The sky began to fade to a light, lavender color, with an orange tint cutting through. Pink-shaded clouds roamed the sky. A cool breeze surrounding the atmosphere. Far from the city, on a small island a large, T-shaped building stood tall. On the roof of that building sat a petite, teenage girl by the name of Raven. Her storm grey eyes stared out at the lake. Raven sighed deeply as the wind blew into her violet hair. She brought her knees close to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. A door had been pushed up and open as another teenage alien girl with long red hair and orange skin popped out.

"Raven, assorted foods and beverages on the table are ready to be eaten. Please come join," said Starfire with a smile.

"Erm. . .no thanks Starfire. I am not hungry," replied Raven.

"I do not understand. Don't earth humans all sit at a table and eat at this hour?"

"Yes but. . .some humans choose not to eat because they are not hungry," Raven's tone became stronger.

"Oh. . .alright then. I will leave you alone then," said Starfire as she lowered herself down and closed down the door.

Raven turned away and continued to stare out onto the lake. Her face was emotionless as usual. Just the way she had been taught to be.

An hour passed. The sky had darkened to navy blue and the moon was slowly appearing from behind the clouds. Raven's stomach began to growl with hunger. She lightly moaned and got up. Using her telekinetic abilities, she swung open the door. Raven's feet left the floor as she began to float down the doorway. She floated down a case of stairs and into the kitchen. As usual, everything was left a mess. The garbage pail towering with trash and paper; the counter smudged with grease; and dishes piling in the sink. Raven shook her head at this sight. 'Hopefully I'll find something to eat in this pig sty,' she thought. Avoiding food particles, she floated towards the refrigerator, landed on her feet, and opened the door. At least half the food was way over-date. Raven looked around. 'Hm. . .I don't want pudding. . .nor pasta. . .I despise tuna salad. . .How long has that been there?,' she thought as her eyes landed on a chicken leg that already had mossy, green mold. A look of disgust appeared on Raven's face. 'A sandwich will do,' she decided. She took out a bag of sliced bread, some salami, Swiss cheese, and placed them on the part of the counter that was clean. Meanwhile the other Titans were doing which ever pleased them. Beast Boy and Cyborg battled each other on the video game Super Smash Bros. Melee while Starfire was trying to figure out how the stereo worked.

"Alright!", yelled Beast Boy, "Adios, Donkey Kong! Another K-O point for me."

"Argh! Oh no you don't!" Cyborg yelled back.

Beast Boy had Mr. Game-and-Watch while Cyborg had Donkey Kong.

"Try blocking this, 2-D freak!"

Cyborg controlled DK into charging up a Giant Punch attack. Just as Beast Boy's GaW ran towards DK, he unleashed a powerful punch and sent GaW off the field, gaining one K-O point to Cyborg.

"What th-!"

"Hah hah! Who's laughing now, huh?"

They continued their battle while Starfire pressed a few buttons on the stereo.

"I wonder what this red button does to this machine," she said aloud.

Starfire pressed the red button and loud rock 'n roll music blasted throughout the room. The volume was so loud it blew everybody away towards and up against the wall.

"I apoligize!!" yelled Starfire as the loud music blew her against the wall.


"I had just apologized!!"



The music was silenced as Robin pressed the OFF button on the stereo.


Cyborg sighed with relief.

"Hey thanks for turning off that racket, Rob."

"No prob, Cyborg," said Robin.

"Robin!" Starfire squeeled. " Robin, where have you been? I had not seen you for 1 earth hour!"

"Oh, I was just in my room training," replied Robin.

Beast Boy had walked towards the stereo and was just about to press the red button until-

"NO! Don't do it!" everyone yelled.

"What? I liked that song," said Beast Boy.

"Forget the song, man, c'mon we never finished that video game battle," said Cyborg.

"Oh, you mean the video game battle that I won?" asked Beast Boy in a confident tone.

"No no no, you mean the battle that I won," Cyborg corrected Beast Boy.

"No, I won that battle, yo!"

"You did not!"

"Yes I did!"

"How about a rematch battle between Cyborg and Beast Boy?" suggested Starfire with a smile.

"Ok, but you do know I'll beat you."

"No you won't, DK stands no chance against GaW!"

"Here we go again," groaned Robin. He rubbed his eyes and started heading for the kitchen for a drink. Raven was found sitting at the counter eating a sandwich while using her telekinetic abilities to clean up the messes.

"Hey," Robin greeted Raven.

"Hey," Raven simply replied.

"Where've you been? I haven't seen you all evening."

"I was sitting on the roof outside. What's it matter to you?" Raven said in a cold tone.

"Nothing, I was just worried about you."

'Someone was actually worried about me?' thought Raven.

"There's no need to be worried about me. I'm fine."

"Good to hear you're ok."

In the pit of her stomach, Raven felt somewhat of a warm feeling at hearing that sentence. Robin walked over to the refrigerator and looked for something to drink.

Raven finished her sandwich just as the last dish was cleaned telekinetically. Just as she reached the doorway to the hall Robin spoke.

"'Night Raven."

That same warm feeling rose again inside.


Raven rushed over to her bedroom and shut the door behind her. 'What is this. . .feeling? I never felt it before. . .'She shook her head at that last thought. 'It doesn't matter. I shouldn't have emotions.' She blocked it all out of her mind. Her eyes fell upon her blue alarm clock. 10:00pm, the red lights flashed. It was getting late. Raven decided to turn in and sleep. She changed into her cotton white pajama pants and maroon tank top. Her bedroom was simple enough. The walls were painted a pale blue color; a burgundy bookshelf stood tall with hundreds of books, mostly horror genre and depressing poetry; near the bathroom door there was a burgundy desk with a black Dell computer on top, keyboard, mouse, and a purple/dark blue mix lava lamp; a CD player and several CDs were piled on the floor next to Raven's bed. On the night table a red velvet jewelry box was placed. Raven's eyes fell onto the box. Her hand slowly reached out and opened the box. A pair of scarlet rings lay next to each other. Raven smiled weakly as she picked the pair up in her hand.

"Azar. . .," she whispered.

She brought the rings close to her face and lightly kissed them, as if it were Azar herself. She put the rings back into red box and closed the lid. Raven climbed into bed and turned off the lamp.