(I don't own G-gundam but I do claim me)

This is a one shot fic about me and how my life use to be and I'm including some G-gundam characters.

"Roses and Broken Promises"

I wait in the cold pouring rain for him, yet he still doesn't come. This is very much like my ambitions they always seem to fall short. I feel so cold both inside and out, but I don't care anymore. The promise Jeremy made had been broken again.

"Sigh another day, another cold, this is the life I have to take hold."

"Oh well it's just as well, no one cares. I see so many couples walking alone sharing an umbrella."

Rain: "Oh Domon so lovely tonight even if it's raining"

Domon: "You're right Rain, I love you" *kisses her. *

"Alas three I'll never hear from any man, I'm standing here freezing. My coat is so wet, my eyes are red from crying, I guess love is just not meant for me."

A/n I hope Assassin Gundam don't mind me borrowing his character.

Allenby: "I'm so glad we are together Albert you know how to treat a woman."

Albert: "I know you look so beautiful Allenby." *Walking along together with love in their eyes*

"Such a beautiful sight too bad I'll never experience it though, but that's life some of us get love. I'm apparently one of the class who doesn't."

Sai: *smiles at Cecil* "I'm so glad you're here."

Cecil: "I'm so glad to be here. Sai you know I love you." *Kisses him lightly on the lips*

Sai: *dazed and confused* "Let's go Cecil."

I walk on noticing more pairs walking as I desperately try to keep warm. I try to pretend that things didn't end as tragically as it did.

"Oh well I stand alone in the cold rain, but everyone has someone. However, I'm still left out in the cold, and this is getting old on my beat up heart."

George: *enchanting Maria Louise with a rose* "For you Mon. Cheri."

Maira: "Oh George you know just how to steal my heart."*Both walk along the garden together*

"Ah roses such a sweet romantic notion, I got roses from Jeremy. However, he keeps leaving me in the night, and he's probably found someone prettier than I."

I continue to walk on the Rain is beginning to let up, but the storm in my heart rages on. I run into someone who's walking the same street, someone who I'd expect to have someone.

Chibodee: "Oh I'm sorry here let me help you."

"Thank you well. I guess I better get going." *While shivering and coughing*

Chibodee: "You seem so cold, why not stay with me uh what's your name?"

I finally look in his eyes with my red and tired eyes. "My name is Rebecca, and I know who you are. You're Chibodee Crockett correct?"

Chibodee: "Yes I am, well Rebecca you look tired and upset. So I'm going have to insist on staying with me."

"Oh no please don't trouble yourself."

Chibodee: *smiles charmingly* "No trouble at all."

"Ok I guess I have no choice but to accept your kind offer. Even though a man is the thing I want to take care of me."

Chibodee: *putting his jacket around me* "Come on not all men are bad."

"You're right, I guess I'm not meant to love anyone."

It was staring to rain again, but I didn't expect Chibodee to put me under the umbrella.

Chibodee: "Mind telling me why you're out here? I was talking a walk to calm my mind since Shirley and I had a huge argument."

"Well I got left by a guy that I thought would love me but I guess I was wrong."

Chibodee: "Oh well no wonder you look so broken up. I don't understand why would someone leave someone as pretty as you in the cold?"

"Isn't it obvious I'm not pretty enough for anyone * a tear falls down my cold peeked face. *

Chibodee: "Don't say that I think you're pretty. Even though you look like you had a rough night."

"Thanks for being nice Chibodee, but I'm not really all that pretty."

Chibodee: "You're very pretty Rebecca."*kisses me tenderly*

I blush pretty badly that was one thing I didn't expect that at all. "Uh Chibodee what was that for? Was it because you felt sorry for me?"

Chibodee: "You will see later on Rebecca, and no it isn't because I feel sorry for you."

"Huh? Ok I'm confused, but uh thanks for letting me stay."

Chibodee: "You're very welcome, someone has to heal your pain."

"Are you serious, but I fear my pain is quite deep."

Chibodee: "yes, and I'm determined to help you Rebecca."

"Chibodee are you doing this out of love?"

Chibodee: "yes Rebecca out of love." ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Ok. This may suck but oh well Chibodee help me out. Anyway hope you all will enjoy this, even though it isn't a Shirley, or Allenby and Chibodee fic.