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Marie rose ungracefully to her feet with a grunt of effort. She glared at her father when he coughed to cover his amusement, then tossed her head defiantly when Scott outright laughed. She crossed her arms over her 8-1/2 month pregnant tummy and glared daggers at her husband. "Scott dear, if your finding this so amusing then you can carry the next child around! With all the added weight, and you can retain all the water you want! And I'LL laugh as you waddle to the bathroom every 5 minutes."

Scott tried to look contrite but failed miserably. "Baby you carry my children wonderfully and look radiant while doing so." He jumped to his feet and caressed her tummy, "You're a beautiful wife and mother, and I'd simply be lost without you."

Marie turned and hugged him as best she could, "You really think so Scott?"

Scott watched Alex help his 7-month pregnant wife to her feet to tag along with Marie to the bathroom. "You both do!" Alex smiled.

Both 'Ro and Marie burst into tears over that and wobbled away.

Scott collapsed back into his chair. "Thank God for their dramatic mood swings... I believe I almost got killed for laughing."

Alex and Charles laughed. "Amen brother!" Alex chimed in. "Do you still want to be surprised on the gender?"

Scott sighed "Yeah, Marie does mostly... that's why she hasn't had an ultra sound or anything other than Hank's constant checks... although he's dancing on his toes about something ... weather it's a girl or boy ... I don't know."

"Yes, but YOU ordered all those checks... 2 a week if I'm not mistaken!"

"Yeah I did. But hell, I'm worried about her. We knew what to expect last time...this time I feel like I'm walking into a room blindfolded."

Charles again switched the topic back to the expansion of the mansion and on which wings they would add to.

About 20 minutes later Scott started wondering how much longer his wife was going to take. Tabby 'Ro exploded into the room with her well known energy and climbed up into her grandfather's lap. Scott smiled at his 31/2-year-old daughter.

"Tabby 'Ro, do you know where mommy is?"

Tabby 'Ro proudly nodded then giggled before turning back to her grandfather. "I love you gampa X!"

Charles laughed and decided to come to his son-in-law's aid. "I love you too, princess, but can you TELL me where mama is?"

"In bed." Tabitha nodded incase anyone didn't think she was telling the truth. "Auntie 'Ro and mommy were sitting on the bed talking, when mommy closed her eyes and started taking a nap. While Auntie 'Ro was talking even!"

Scott laughed when Alex asked where his wife was now.

Tabby'ro's eyes danced in merriment and she scrunched up her shoulders and giggled, "She went and talked herself to sleep too."

They were all laughing heartily at that.


Marie opened her eyes and raised her head, trying to get her bearings straight. She lifted her head off of 'Ro's shoulder and suddenly winced, she sucked in a breath then calmed trying to ignore the pain. She rubbed her tummy and turned to see a slumbering 'Ro beside her, which lifted her amused lips into a smile. She touched her friend's shoulder and shook her softly. She giggled when Ororo simply threw her hand towards Marie in protest and grumbled.

Marie pushed a little harder and called her name. 'Ro opened her eyes and looked around confused. And before she could ask Marie filled her in. "Your in my room... I guess we fell asleep, by my guess around 4 hours ago."

Ro yawned and nodded her understanding. She rocked herself until she had enough momentum to sit up as Marie did the same. They both giggled over their enormous tummies. "I'm starving!" Ro muttered.

"Me too. Dinner is on in 10 minutes, want to head down?"

"Most defiantly"

Throughout dinner Marie kept wincing few minutes. Scott leaned over to her, "Baby, are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm just stiff from sleeping in an awkward position." He nodded, stole a quick kiss from her, then turned back to the topic being discussed at the x-table.

Tabby'ro ran up and leaned into her mother, whispering about having to use the potty. She had a sweet little blush across her cheeks and tried to bury her face in her mother's side.

Marie rose and grasps her hand as said she was taking the children to the bathroom. She snagged David as she and Tabby'ro walked by the table the kids had been sitting at, with the other children their age.

