Walker, Texas Ranger: The Christmas Gift (part 3 of 3)

Hours after lunch Gage had to go down to City Hall to sign a few papers to make his adoption of Lily final. Sydney said that her and Lily were going to go and buy some new clothes. Lily was delighted. She looked as happy as ever. Because she was, happy as ever.

"Okay, I'll pick you ladies up right here at 5:30. Okay?" Gage said stopping at a store.

"Okay." Lily said.

"Sounds good." Sydney said.

"Goodbye kiss!" Lily said.

"Okay..." Gage said and he gave her a kiss goodbye and said, "There you go! Have fun you too!" After Sydney helped Lily out of the car Gage said, "Syd, thanks for doing this."

"No problem. Besides, Lily is great." Sydney answered.

"I know." Gage said, "You take care of my sweetheart."

Sydney smiled and shut the door.

**Later, at the department store**

"We look great!" Lily said. Lily and Sydney were standing in front of the mirror wearing matching outfits.

"We do don't we?" Sydney said. Sydney was having so much fun.

"Can we surprise daddy and wear these clothes when he comes to pick us up?" Lily asked with much hope in her eyes.

Sydney looked down at her cute little face and said, "I don't see why not."

"Yay!" Shouted Lily in much delight.

Sydney looked at her watch and said, "Oh my! We better get going. Gage is going to be waiting."

"Okay." The checked out and wore their matching outfits. They were both all smiles.

There, outside the store, Gage was waiting in the car. "Why hello ladies. Am I seeing double?"

Lily giggled and said, "No!"

Sydney smiled and helped Lily said into the car and then buckled her own seat belt. "Lets roll." Gage said as he drove off.

"Hey Gage, I think that we should stop and get a bite to eat. Don't you?" Sydney said.

"My thoughts exactly." Gage looked over at Lily and asked, "Where do you wanna eat?"

"Can we gets some pizza, daddy?" Lily asked. Gage still couldn't get used to someone calling him daddy.

"Sure." Gage turned into a nearby Pizza Hut. "Here we are."

They went inside and ordered pizza and sat down. They talked and chatted.

"So Sydney, are you going home for Christmas?" Gage asked.

"Well, I don't see any reason to stay with you and Lily." Sydney said.

"Come Syd, no one should be alone on Christmas." Gage said.

Sydney smiled. "I'll go throw this away while you two put on your coats." She grabbed the tray of trash and left.

"Daddy?" Lily asked.

"What sweetheart?" Gage asked.

"Do you love Syd?" She asked. She was so straight forward that he was startled.

"Well-I-uh-yeah, sure, of course I love her. She is my friend." Gage answered. He knew that the 6 year-old girl would not understand the complex relationship he had with Syd. Heck, he doesn't even understand it! I mean, one minute they are just partners and the next she is kissing him because she was 'so happy'. Gage got a headache just thinking about it.

"I love Sydney too." Lily smiled.

**Later, back at Gage's home they are preparing for bed**

"I got my PJ's on!" Lily said running out from Gage's bedroom.

"Good! Santa's going to come soon!" Gage said picking her up and swinging her around. "Hey Syd, I'm going to get the Christmas story out from the closet while you tuck her in. Okay?"

"Okay." Sydney said. "Come one girly." Sydney said. She smiled as Lily ran into Gage's room.

Sydney waited in Lily's room while Gage got the story. "Sydney, do you love me?"

"Well of course I love ya' Lily!" Sydney answered.

"Will you be my new Mommy Sydney?" Lily asked.

The question took Sydney totally off guard. "Well now-"

"-he loves you, Syd. Please?" Lily said.

Sydney was startled, "He what? Lily, what did you say?"

Before she could answer Gage came in the room with a book in his hands and said, "Found it!"

Syd and Lily both looked at him right away and stopped there conversation, "What?" Gage said totally clueless. "You know what?" He said spreading his hands, "I don't want to know."

Gage and Sydney sat on the edge of the bed and Lily tucked in. "The night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring. Not even a mouse..."

And so it went until she fell fast asleep.

Gage shut his book and turned to Sydney and said, "I think that's our queue" He smiled. "Help me put presents under the tree?"

"Sure." Sydney whispered. They shut the bedroom door and walked into the living room.

After setting all the gifts under the tree Gage got them some hot chocolate and they both sat on the couch.

"So, this is a big change." Sydney said. "Being all alone to having a child."

"Yes it is, I like it." Gage said. "I just didn't think it would go in that order, if you take my meaning."

Sydney threw him a puzzled look and asked, "No, I don't think I do. What do you mean?"

"Well," Gage started putting down his coffee cup, "I mean that I thought I would get a job, as I have done, then fall in love, marry, and have children. I guess that it just didn't turn out that way." Gage said smiling.

"It doesn't always have to, I suppose." Sydney said putting down her hot chocolate mug.

"What about you Sydney, what do you want?" Gage asked.

"Well," Sydney started, "The same."

"Ah," Gage replied, "But yet, neither of us has found it."

"You found one piece of the puzzle." Sydney said.

"Correction, I found two pieces. One is just to stubborn to fit." Gage said.

As they were talking they leaned closer and closer toward each other.

"Really?" Sydney asked.

"Really." Gage answered.

It was then they took the moment and kissed each other, long and passionately. When they broke away, they leaned their heads on each others and Gage murmured, "Merry Christmas Sydney."

"Merry Christmas Gage." Sydney said.

They were so tired that they both fell fast asleep moments later on the couch.

There they were, Gage sitting up-right, his head leaning on the back of the couch, and Sydney, resting her head on Gage's shoulder. Fast asleep.

**Christmas Morning**

"Christmas! Christmas!" Lily said as she ran toward the presents under the tree.

Gage and Sydney were in the kitchen. They did not want to wake her up. They wanted her to wake up on her own and find the wonderful gifts under the tree. "Merry Christmas Lily!" Gage and Sydney said at the same time.

As Lily unwrapped her gifts Gage and Sydney stood, holding one another, watching the happy little girl. They smiled at one anther.

Soon after, when the gifts had been opened, Lily said, "Daddy, Santa didn't give you any gifts."

"Oh yes he did." Gage said, "He brought me you," Gage said, touching her one the tip of her nose, "And Sydney. And those are the best gifts I could ask for."

Lily smiled and said, "I'm going to go and get Jane so she can play with my new dolly."

"Okay." Gage and Syd both said.

Gage used the remote to turn on some Christmas music. He stood up and held out his hand to Sydney. "Dance with me?"

"Of course." Sydney said giving her hand. They danced around the living room and moments later, when the song was over, Gage whispered, "Marry me Sydney?"

Sydney smiled so brightly and whispered back, "Yes, I will."

So that, as remembered forever by the people who lived it, was the best Christmas. The gifts received that Christmas were so great and full of happiness. The happiness which was followed by more happiness given to others to share.

That Christmas, Gage, Sydney, and Lily got the best gift of all, the gift of Love.

The End