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Summary: When in middle school, Sakura and Syaoran are in middle, they made a promise that on prom night, they would save the last dance for each other. Now the day has come, but will both remember the promise, or will it be forgotten?

Our promised dance

Chapter one: Revealing secrets

Flash back

In the halls of a middle school, there was a girl with Auburn hair, who was talking to a chestnut colored haired boy. Both laughed and smiled.

"I cant wait till graduation tonight Syaoran-kun!" said the girl meekly.

"Whatever Sakura-Chan," Syaoran sighed.

"What's a matter?" Sakura pouted, "You don't like me anymore?"

"Oh hush Sakura, its just…the days are numbered you know?" he said.

The thirteen-year-old girl dropped her head, "Yeah, your right, we're almost out of middle school…"

"And we might not see each other as often as we think, high school is a rough place," Syaoran frowned.

Sakura then looked up and smiled, "Syaoran, promise me something."

He stared at his friend with his questioning amber eyes, "What?"

"Promise me that on prom night of our senior year in high school, that we'll have the last dance," her emerald stared at his amber ones for a while.

"Hmmm, I don't know, do I really want to dance with Sakura?" Syaoran said teasingly.

"Li, Syaoran!" Sakura fumed.

He laughed, "I'm just joking, sure, promise!"

Both shook hands, and walked out of the school, waiting until graduation came…

End of Flashback

Almost three and a half years passed from that fateful day, and the gang was in their senior year. Touya left off to college and Sakura and Tomoyo had grown up a lot, along with Syaoran and Eriol. All four did nothing with out each other. They ate lunch together, went to the mall together, even though the boys dreaded it, and well, everywhere!

Graduation, and the senior prom were coming up, and everyone was celebrating. Tomoyo and Sakura were going after school for prom dresses, and Syaoran and Eriol had a fake excuse not to go.

"So Syaoran, who are you asking out to the prom?" Eriol asked while sitting on his bed.

"Dunno," he replied dully.

Eriol stared at his friend and shook his friend, "you seriously have problems dude. Come one! All the girls at school are dying for you to ask them! Well not Tomoyo…at least I think."

Syaoran cocked and eyebrow, "Do you seriously think I would even consider Tomoyo as a prom date? I mostly consider her family!"

"Yeah I guess so…what about Sakura?" he asked.

His dark shade of amber met his grayish blue stare, "What about her?"

"Don't act stupid with me, I know you had a crush on her, heck the whole school knows! Well except Sakura herself I guess…"

Syaoran's cheeks turned a shade of scarlet, "I don't know what your talking about, were just friends!"

Eriol smirked, "Oh come on you sly dog, don't try to fool me."

Syaoran still had a bit of a blush, but shook his head. "I think that Makato guy already asked her out."

"And she rejected him," he said back. "She said something about a promise…"

"She remembers?" Syaoran said in disbelief.

"You lost me."

His amber orbs stared at his friend, "On the last day of eighth grade, Sakura and I made a promise to save the last dance at prom for each other…"

"HA so you do like her! You remembered something like that! Syaoran likes Kinomoto!" Eriol yelled happily.

At that same moment, Syaoran's mother walked in, "Is that true! Oh how cute! My baby is growing up!"

Now…Syaoran was embarrassed beyond all eternity.


The two girls have been searching for a prom dress for hours. Both girls wanted something elegant and charming, and some great colors. They went to a popular store called, 'Mayumi's Tenshi.' They decided if there weren't one dress they could find, Tomoyo and Sakura would make them their selves.

"I can't believe that there isn't one dress that would suite us!" Tomoyo complained.

"Me neither, they are either a bit sluttish, or snooty," Sakura sighed.

Over the years, Sakura grew out her auburn hair to her shoulders, and her emerald eyes were a bit lighter than usual. Tomoyo had her same violet hair, but had lavender streaks dyed into her own hair. Her amethyst orbs were still the gentle and warm ones that seemed welcoming.

Both girls sighed and gave up; they would just make their own dresses. "They'll be better than anyone else's!" Tomoyo said.

"Yeah! Except…I am a bit scared of needles…" Sakura started.

Tomoyo laughed at her cousins tactics, "Don't worry Kura-Chan, you just design it, and I'll make it!"

Sakura sighed, "Thank kero you're my best friend and cousin.

The girls started walking out of the mall and made their way to Tomoyo's studio. She had started her own designing and fashion job, and was doing excellent work. Soon they made it to the studio and out of the blue ended up on prom dates…

"Sakura, why did you reject Makato? He is such a nice guy…" Tomoyo started, but Sakura cut her off.

"You don't understand Tomoyo-Chan, its like I am not suppose to go with him only…"

"Syaoran?" Tomoyo asked teasingly.

Sakura blushed and looked away, "I didn't say that!"

"I can't believe you Kura! Syaoran has had a crush on for like ever!" her cousin exclaimed.

Sakura was shocked, "What? No way…Syaoran and me? He doesn't even like me like…well that!"

Tomoyo smacked her hand against her forehead, "I thought you weren't dense Sakura. He has liked you since sixth grade! Everyone knows it, and you're the only one who didn't!"

She shook her head, "Well anyways, it is about a promise Syaoran and I made, but he probably forgot."

"What was it about?"

"On the last day of eighth grade, Syaoran kun and I made a promise that the last song of the night on prom is to be save for us…"

"Aw how sweet…" Tomoyo said.

"But its nothing, forget it, we need to get planning on our dresses!" Sakura shouted.


Later that night when Sakura went home, Tomoyo called Eriol. "Moshi, moshi, Eriol speaking."

"Its Tomoyo."

"Her what's up?"

"Just a little get together plan…"

"About Syaoran and Sakura?"

"Yeah, they made this promise and…"

"I know, and Syaoran thinks Kura forgot."

"She thinks he forgot…"

"So what's your plan?"

"Well you know how Syaoran is running for prom king…"


"Well what if Sakura runs for queen? I mean, everyone likes her and all…"

"Are you kidding me? Sakura wouldn't be caught dead being a prom queen!"

Tomoyo laughed, "That's why I will enter her information for her. Who knows her better then her own cousin?"

Eriol caught on and started laughing also, "And she wont be able to withdraw so we have a plan!"

"I am such a geinus."

"A clever neko. Well see you tomorrow at school."

"Bye Eriol!"

"Ja ne."


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