Fifteen minutes later David ran back into the room and skidded to a halt next to his father, he seized his arm and started tugging as he cried, "Mommy is on her knees and crying! She's holding her tummy and... and said that my baby sister was coming! But ...but daddy, she's crying bad!"

Scott caught the last bit as he sprinted out of the room.

He ran to Marie's side and pulled his daughter off from where she clung to her mother. Tabby'ro started to squeal and cry every time her mother winced. Marie reached up and ran the tips of her fingers down Tabby's face. "Don't worry baby, momma's gonna be just fine! I double double promise!"

Tabby'ro's tears slowed as she nodded to her mother and waved as she was handed off to her Uncle Alex.

Marie could clearly see Scott's worry and tried to find a way to put him at ease. He picked her up in a cradle position and she smiled, "Scott Summers, if you make one comment about my weight, I do believe I shall murder you!"

Scott looked stunned and then his blue eyes eased a bit when humor reached them. He nodded and carried her to the waiting Hank and Jean.

After getting the heads up from Charles, Marie's adopted father; both Doctors stood ready as she was laid on a medical bed. Marie cringed then gave a disapproving glance at her husband before turning to Jean and smirking. "It seems that my baby has their father's horrible timing. I'm so sorry to disturb you and Warren."

Jean giggled at that, "Actually we were having a bit of an argument and having been called down here... where he can't come... well guess who got the last word in before walking away."

Marie laughed, as Jean started to prep her for delivery. Stopping every few minutes to hold Marie's right hand as the contraction took her full concentration. Scott was beside himself and Jean was constantly asking him to move over so that she could set up the IV. Scott didn't seem to hear her or be so inclined to obey till Marie herself said the order.

Suddenly Marie gasped as she felt her baby's panic. Then she began to glow softly; right before a strong white light surrounded her and she disappeared.

"Marie!" Scott touched the empty bed; his other hand that was holding Marie was suspended in mid air. He didn't seem to grasp that it wasn't clutching anything. Panic made his heart drop and his stomach flip. A moment after she disappeared, Marie reappeared behind them in another bed.

"Marie what happened?" Jean and Scott asked in unison.

Marie stared at her surroundings in shock. "It seems my baby is scared and doesn't want to come." she smiled as tears filled her eyes, "Oh Scott I hear them!"

He stopped breathing, "them?"

"Oh my g... Scott we're having twins again!"

Jean ran over to take Marie's vitals and be sure she wasn't harmed in her transfer. Then started to prep the bed Marie was now on, while Hank explained.

"Yes your having twins, it's very rare to have a second set, ESSPECIALLY right after your first set." he smirked, "It was killing me not to tell you."

Scott started to sway a bit. "Twins...? Twins... Oh my god twins."

"He seems to be having trouble getting passed that word." Marie's eyes were full of tears and she immediately made a link to her father to fill him in. Just as she was finishing up with her talk with her proud father, she began to glow again. She instantly closed her eyes, "No babies, leave Mommy here."

And to everyone's amazement the glowing ceased and Marie still sat in the same place. She could feel her thoughts being sensed and read. Maybe she wouldn't have felt it except she was used to having people in her head, and was quick to feel a new one. Marie staggered as she realized what it meant, "One's a telepathic... or emapth. She seems to be reading me and sharing feelings with me. I believe she's the one that shared my wish to stay here with her sibling." She cringed and gasped as another contraction over took her body. "I think it's ok now... she's...she's trusting me."

Jean tried to pull out of her stunned stupor. She moved forward yet again and checked Marie's progress. "I believe it's time to push. Are you ready?"

Marie braced herself and nodded; "I hate this part!" her accent that had thinned down in the years she'd been in New York was in full evidence as she spoke.


Scott and Marie held their 2 healthy babies, one boy and one girl. They lovingly named Sabrina Kathryn and Christopher Logan.

As Marie and Scott were resting, Jean and Hank tested the DNA from the blood work done on the twins and their parents as well. Then after their findings they even looked into Tabby'ro's folder and David's.

