it wide open as she walked towards the compartment to the right.

The three girls heard the marauders' compartment door open, and then heard Lily's voice say, "Sorry about that! I just wanted to show you guys something you'll never see from me again!" They heard the door shut, and began to laugh again.


Hours later, Moony woke up the rest of the marauders, "We're at kings cross station," He said.

They all departed grumpily, without as much as a glimpse of the girls. Wormtail said his goodbyes and left for his mother.

Moony, Padfoot, and Prongs went to go find Mrs. Potter.

"What are we going to do for vacation?" Prongs asked after they found her.

She forced a twitchy smile and said, "We're going to go visit Mom in Paris. They told us to go the Muggle way… Our flight leaves tomorrow."

"Fantastic," Padfoot muttered to them as soon as Mrs. Potter was out of ear shot, "A summer with the nagging buffalo prongs calls grandmother."


Lily said her goodbyes and eventually met up with her parents.

"Guess what, Lily-kins," Her dad asked.

"Hmm?" Lily looked at them.

"We're going to go visit your favorite cousin in Paris!" Her mom said as she gave Lily a big hug.

"When we get home, get packed, because our flight leaves tomorrow!" Her dad hugged her, and they were off.

=End Chapter=