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It Takes Two

"I can type just as fast as Kagome!" Yui argued.

"Really," Sango rolled her eyes. "I'm sure Kagome's fine enough to type the newspaper article."

"I type like a jackrabbit," she defended. "Twelve words a minute."

". . ."

Everyone sweatdropped.

"It's been about a week, she's fine. . .she's capable of typing the article."

'All she wants is attention. . .' Miroku thought.

"What does Kagome know about love, anyway?"

"Funny, I was going to ask you the same question. . ." Sango muttered.

The door slid open and everyone turned.

Kagome stood at the door, her arm linked with Inuyasha's. Her forehead was wrapped with a thick bandage still, but overall she was fine.

"Are you feeling better?" Ayumi and Kagome's two other friends ran up to her.

"Do you remember any of us?" Yuka stared straight at her.

"Your grandfather said you had to take an extra day of rest because if you thought too hard, you'd suffer from memory loss," Eri explained.

An anime vein popped on her head. "I'm fine. I remember you guys. Ayumi, Yuka, and Eri."

"That's good," the girls sighed in relief.

"Feh," Inuyasha sweatdropped. "You should sit down."

"I'm fine," she smiled.

"Kagome. . ."

"Let the stubborn princess do what she wants," Kikyo stated.

Kagome glanced to see Kikyo in the front of the class. She was taking ideas for something on the podium.

"While you were gone," Kikyo explained, "We were planning on the Valentine's Day Festival."

"I see."

"It's next week," Yui informed her.

"I think she's aware of that," Sango snapped.

"Calm," Miroku wrapped his arms around her.

"Don't tell me to be calm," she muttered.

Yui crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out in disgust, "Miroku, I still don't get why you chose her over me."

"So it's decided then," Kikyo reread the paper and looked at the class. "For the festival we will. . ."

"I have to wear this thing?!" Sango threw the waitress dress back at Kagome.

"I just picked it up from Kikyo's house. . ."

"Kagome. . .look at it."

She blinked. ". . .Yui made it. . ."

Sango fell off her bed. "Her?!"

"Well, since I have to write the article on the festival, she was in charge of costumes, it seems," Kagome hung the waitress dress on the doorknob of her closet.

Sango took another look at the dress. It was poofy, and a white apron was adorned on it. It came with knee high socks, but one thing bothered Sango.

It was pink.

"You're neglecting your work."

Kagome turned her head to see Kikyo there. She held a basket with wrapped candy and small cakes.

"Sorry," she muttered.

"People are waiting to be served," the girl commented before leaving. Kagome grabbed her arm.

"I've been thinking," Kagome said slowly.

"Am I supposed to impressed by that?"

She ignored the comment. "How about we let bygones be bygones? We might as well just be friends again, right?"

"Wrong," the girl replied. "I really don't care anymore."

"Here are your muffins," Sango smiled, placing a small basket of chocolate chip muffins and milk in front of the man. She left and sighed.

She went to the window and stared down at the outside activities. There was tables set up with cookie, cakes, candy. . .sweet stuff. The festival was turning out to be a big hit.

"Well, isn't Sango just pretty in pink?"

Her eye twitched before looking at Miroku, who was dressed somewhat like a waiter. He had a long sleeved white shirt on with a black bowtie, and black pants.

"Believe me, I didn't want to be in this outfit."

"But you look so cute," he smirked. "The perfect occasion for Valentine's Day."

He kissed her forehead.


They both turned and met with a white flash.

"Yeah, Kagome would love to see this." Inuyasha's camera unraveled the picture. He waved it around until it developed.

"Where is she, anyway?" Miroku inquired.

"Right here," she waved at the door. "Ah, Sango-chan, you look so cute!"

She smacked her forehead. "If I hear that one more time. . ."

"Miroku left early, did he?" Sango opened the bathroom door and came out in regular clothing. She threw the dress onto Yui's head.

"Hey, I worked hard on this!"


Sango and Kagome left the classroom.

"Yeah, I think he said he wasn't feeling well or something," Kagome clutched her fingers nervously.

"You're hiding something. . ."

"I'm not. . ."

". . ."

". . ."


"It's nothing!"

"Kagome. . ."

"Look, there's Inuyasha, gotta go!"

"Hey. . .!" Sango frowned before getting into her car.

"Hey Inuyasha."

"Feh. . ."

Kagome blinked. "What's behind your back?"

His face reddened a bit. "Well. . ."

And then she saw it.

In his hands held a short cardboard box. Inside were rose petals and Hershey Kisses spelling 'I', a heart shape, 'You'.

"Aww. . .Inuyasha. . .!"

"Stop. . .Kagome. . .I can't. . .breathe!"

Sango opened the door into her house. She felt safe now. Her mother had been arrested for child abuse, thanks to Miroku. She would be fine on her own.

No, not just her.

Her and Miroku, together.

"What on earth. . .?" Sango blinked seeing dim lights in her backyard.

She opened the door to find rose petals scattered on the ground. Candles surrounded like a box with the fence, and in the middle was a red and white flannel blanket. But more importantly, sitting on it was not only food, but also Miroku.

In his hands held a heart made up of roses. It was pretty big, it must have been made over two-dozen roses.

"You have leaves in your hair," Sango stated.

"You're missing the point. . ."

She giggled. "I can't believe you did this. . ."

"It was worth it," he shrugged.

She sat down in front of him. "A romantic dinner on Valentine's Day. Aren't you just the perfect boyfriend?"

"Almost perfect. . .I fell off the roof trying to get into your backyard. Landed right on the head, where you first hit me. It kind of hurts," he placed the roses to the side and tapped his head.

"That explains the leaves in your hair. Now look at who's the cute one," she teased.

Sango embraced him; unfortunately so hard she fell on top of him. "I'm so happy."

"It takes two for that to happen," he smiled.

"Yeah, I know," she pecked his lips. "Thank you for everything. . ."


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