Three hours passed before Jean and Hank once again walked into the room where Scott and Marie slept. Jean smiled at seeing Scott sitting up, still sleeping, with Tabby'ro sleeping on one shoulder and Dave on the other. She looked to Marie and was surprised to see her awake. She was rubbing the tummies of her two new children, which lay in a heated cradle.

Marie smiled at Jean as she walked over, "They're beautiful Marie."

Marie's eyes clouded over with tears as she nodded. "I'm so lucky... I have four beautiful babies."

Jean nodded, "We've finished the testing. Would you like to hear it now or later?"

"Now please, just let me wake Scott." she leaned to the other side of the bed and touched Scott's cheek. His nose twitched as he leaned into her touch, Marie smiled softly. "Scott, sugar. Wake up."

His eyes blinked and focused on her before letting out a soft sleepy smile. The weight on his shoulders made him look at Tabby'ro and Dave. When his gaze returned to Marie it was full of love, and complete content. He lowered his voice to a whisper and smiled, "Hey baby."

"Hey sugar, Jean and Hank finished the tests. Ready?"

His gaze flew to the two doctors, they both smiled and Jean started her explanation first. "Physically everything checks healthy. Though it is surprising that both their gifts came out so soon, they seem to be able to control it with ease. Sabrina is, as you suspected, a empath, but also a telepathic."

Hank nodded, "The empath ability is an inherited gene in her DNA. After finding that we looked into both of your files. After some searching we concluded that it is from your side, Marie. We both believe that it concurs with our theory that your mutation is less of a ... shall we say, draining gift and more of an empath mutation. Since empaths gain feelings through touch, we believe that yours is just on the extreme side of the spectrum."

"Yours does the same only it seems to tug at the thoughts and powers. We thought you'd want to know." Jean added, she smiled then continued after Marie nodded. "In Christopher he has the power to orb... which was shown. This mutation isn't inherited and is more of a 'developed one all his own. Though his distance in orbing is not that great, I'd say 20 to 25 feet, give or take a couple." She looked to Hank to see if he wanted to add anything.

He nodded at her and slipped in, "It does however show signs that it will get stronger over time. More than likely in puberty when his mutation hits fully."

Tabby'ro had woken up, and seeing her mother awake reached for her, demanding to be placed with her mother. Marie settled her daughter into her side and snuggled with her a bit, before looking back at the doctors.

Jean continued, "Christopher..."

"Is my baby brudder." Tabby'ro said instantly, letting out a huge yawn afterwards and laying against her mother.

They all smiled and Jean agreed, "Yes he is, he can also orb whomever he is touching at the time."

"We believe, since your young twins have shown their immediate mutation that Tabby'ro and Dave will assert theirs as well. After looking into their files we saw that Tabby'ro has an element of your skin at least, which is how she got her hair. However Dave's is unclear other than the mutant gene's presence." Hank explained.

"How soon are we talking here?" Scott asked.

Jean glanced at her notes; "It can be as soon as a day to maybe even a year."

Scott and Marie stared at each other then the doctor's in shock.

"I believe we have covered all of our findings." Hank smiled at them. "Do you have any questions?"

Marie nodded, "May I go to my room?"

Hank and Jean looked at each other then nodded, "Have Scott carry you, and don't exert yourself." Hank said in his doctor voice.

Jean smiled in agreement, "We want you off your feet for a few days."

Marie cringed, "A few days? How many days are we talking here?"

Jean laughed, "Don't worry, just one or two more."

Marie sighed in exasperation but nodded.

Scott stood with Dave in his arms, he reached for the now slumbering Tabby'ro and then stood straight. "I'll take the rugrats to their nap and then come back to get you and the babies."

After 3 trips up and down, Scott and Marie's family was once again all together in their rooms. Tabitha and Dave's room had been split in half. Their two little beds were placed on the far side with their toy chests placed at the end of their beds. Where as the side closest to the door was turned back into a nursery. Marie noticed that Tabby'ro's old crib had been brought back as well and assumed her thanks went to Alex. The room on the other side of Scott and Marie's, through a connecting door was a small livingroom/ kitchen with a little bathroom branched off of it. The kitchen really only held cereal and drinks and some small snacks they mostly relied on dinning with everyone else downstairs.

