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It Takes Two

Miroku tried his best to avoid the path ahead of him.

Unfortunately, it was a swarm of girls. . .ready to claim him and to give him the honor of dating themselves.

'Alright, what's the best path here?' he thought to himself, looking around.

Okay, so the Miroku we know would just love to have girls around him. Emphasis on the 'love' part. Frankly, he was getting a bit stressed with all the girls finding him so incredibly charming.

"Yo!" Someone called to him, the boy looked over and saw Inuyasha behind a bush with his girlfriend, Kagome.

Miroku quickly went, hiding behind the bushes with his friend, Inuyasha and Kagome.

"I figured this would be the last resort, you looked like you'd rather commit suicide," the black haired boy muttered.

"It was my idea!" Kagome nudged him with her elbow.

I sweatdropped. "There has to be a way to get them all away."

"Gee, if only you hadn't flirted with them, not to mention asking them to bear your child. . .Oh yes, and asking nearly all of them on dates all in one day. . ." Kagome started.

Miroku waved his hand and motioned her to stop. "I think I get it. You're the only one who actually has no interest in me."

"Feh, why would she have interest in you when she's got me?" Inuyasha retorted, crossing his arms.

It was best not to start and argument with him.

"Why don't you just do something to get them all away?"

"Wow, that's an amazing idea, why didn't I think of that when all of them started chasing me down the street?" Miroku answered sarcastically.

"Just get yourself a girlfriend," the black haired boy suggested, shrugging.

"One of them?" He pointed to the swarms of girls searching for him. "I'm afraid they'd cling to me till death parts."

"How about Sango?" Kagome seemed to be holding back a grin. "She's a new student today. I've known her before, but she transferred to a different school. She's coming here now, though."

"Sango?" Miroku sounded out, scratching his cheek with one finger. "Maybe, would she accept?"

"Well, Sango's not really the type for a boyfriend. . .but I think she'll pull through somehow. . .just don't make it feel like you're using her or anything. . ."

"That's helpful," he mumbled.

"Sango's tough, but she's really nice once you get to know her. . ."

"I heard my name, hope you're not talking behind my back, Higurashi-chan!" A voice said playfully. Miroku looked up behind Kagome and saw the new girl.

Not in uniform, since the day was over, but she was wearing black jeans that curved along with her legs, and a flaming red shirt that flared out to her fingertips. Around her neck was a black choker with a silver star. Her hair was tied up, a bit messy, but the red eyeliner made up for it.

"You never told me there'd be so many girl's after school! I nearly got crushed," Sango commented, then waved a piece of paper in her hand. "I'm surprised the schedule didn't rip or fall going through that horde."

"Ah, Sango-chan!" Kagome exclaimed, getting up from her knees and did a victory sign with her fingers. "Glad you found your way around, lost track of time talking to these two. . ."

Suddenly, Miroku clasped both of Sango's hands together. "I would be very honored if you ---"


Miroku's head was neatly wedged into the ground, no thanks to Kagome, who had an anime vein right of her forehead. A slap mark was imprinted on Miroku's left cheek.

"Let me guess. . .he's Miroku," Sango said, her red cheeks fading back to its original color. "Should've guessed," she shrugged.

Then Sango looked over to the long black-haired boy. He was wearing the blue uniform all males had to wear. His jacket was unbuttoned, revealing his white shirt underneath.

"Let me guess, Inuyasha?"

"Feh," he replied, but nodded.

Kagome wrapped her arm around Inuyasha's. "Don't worry, he's usually nicer once you get to know him. Inside, he's like a little puppy. . ."

"Hey!" Inuyasha cried, "Don't compared me to some damn mutt!"

The other girl giggled, and Miroku finally regained consciousness.

"My apologies, I am ---"

"Miroku," the girl finished. "I concluded that when you went unconscious."

"We should get going," Kagome said, glancing at her watch. But before they could leave, a girl, very much obsessed with Miroku, approached with four other girls.

The girl's name was Yui, and she smiled innocently. "Hey Miroku, what're you doing back here?"

Thanks to Sango's acute sight, she noticed Miroku's face paled a bit.

"Just about to leave. . ." He said, beginning to follow Kagome and Inuyasha.

"Aren't you going to join us at the dance tonight? It'll be really fun," she inched closer to Miroku.

"Well, actually. . ."

"Maybe you can come over to my house first, so we can wear outfits that go together, wouldn't that be nice?" She said a little too sweetly.

"You two would look great together!" One of the girls behind Yui cheered.

"He's busy, plus, he's going to go with Sango," Kagome stated, pushing Sango so she tumbled next to Miroku.

Sango was dumbfounded. 'What on earth. . .?'

She began to open her mouth to protest until. . .

"Uh yes, no need to get shy, Sango-chan," Miroku placed his arm over her shoulder, causing a redness to creep on her cheeks. "This is Yui Ichimu. Don't worry, no need to be jealous." His eyes were hopeful, trying to send a message to Sango she couldn't decipher.

Yui's fingers did something that caught Sango's eye.



The girl forced a smile on her face, "Ah, who. . .is this. . .?"

"I'm Sango," she said, still a bit confused.

Her eyes looked around the area, seeing suddenly. . .lots of girls, whispering to each other. Some were angry, some filled with jealousy, and a few. . .teary-eyed?

"Why haven't I seen you around here before? Miroku never mention having a girlfriend. . ." A girl with glasses questioned, examining Sango from a short distance.

'A girlfriend?' Sango thought. 'Wait a minute. . .!'

"She just transferred here, we attended different schools, you see," Miroku placed his other arm around the front of her waist, now in a hugging position. "I've missed you, Sango-chan. . ." his whispered in her ear.


"Uh. . .huh. . ." she stuttered, feeling uncomfortable at his closeness.

Kagome's mouth stayed opened. Inuyasha was fighting to hold back laughter.

'That. . .ugh, Kagome, I'm so going to kill you!' Sango screamed mentally in her mind.

"I've missed you, too," Sango said slyly, holding her temper by a mere thread. "How about we go now, hn?"

She shot him a look that could kill, he nodded. . .quickly.

Then she gave a look to Yui, and winked, "We need to get ready for the dance, I --- we'll see you there."

Sango, reluctantly, grasped Miroku's hand, and together walked away with Kagome and Inuyasha, leaving a fuming Yui behind.

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