Old Friends Introduce New

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Chapter 1

The girl shoved her face into a pillow, tears running down her face. He'd done it again, and he probably didn't even realize what he'd done. That baka. She was Kagome, not Kikyou, when would he get that through his head? They were different people! Yet, he seemed to see them as different sides of the same person. The two timing jerk.

She sighed, mentally shaking herself. 'I have to stop doing this to myself.' She got up, going downstairs to fix herself a meal. Her mother was away, apparently visiting an old friend from school. Souta had gone with her, and her Grandpa was visiting one of the other few shrines left over, which was halfway across Japan.

She made ramen, absently remembering how much Inuyasha liked it. Heck, he tore through her bag one when they'd run out, frantically hoping there was some still left. Her jaw set. Well, she'd see if she brought him anymore ramen.

She finished her meal, washing the dishes and about to go see what was on TV. As she started to pick up the remote, the phone rang. She frowned, she didn't really want to talk to anyone right now. She grimaced, picking up the phone.

"Hello? Higurashi residence."

"Kagome, is that you? I was hoping you would be home, I've been calling every few hours the past couple of days."

"Mom? What's wrong? You know I wasn't even supposed to be home until Wednesday, today's only Monday!"

"I know dear, but lately you've been coming home early, and I hoped to warn you before we came over."

"Warn me? 'We'? Whose we?" Kagome was utterly confused right now. "Aren't you visiting an old friend?" At least, that's what the note her mother had given her said.

"Yes dear, and that's the we. When me and Souta come home, we're going to bring company. My friend has a son about your age, and they're going to be coming with us for a little vacation. Could you get the guest room ready?"

Kagome briefly wondered what her mother was thinking. What if Inuyasha came for her while their guests were here? How would they explain the dog-eared boy? Then again, with Kikyou there with him and the others, why would he need her? She set her jaw, and forced a cheerful tone through the phone.

"Sure Mom! The room's only made for one though, what-"

Her mother cut her off in her own cheerful tone, though it wasn't forced like Kagome's. "Oh, only my friend will be sleeping in there, her son will sleep in Souta's room . Now I have to go dear, we're going out and later we'll all be packing. We'll be there sometime tomorrow dear, and don't worry about the lack of groceries, we'll pick up some on the way over. See you tomorrow dear!"

"Ok, Bye Mom!" She hung up the phone and frowned, she'd forgotten to ask their guests names. Well, she'd learn them tomorrow. She shook off her black mood, telling herself that for a few days she could be a normal teen, no demons, no miko powers, no two-timing hanyou who saw her and a corpse as the same person, no Feudal Era! She grinned and set to work at cleaning up the guest room and the rest of the house.


The black haired boy sighed, he was skipping school again, but now it wasn't just out of habit. Keiko...she'd broken up with him. He didn't even know why. She'd just said it was too much stress to worry about him every time her went on a mission. Why would she worry? He always came back. all right, so most of the time he didn't tell her when he was going, but there was no need to worry about him!

He was sitting in a tree branch, listening to his mother's friend talk on the phone to her daughter. Most of the conversation slipped by him. Apparently the girl agreed to whatever her mother was talking about. Oh joy, they were going on vacation. Like Koenma would let him.

A moment after that thought went through his head, a girl sitting on a paddle with blue hair appeared in front of him. He fell backwards out of the tree, grunting as he hit the ground. "Botan! Warn someone before you do that?"

The girl shrugged. "Sorry Yusuke, but Koenma wants you in his office as soon as possible." Suddenly a portal opened and they both ended up in the office of the ruler of Spirit World. He looked agitated.

"Yusuke! I need you to-"

Yusuke interrupted, he had told his mother he would go on this silly trip and nothing short of the world ending would break his promise to his mother. Enough people didn't keep promises to her, she didn't need her own son to break a promise.

"No can do toddler, I promised my mother I'd go on this stupid trip to her friend's shrine in Tokyo."

Koenma stopped, staring at him, his brows furrowing. Yusuke, refusing a mission? What, there weren't many shrines in Tokyo, maybe...

"Actually, the mission I want to give you has to do with a shrine in Tokyo. It's one of the few left, the Higurashi shrine."