Scott had just turned from checking on the older twins and pulling in one of the cribs to be placed on his side of the bed. So that their was easy access for the early feedings. Scott smiled at Marie as she looked up at him smiling a tired but happy smile. She looked so young right then... he forgot their age difference most of the time. But there were moments like this when it was all brought back home. She was so full of pride at giving him more children, and love for them all, which made her look more mature. He was deeply affected my her smiled as it conveyed all of that. He was so thankful that she was so strong and spirited, that she not only was the center of their family, but also the center of his world... his life. He couldn't imagine a life without her.

He relaxed on the bed beside her propped up on an elbow. "I adore you Mrs. Summers." He smiled at her... the name always made him grin. It meant she was his.

She smiled at him and replied in kind, "And I adore you as well, husband... as long as you are considering 4 children a wonderful number to stop at."

He grinned mischievously and leaned over capturing her lips passionately. "We'll see."

"Scott we can have all the children you want. But your carrying the rest of them!" she giggled at that thought.

Scott laughed and wrapped an arm around her snuggling her into his side. "Let's get some sleep babe, the babies will be up wanting fed soon enough."

She was in complete agreement.

... Scott rolled away from the heated body beside him and slowly opened his eyes. The babies had been fed around 2 am and after a glance at the clock he realized it was nine. He rolled back to wake Marie, but he gasped. Her face was ghostly white and she had sweat dripping off her. He cringed at the fever he felt on her forehead. And panicked when he couldn't rouse her. He mentally yelled for help. Jean answered quickly and ran up the stairs. Ororo came running as well and Jean told her to heat formula for the babies. She didn't want them to nurse off a sick Marie, who she was praying only had a virus.

Marie was taken to the lab where Hank and Jean were running every test in the book on her. She'd slipped into a coma somewhere around 10:30, with no immediate answer of why.

Scott was frantic, and Jubes and Kitty were caring for the children. Ororo was holding Marie's right hand as Scott clung to her left. Charles was sitting near her head trying to reach her telepathically. Scott started stroking her cheek when Charles sat back with a shake of his head. Nothing. Alex and the rest sat back and waited for answers... any answers.

"Marie? Please baby, I'm begging you, wake up, OK? Let me see your beautiful eyes. We can stop at four babies even..." He let out a defeated, forced smile, "Don't leave me... Please god don't leave me." tears were present in his eyes as he kissed her cheeks, forehead, nose and eyes, before hugging her to him.

'Ro dissolved into tears and Alex was trying to hold and calm her. She refused to let go of Marie and was frantically staring at Jean and Hank... begging them with her eyes to know SOMETHING.


Marie was still in a similar condition. She was hooked up to many machines with an oxygen mask over her nose and mouth. Alex was leading 'Ro away for another night of restless sleep, as he tried to convince Scott to get some as well. Telling him Marie would be fine. Jean would tell them of any change.

And Scott, as always, refused. "I won't leave her!"

Alex nodded at Scott sadly taking in his appearance. Scott had two days worth of hair growth on his face. He looked haggard... and lost.

"Scott your children need you... but don't let them see you like this. It would panic them."

He nodded but Alex doubted he even heard him.


"She's getting worse... I don't know why... I'm so sorry Scott."

"But her healing factor! Why isn't it healing her?" Scott asked desperately.

She burst out in hopeless tears, "I don't... I don't know." She leaned into Warren who held her tight; "Were doing everything we can... she just isn't responding. Were just trying to make her comfortable."

Scott's eyes widened at that bleak statement. "I ... I can't lose her!" He stared at her pale face "Was... was it the pregnancy?"

"We...we just don't know."

Jean and Warren left leaving him alone with Marie. He sat down and ran his fingers through his hair, lacing them together in the back as he stared at the floor. He growled at himself, "I'm blaming my own child, good god what's wrong with me?" he laid down beside her on the bigger bed they had provided, "Baby? Baby, you have to wake up. I can't... I won't do this alone. Not without you." He laid his head on her chest over her heart, listening to its soft slow beat. "I miss you."

Jean came in later to give her a cool sponge bath and wash her hair in room temperature water... hoping to bring down her fever. Scott shook his head; "I'll do it."

She nodded sadly at the defeated look in his eyes and walked away to leave the two alone again.

Scott slid the bed a little under the sink and rested Marie's head and hair over it. He held the back of her neck as he tested the water and took the water sprayer off the back. He slowly drenched her hair avoiding her face and smiling down at her softly. "I love your hair baby... Do you remember when we were in Alaska? I loved watching you in the snow... your hair would be a net for the snow flakes and your cheeks would get all flushed... or when we make love... your hair is always spread out around you... I don't think I ever told you about that." He reached for a folded towel and slipped it under her neck for a comfortable brace. Then reached for the shampoo and started to massage it in her hair. "Do you remember that dog that came up to the mansion, Kitty said they found his owner yesterday... I know you were worried about him." He took the sprayer and washed the shampoo out as he ran his fingers through her hair. "The kids came today... Tabitha brought you a picture ... she said it was you and she making cookies. David brought you his teddy bear." He lifted the back of his hand to his eyes to wipe away some tears. "We make beautiful babies. And you're an amazing mother. They love you so much baby." he caressed her cheek with a wet hand, "We all do." He toweled of her hair and wrapped it up as best he could. "I'll give you a sponge bath then brush you beautiful hair, alright?" He leaned down and put his forehead on hers. "Please come back to me, baby."


Scott still hadn't moved from her side and was lightly dozing, when suddenly a beeping went off on one of the machines. Scott bolted up and yelled for Jean, who was already on her way from her office after her beeper went off signaling a change.

"What does that mean? Is she ok?"

Jean let out a brilliant smile. "Yes she's ok, in fact that beep means her fever broke... she's coming back to us."

"Thank God!"

"It seems her healing factor has finally kicked in."

"Thank God." Xavier said as he came into the room.

A couple hours later a tired Marie opened her eyes, "What ... what happened?"

Scott squeezed her hand, "You've been sick for over 3 days! You scared me to death, Marie!"

Marie weakly raised a hand to smooth back a lock of his hair. "I promised I wouldn't leave you."

He leaned down and kissed her, "I love you, baby, so much. Please, Marie, don't do this again."

She smiled weakly and saluted him. "Yes, sir."

He ruffled her hair, "Get some sleep... I'll go clean up and get the kids. They'll want to see you."

She giggled, "You look ruggedly handsome sugar!" to exhausted to put up much of a fight she simply nodded and fell asleep.

"...Then David told on me, cause he's mean!"

"Did not! Tabby'ro isn't telling the truth, Mommy!"

Marie smiled at both of her mischievous children. "Listen to Mommy, both of you." They nodded and looked at her in complete attention. However before she could chastise them she burst into tears and hugged them both to her. "Oh babies, Mommy missed you so much!"

Scott let his children hug and kiss their mother, than sent them off with their Aunt Jubes to see their new siblings before taking their much-needed nap, in Grandpa's office.

Scott sat on the bed facing Marie, as she moved her legs out of the way. She smiled serenely at him, "We've come a long way, haven't we sugar?"

He cupped her chin and leaned forward gently kissing her, "I'd do it all again for you, baby."

Marie giggled, "But I'm out of high school! I don't want to go back to having homework!"

He laughed then gazed sternly at her. "If you don't challenge yourself, how will you know what you can achieve?"

She burst into more giggles at his teacher persona and dictatorial tone. She loved when he got in such a playful mood. He looked boyish with his hair falling in his face.

"But Mr. Summers!" she said in her most student like voice, "I just gave you two sets of twins! Is that not a thing I should be proud that I can achieve?"

"Oh yes it is Marie... but doesn't that go to show, if that being the outcome, how much fun homework can be?"