Yusuke blinked, that was the shrine they were going to! "What the hell? That's the shrine that belongs to my mother's friend! Why would I get a stupid mission having to do with a shrine?"

Koenma fought back a smile. Why indeed, but he had known about the 'vacation' and thought this was the perfect time for one, but it was also a great opportunity to find out where that miko energy was coming from.

"Well, it has to do with miko's. There aren't many left anywhere, and most of them are weak. But a couple of years ago, miko energy was sensed coming from that shrine. The problem is, this wasn't just a weak little miko whose powers flared up. This is one powerful miko, and the power only seems to be growing. Yet, sometimes it disappears altogether. I want you to go find out what's going on at that shrine, and who this miko is. Most of all, find out what the miko knows about demons. Botan will check in for a report every few days."

'And if she is who we think she is, this mission is going to be a lot harder than you think. The Shikon Jewel...let's hope I'm wrong, that jewel caused enough problems 500 years ago, we don't need any trouble with demons sniffing it out now.'

Koenma turned his attention to Yusuke who looked confused.

"That sounds great toddler, nice easy mission, right? One question."

Koenma motioned for him to go on. He had though he had explained everything adequately.

"What the hell is a miko?"

Koenma fell out of his chair.


Kagome watched as the car pulled into the driveway. It was the family van, and she could see through the window as her little brother pulled his stuff out of the car, talking rapidly to a boy in green who in return would comment once in awhile. She giggled, she could tell the boy wasn't really listening by the bored look on his face. Still, it was nice he was trying.

Kagome glanced at her mother, seeing she was looking at her and motioning for her to come outside. She went outside, she had just come from school an hour ago, and hadn't bothered to change out of the uniform. She wore it everywhere anyway.

"Mom, your home!" She saw Souta give her a look and grinned. "Oh yeah, and you to squirt." Souta rolled his eyes. "Stop calling me that Kagome!"

"Why? It's so fun to see you get angry." She grinned, normal, this was normal, what she wanted. Her brother and her arguing, and her going to school. Normal. Ok, an old friend of her mother's coming over with her son wasn't normal, but it was better than the Feudal Era.

Mrs. Higurashi smiled at her children's antics. "All right you two, don't start now, Kagome stop baiting your brother and come over here."

Obediently Kagome walked over, her steps light and happy. Mrs. Higurashi frowned, there was something in her daughters eyes...Well, they'd have to to have a mother to daughter chat later, and see what had happened this time.

"Kagome, this is Mrs. Urameshi, and her son Yusuke."


Yusuke was barely listening as the kid started rambling on, he was thinking about what Koenma had said about this place, and miko's. Yeah, there was definitely a lot of strange energy around here. That was miko energy? Where was it coming from?

He resisted the urge to start looking around. Despite the kid's rambling, he was a pretty good kid, and Yusuke had a soft spot for the little guy. Besides that, apparently only the family lived here, so it had to be the girl right?

He jerked himself out of his thoughts as said girls came out. He blinked, yeah, the power was coming from her. She was trying to mask it, but was failing badly. 'Woah, that's a lot of power for a pretty girl. I like her school uniform too.' He fought down a smirk, too bad his school didn't have the girls wear something like that. He might go more often.

As the girl turned towards him he realized she'd just been introduced. What was the girl's name again? He blinked as she stuck out her hand.

"Hello Yusuke, nice to meet you, I'm Kagome."

"Yeah, sure." He snorted, this was supposed to be a miko? From the legends Koenma had told him about, they were usually calm and serene. She wasn't at all what he expected.

She pulled her hand back and frowned, peering up at him. "Gee, someone's grumpy." In a second the girl was away again, helping everyone bring in their things. He looked around the shrine, his eyes falling on the well house. There was something strange about that well house, he could sense something...well, he wasn't here to investigate the well house, he was here to find out about this girl.

He shook his head. From her attitude, he doubted she knew anything about demons, but he might as well make sure. And there was the times when Koenma said the energy disappeared...

His thoughts were cut off when the miko girl came back outside, waving him towards the door.

"Come on, we're having dinner soon."

His stomach growled and he followed her inside the house where he would be staying for the next two weeks.

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