Her voice was rich with laughter when she replied, "Oh, very beneficial. I wish I had started sooner. Only if you were my tutor of course."

"Of course... wouldn't have it any other way! But fortunately we started when we did... any sooner and I would have been thrown in jail... that does put a damper on study sessions."

"Hmmm... that sounds like fun. Do I get to play the Warden or am I a cell mate?"

He growled softly, "Marie... you're recovering from being VERY sick. Don't tempt me."

"Oh, but I feel ALL better!"

Scott smiled, "Alright then... I'M recovering from the near heart attack you gave me."

She giggled, "Sorry about that. Did Jean figure out what was wrong?"

He frowned and shook his head. "No she doesn't know any thing."

Marie felt bad for worrying him, "Oh don't worry, sugar, I'm feeling much better. Really I'm fine!"

Scott leaned forward and pulled her to his chest. He nuzzled the side of her neck and buried his hand in her hair. "I can't lose you Marie. I'd me lost without you."

She hugged him back; "I'm here Scott. You're not going to rid of me for a long time."

He captured her lips after she was done speaking, and after a moment Marie realized why. He needed physical proof that he hadn't lost her. He used pressure on the back of her neck to deepen the kiss. When she kissed him back, it made him moan. This... this is what made him want to get up every morning. This feeling of being loved was what made him want to live for a very long time... just to hear her say 'I love you'.

When they parted she snuggled into his arms. She didn't seem to want to let go, and he was more than happy to accommodate her.

He nuzzled her neck a bit and remembered he hadn't told her some news, "Nan and Pop are here. They came home early."

"Oh no! They cut their trip to Alaska short?"

He nodded. "It's not like they can't go back at any time so don't worry. They came back because they were worried." She smiled an apologetic smile. "Charles is coming to see you later... the kids are sleeping in his office."

"Poor Dad. He has to be worried sick."

"That's putting it mildly." He grinned, "I'd say frantic is a more appropriate word. He looked at his watch; "Rina and Chris should be up and with him now too."

Marie's eyes widened. "How are they? They aren't sick are they? I'm not contagious am I

Scott smiled, "Fine, no and no. At least as far as I know."

"As far as you know, on which one?"

He thought for a moment then smirked, "All the above."


"I'm kidding, sorry didn't mean to worry you. The kids are fine. You aren't contagious according to Jean and the only one that's sick around here is my brother. He caught a small cough from Warren, if it follows Warren's sick pattern, he should be fine in a day or two."

"Poor Alex"

"Poor 'Ro." Scott corrected. Marie looked confused. "She's the one taking care of him. And when he's not whining about how bad he feels, he's whining about the vitamins that 'Ro is making him take. He's calling it cruel and absurd treatment."

"Why absurd?"

"Because when he's whined to much 'Ro comes at him with the vitamins. Then suddenly he feels much better and doesn't need to take them. But even if she gets him to take them, Twenty minutes later he's whining about being sick again."

Marie giggled in sympathy to her best friend, "You're right... poor 'Ro." she frowned suddenly, "The children are being kept clear aren't they?"

"Why do you think there with Charles?"

"Poor dad! All of them?"

"Every last one... but don't let anyone fool you. He's enjoying every minute of it. Besides Jubes was staying until both Tabby'ro and Dave were asleep. And Rina and Chris were fed."

"Rina? Oh Scott that's so cute!"

He blushed, "It was your fault. Tabby'ro and Dave had nicknames and shortened versions of their names... it seemed unfair that Rina and Chris didn't."

"Agreed." she giggled, "And it's to cute. I love you sugar."

"And I shall never get tired of hearing you say so."

Jean came in and walked up to Marie and Scott, Warren kissed her head then walked back out. Jean blushed at them seeing their tender moment. "Do you know anything about it, Jean?" Scott asked.

"Yes actually. Marie when Sabrina was in you, she was constantly reading, feeling, and sharing with you. Without you noticing. However in the 81/2 months you carried her, she became a part of you. Something your body recognized as part of itself. When she was born your body noticed the absence. And when your body couldn't right, what I guess it considered default, it started shutting important things down. It's kind of like getting a transplant of some sort, or an organ removed. Your symptoms were those of a body rejecting the new organ or the fact one of it's own is gone." they nodded their understanding, so she continued. "Unfortunately your healing factor didn't sense a threat till it started affecting your heart and lungs, and we were sure you were going to ... well lets just say we didn't expect a recovery. Your healing factor finally took notice and started righting the situation. OK here is where it gets complicated. Your body knows that when your healing factor is done fixing whatever problem it may be working on, that it will be completely healed and in working order again. So when your healing factor took effect your body ... well are theory anyway is that your body thinks that now that the healing factor is finished that all the problems are fixed. So it doesn't consider anything absent, feeling that your healing would have made up for it. You're also completely healed from your birthing." She stopped to take a deep breath, "If I hadn't been so worried about you, I would have found this fascinating... we don't know a lot about healing factors. Really we just have an inkling of how if fixes things. We don't know a lot about how it gets the signal that it NEEDS to fix something. But from doing these test on you, I've come to realize that in order for Logan to heal as fast as he does... his healing factor has got to be constantly working."

"So you don't think this will happen again?" Scott begged.

Jean happily shook her head.

"Thank god" Scott sagged against the bed in relief.

"How do you feel Marie?" Jean asked

"Wonderful actually."

"That would make sense." she said half to herself, then looked up from her notes, "I think it's had adequate time to heal you."

"Can I go to my room then?"

"Yes, I'm thrilled to see you better Marie! I was so worried." She hugged Marie and Marie simply smiled and hugged her back.


Ororo sat holding her daughter that had been born a month ago. Shawnee. Rina and Chris sat in their respective swings, while Tabby'ro and Dave were eating smores, or wearing them... she wasn't quite sure where the majority was landing.

Marie walked in with some hot chocolate and gave a mug to 'Ro.

'Ro happily accepted and shifted Shawnee to nurse on the other side, hidden by a blanket, that Marie had made her. "Thank you."

Marie nodded then looked at her children, "Tabby'ro...Dave, daddy's waiting at the coat closet to get you bundled up..."

"But mommy we just took a nap... we don't need another." Dave whined.

Marie giggled, "No, your daddy, Uncle Alex, Logan, Uncle Hank, and grandpa are going to take you outside to play in the snow."

"They squealed and ran out of the room before Marie even saw them move. She stood stupefied for a moment before breaking out into laughter with 'Ro. "My children hate the outdoors... can you tell?"

Shawnee let out a loud burp just as Marie was taking Rina out of her swing. She relaxed on the couch beside 'Ro. Then looked to her son. "Come to Mommy Christopher."

Rina looked up and her mother than her brother and 'Ro realized that she was reading Marie then sending the thoughts, pictures, and feelings to her brother. 'Ro gasped as Chris's swing was surrounded by light, then Chris reappeared in Marie's arms.

'Ro sighed. "I love that trick."

Marie giggled, "Me too. He's so good too. He only does it when I ask through his sister, or when his Daddy walks into the room. He's all about his Daddy."

"Have you thought about what Tabby'ro and Dave's mutations might be?"

"Jean's looking into it, she thinks Tabby'ro might have acquired something from Carol's mutation from me. She can't quite center on it more than that. Dave's she thinks inherited his father's laser sight, but she's not even sure about that... because it's obvious that the gene is genetic, but it seems to have mutated to something a little different... still stemming off of Scott's mutation though. So I guess we'll find out. Dad is dancing on his toes over the mutation issue. He's so excited to help train them how to control them and stuff. I think he just wants to be a big help in their lives and share what he knows. But he also knows he's already so loved that he's in their hearts forever. I swear he's getting as bad as the boys are though. Making mischief with my babies. Can you imagine when these two are older? God we won't know who to go after first."

"But would you change any of it?" 'Ro asked

Marie didn't hesitate, "Not for the world." she smiled, and "I'm actually looking forward to it."